Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin $59.99 @ ALDI (Excluding SA, QLD)


Looks to be on special at ALDI in store but couldn’t find on the website.

Around $90 elsewhere.

Note: ALDI doesn't sell alcohol in SA and QLD.

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  • I was just in my local store and didn't see it there. Shame, I love this gin.

    • I couldn't drink it. It felt like I was drinking perfume. Tried to give it away and no one wants it. I would give it out for free.

      • +1

        I'll take it! This is ozbargain after all

  • That's a ridiculously good price for this gin; I haven't tried it myself because it's not easy to find but most have said it's the best version of the Hendricks' limited release.

  • +4

    Buffalo Trace is also at $53 at Aldis

    • -6

      Why the s?

      • +1

        It's available at multiple of them! Duh.

    • Wow this has caught my attention

    • $54 at VC with 10% off everything

  • It’s really good, best of the Hendricks gin that I’ve seen

  • +1

    Around $90 is for the 1 Litre bottle

  • This was on ALDI Special Buys a few months ago. I bought the last 2 at my ALDI.

    The wife really likes it, though I agree with an earlier poster, it is on the "floral" side.

  • IMO way not as good as normal hendrix. I tried to like it. Good price if you like it though.

    • FYI the normal one is $69 a bottle at Coles, add $12 of other booze and you can get it for $105 for two bottles plus whatever else you buy with the code SAVEMORE ($45 off $150).

      I grabbed two bottles of Moore's Gin (currently $45, down from $79) and a bottle of Hendricks for $109.

      • Awesome cheers. I used that code or the whisky recently. Hopefully its more than one use.

        • +1

          Yup, I've used it twice. The joys of working from home, I just grab a $2 delivery slot and it's good to go!

  • Note: ALDI doesn't sell alcohol in SA and QLD.

    Note: QLD & SA governments prohibit the sale of alcohol in supermarkets (including ALDI).

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