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Warhammer 40000 Tau Empire Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set $246.50 + Delivery ($0 MEL C&C) @ Metro Hobbies


Metro Hobbies has sale and coupon code so can get Tau Empire Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set for $246.50 with code “EXTRA15”

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Metro Hobbies
Metro Hobbies


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    $234.53 from Amazon if you dont mind waiting for postage from Amazon UK (1 left in stock) https://www.amazon.com.au/Games-Workshop-Warhammer-Empire-Hu…

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    I haven't put together gundam I got 2 years ago on Amazon JP! I'll buy this in 10 years I guess lol

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    Damn these little hobbies can extract some capital over time. I imagine this could easily be part of a $10-20k collection.

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      A 40k collection?

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        Well quite possibly

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    Up voting just to encourage more plastic crack. Deals on here.

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    3D Printers are your friends.

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    $250 is insane for that few models. Who on earth is stupid/addicted enough to pay that kind of money?

    You'd be better off buying an entire 3D printer purely to print models.

    • Except you can't play them at your local WH store.

      • Why not?

        • WH doesn't allow 3d printed mini in their store games. You will be banned if you try. Make sense to protect the investment, like taking outside booze into a bar.

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            @Nalar: Also other players might not want to look at your bootleg home-made minis

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            @Nalar: Mate, they're not going to able to tell. That's the whole point for Pete's sake.

            I don't know what kind of garbage outdated 3d printers you're used to, but these days with half decent design packs, once you paint them there's no way to tell.

  • pretty stupid sale, most warhammer products are sold out, by most, i'm saying 80% of their listed items

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