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[Hack] 2 Large Sides for $6.95 @ KFC App


Hey OzBargainers! The original method to this deal in March 2024 has been patched from the latest update of the KFC app.

Shout out to @Saku-kurata who found the updated method for this hack.

Steps for this new workaround method working in May 2024:

  1. Open the KFC Australian App, make sure it is the latest version of the app.
  2. Select the store you would like to order from.
  3. Once selected, click menu, and search "Double Combo Meal - Large".
  4. Keep pressing Add to Order until it glitches out, and the screen will go to Cart automatically. You should see 2 or 3 Double Combo Meals in your cart.
  5. Remove Double Combo Meal from cart.
  6. Now click on Menu in the navigation tab, and the addon promo for Add 2 Sides for $6.95 should show up.
  7. Add that to cart by clicking Add To Order, and you can edit the sides you want in the Cart section by clicking Customise.

Enjoy this hack while it lasts & get that finger lickin!

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  • +9

    Possible side selections include:

    • Large Chips
    • Large Potato & Gravy
    • Large Coleslaw
    • Regular Gravy
    • 4 Dinner Rolls
    • 1.25L Pepsi Max, Pepsi, 7Up, Mountain Dew, Solo & Sunkist No Sugar
    • +10

      I had jaw surgery a few weeks ago and I'm not allowed to chew. 2x Large potato & gravy is a banger meal. Thank you

    • The soft drink is probably cheaper in this deal than what colesworth charges these days

  • Get in!

  • Keep tapping or long pressing?

  • +2

    Am I the only one who thinks the devs purposely leave exploits in every "patched update" so they continue getting work from KFC?

    • +1

      I’m pretty sure the KFC app in Australia is a copy paste modified verison of the other kfc apps worldwide, they look very similar to the canada,india and usa kfc app

      • +1

        As someone who came back from North America, I gotta say that the functionality of the app over there is WAY WORSE then here.
        For the most part it's just so hard for them to take your money (and order.)
        I wasn't the only one that this happened to.
        Better to have a glitch giving you more for less than one that won't shut up and take my money!

        • Were tips a thing on the NA region app?

          • +1

            @CrispyChrispy: Luckily no,but there's a pretty huge pricing difference if you don't get stuff on the app.
            But the app made it hard for you to get stuff there so ppl ended up just ordering over the counter.

    • Are you sure they're not just fans of cheap potato and gravy?

  • When an employee comments on the deal ..its manipulation.. not really a deal.. well played KFC..the deal spreads from OZB to non OZB members and it involves multiple taps on the app which everyone is nuts for.. Android dev option :-D..brilliant..wonder who thought this one up

  • -2

    Sides encourage mains ..I am just pissed since this was not published earlier as I just bought some sides with the last "hack" but all of these "hacks" seem to be propagated by KFC unless all the posters are doing day in day out is playing with the KFC app.. either ways .. thats good thinking whoever thought of this ploy

    • +1

      “The sides did cure cancer, that's the problem, that's why they were so expensive”

    • I think we should stop calling them "hacks" and change these to "secret deals"

  • -8

    Doesn’t work. Just like the whole KFC rip off scheme. I have never dealt with a company where from one week to the next there can be so much variance between the product you receive. One day it’s under cooked, the next week it’s dripping with oil, the next the chips have no salt! Oh but they don’t forget to charge the rip off prices every time do they?

    • +1

      then don't eat it. Simple

      • +2

        Ever seen the Simpson episode where Lisa puts an electric current through a cupcake and Bart just can't stop touching it? That's this guy.

    • -1

      true story

  • +2

    I guess 2 Large coleslaw would be cheaper than buying from ColesWorth

  • It just doesn't seem that great of a deal, I guess if it's the best you can get, but say 2 large chips, that's $3.48 each, I'm sure that used to be about the RRP even just buying 1 not that long ago!

    • +1

      Don't forget a large chips box is now half the size it used to be, and you'd be lucky if it was even filled.

  • The coleslaw is like $8.20 at my local one now AND they even ran out at 2 of the nearby stores recently. Mrs needs coleslaw with her chicken and I couldn't do the old 2 sides hack last week with 9 piece dinner (usually get cheap as chips of course). Luckily theres an Aldi across the rd from kfc which now has coleslaw for $5.50 in a larger size and imo much better tasting. Think its a new product but not sure if its for a limited time.

  • Only the coleslaw and potato and gravy are the good deals I reckon

  • Not convinced that it's great value

    If they could nail the chips every time I'd call this a deal. The chips can be incredible but most of the time they are average. I'm yet to find a store that can nail cooking the chips more than once in a blue moon

    And the only reason to buy KFC is hot n spicy fillet zinger burgers. Not the sides. Thank goodness I'm in WA so we have hot n spicy all year round.

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    To get the freshest/hottest chips possible, you can always ask staff for fresh chips. The alternative is to ask for jot chips without salt and they will always have to cook up a fresh batch for you since salting chips is part of their process during preparation. And then ask for salt on the side. This tip was shared with me from the neighbour who works at KFC (he's just a kid) and says customers do this on the regular and staff cannot deny the request.

    • How the (profanity) do they give you chicken salt on the side? Do they sprinkle it in a little container for you? Or its just a sachet of regular salt?

  • +1

    Just tried it and didn't work , just keeps adding meals to the order. I was up to 233 when I gave up.

    • +1

      You need to choose one of the shared meals only, then keep taping add to order quickly. It should work within 1-2 seconds before it glitches out. If this still doesn't work, your app version may be the old one, then you should be using old method.

  • +4

    Thanks for nothing..!?

    "Account is disabled, contact your administrator."

    • That was your doctor intervening and saving your fat arse :p

  • $7 seems overpriced for two sides maybe for $5 it would be worth it.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, used this tonight

  • Just worked for me, thanks OP!

  • Why do these people keep removing the family burger meal deal in favour of the one that comes with the sides nobody likes (nuggets and popcorn chicken)…

  • Tried tonight didn't work

    • Still working for me mate, you may still be on the old version and have to use the previous hack.

  • Steps for this new workaround method working in May 2024:
    Open the KFC Australian App, make sure it is the latest version of the app.
    Select the store you would like to order from.
    Once selected, click menu, and click any menu like Original Crispy Burger Combo which has add on '2 piece hot and crispy for 3.45$'.
    Keep pressing Add to Order fast until it glitches out, and the screen will go to Cart automatically. You should see 3 or 4 Original Crispy Burger Combo in your cart. Note, dont add on any menu this time.
    Remove Original Crispy Burger Combo from cart.
    Now click on Menu in the navigation tab bottom below, and the addon promo for Add 2 piece hot and crispy should show up.
    Add that to cart by clicking Add To Order and enjoy 2 crispy chicken for 3.45$ also you can add above 2 sides for 6.95$ if you like following above steps of Double Tender Large😉.

    you can continue above steps for any add on. If you like 2 Original Tenders, you can keep pressing menu like Zinger Burger Box Hot and Crispy and repeat same process. You can then only order Add on .😂😎

    Try to find best Add on you like and repeat that process. If you try with menu like Burger Feast with above hack then you can get 6 hot and crispy for 7.45$😛😛😛

    • +1

      Doesn't work? If I keep pressing add to order, it does nothing and just brings up the screen where you can add add ons?

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