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Free Shipping from Japan with No Minimum Spend (+ 500 Yen Charge Per Order) @ Suruga-ya.com


First deal post, apologies for any mistakes.

Just noticed that this offer is back again. For anyone who missed it last time, now is your chance to get it. Especially useful if you already know what you want to buy.

Free shipping, no minimum spend, for orders completed by Thursday 30 May 2024 19:00 (AEST).

500 yen sales commission will be charged per transaction, so try to bundle all your items in one order if you can!

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Suruga-ya.com, Japan
Suruga-ya.com, Japan


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    When they had this offer last time, I was able to find some really old manga to complete my collection which I have been searching for ages. The order was delivered by DHL to my door in less than a week and the books that I received (despite marked as "used") were in very good condition (considering they are 25 years old).

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      Also had very good experiences buying used from Japan, often their used near mint (or even a grade below) items come closer to factory than some "new" items I've received from Australian businesses that are at best repackaged returns or exdisplay, as for average Australian used grading well that's not even in the same ballpark.

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      Same experience here. Was able to get manga that was out-of-print in excellent condition.

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    Same, super quick and careful shipping, "used" by Japanese standards is near immaculate.

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    Love suruga so much.

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    This deal is basically every month at this point. So don't panic buy.

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    Cash Converters should try selling bogan Oz junk overseas with free shipping.

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    Free shipping via DHL is a great deal, especially when you're ordering heaps of artbooks and manga which are heavy and expensive to ship otherwise.

    FYI there's no need to rush on free shipping promos: they've consistently done one every week for 20 weeks straight (i.e. all of 2024), and a good chunk of 2023 as well.

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    Do we know if Used figures come in the original box?

    I don't mind if damaged, being in Japan recently especially places like Lashinbang, "used" items are as good as new
    Didn't quite come home with the range of Figures I wanted though :(

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      It might depend on the product, but during the last promo I ordered a Pokemon figure set and a Ghibli figure and it came in the original packaging.

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      Can't help with figures, but all my 'used' Nanoblocks came sealed in original packaging. I suspect the 'New' label is reserved for stuff they've procured themselves, or otherwise can verify that it's in original+shrink-wrapped packaging? (e.g. no gunpla are available 'new' since most JP stores sell them as-is without any seals or stickers to keep the box closed)

      I've also seen listings for some merch that had a '(Condition: missing blah)' in the product name, so I would reasonably assume retail boxes are included if it isn't mentioned.

      • Suruga-ya does sell new Gundam, just not on the EN site.

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      They should note on the item description if it is missing any parts/packaging. Having worked at another store Mandarake, they were very careful about labelling items that had anything missing in it, I would assume Suruga-Ya does the same.

      You can use this example of an item missing the box for your reference, and there are plenty more examples if you search "missing" in the search box.

      • +1

        Excellent context and example, thanks for that, very helpful.

  • Anyone purchased Gundam from them?

    • +2

      I have instore. No problems. I don't think I have ever seen them sell used 'completed' kits if that is the concern.

    • I've purchased Titanomachia and Megami Device model kits - always ordered "New" though, came extremely well packed - boxes had tissue paper wraps and then bubble wrapped inside a sturdy cardboard box. Bought ones that are either not available here or way cheaper.

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      I've purchased plenty of Gundam kits from them, along with kits from other major manufacturers. Both new and used. I honestly choose to buy used whenever possible to get the cheapest price. In my experience, there's been no difference from a used kit from Suruga-ya compared to a new kit bought locally. Everything I've bought used has looked new, with an unscathed outer box, and all runners inside sealed in their original plastic. It's only the used items where damaged or missing components are noted in the item's title that you need to be mindful of.

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    so 500 yen shipping cost?

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    Anything good to buy?

  • Thanks OP..

    What do usually people buy from Japan

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      Things like this.

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        I recently spent 2 full days visiting Akihabara and was tempted to buy stuff like this but then realised I can't really display it without looking too suss so I just admired and took some photos.

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    Damn, I wish BookOff did this.

  • Just notice that they have been promoting this free shipping thing on regular base now(at least once a month).

  • Do they always use the same shipping method no matter what is ordered? ie. I see above they use DHL. Is it air freight?

    Trying to understand typical shipping time.

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      2-3 days in my case.

      • wow really? that's super fast! What type of stuff and size of your package?

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      Last time I put in my order on a Thursday night and received it on Thursday morning the following week. Ymmv, but knowing the Japanese efficiency and from reading people’s experiences, I’d say it shouldn’t take longer than a week.

      I ordered a set of manga (4 books) and they came in a quite big box compared to what was inside. The books were put in a plastic bag that was taped to the bottom of the box, a bit weird how they shipped it like that but they arrived in perfect condition so I have no complaints.

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      Ordered 10 items Monday night, shipped today (DHL), due Friday. Yay Japan!

  • -1

    Trying to find English editions of pokemon gen 1 games and coloured game boys like this picture
    (But minus the Japanese versions & I know English green doesn't exist)
    I can find the game boys themselves but struggling with the games.
    I can find Japanese red when I search for pocket monsters but that's about it. Can't find anything else. Anyone know if they have them?

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