Standing Office Desk $159 @ ALDI


Height adjustable tabletop (manual adjustment with crank handle)
Includes cable management grommet
FSC® 100% Certified wood
Weight: 23kgˇ
Assembled size: 1.20m(W) x 60cm(D) x 74cm-1.15m(H)
4 x adjustable foot caps
Support brace for stability

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    Out standing deal, thanks OP

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      I don't under stand why you split the word

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        This is winding up

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    I had an older variant of these and strongly don't recommend purely because of the horizontal bar.
    Have taken years off my knees and shins because of it.

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      Good to see you standing up for yourself

    • Perhaps that's why this is a standing desk

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        Don't know about you but bulk of my time behind any desk is sitting.

    • Thanks for feedback. What does that mean "because of horizontal bar". Can you elaborate

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        See the bar across the middle? It gets in the way when sitting.
        If your femur bone is 30cm or longer, you won't be able to pull yourself in closer without your knee hitting that bar. You also can't stretch out your legs.
        If you only plan to use it for standing, it should be fine. But it was easily the worst desk I've ever had for sitting - all the accidental hits to my bones easily outweighed any health gains I got from occasionally standing up.

        • Thanks

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      mig ht be ugly but consider a pool noodle to protevt ur knees

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        Wish I thought of that earlier. Sent mine to the nature strip years ago. Though wish I never bought it in the first place …

        Something like this is way safer, more adjustable and only $40 more nowadays-…

        • I was tempted at $200 for the link that you shared but it comes to ~$280 with a $20 discount for the frame + chipboard desktop (frame only is $180), so almost double to the ALDI one. And my assumption is the ALDI one includes frame and desktop.

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    Up-standing member of our community

  • If I could use this outdoors my work would be out-standing.

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    fyi can use a drill instead of the handle on the crank to make going up and down much easier. Been doing it with a ryobi drill for years and no issues.

  • 1.2m wide oof

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    OP is a real stand-up guy

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    Bought this one for my wife last a few months ago and it's pretty good.
    Way better (and cheaper) than any of the ones we saw at Ikea.

    • Same. I am using one of these with a cheap walking pad and it's great.

  • I can't stand deals like these. I have no legs.

  • I can't stand it when I wind it up and it grows a couple inches

  • I can’t handle bad deskriptions but yours is outstanding. Nice work, keep it up

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