TP-Link Deco X80 AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router System (3 Pack) $499 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ In-Store) @ Officeworks


Deco work well. This is a fast one. Even better if you connect them with an ethernet cable. Not a bad price. $166.33 each.

Amazon AU (Out of stock, backorder)

Also, slightly cheaper at TGGs.So get another 5% off. Thanks @frondono

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      Making it $469.3 with Officeworks Price Beat Guarantee.

      • Nice… keeps getting better!

      • $469 is perfect for this

    • Looks like TGG special is over.

  • Would love to see a deal on 6e mesh network

    • Much of a difference with 6e?

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        Wifi 6 - 1.146Gbps
        Wifi 6e - 1.788Gbps

        6e gets brand new wireless spectrums in 6ghz.

        In reality, speeds are dependant of your physical set up, signal interferences etc.

        Also higher speed doesn’t mean better penetration or distance. In fact it’s the opposite.

  • Nice deal

  • unavailable online in Rockhampton

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    I'm sure some people are having a great experience with these. Unfortunately I am not one of them. I had 3x X68s for 6 months in a relatively small 4 bedroom home and had the following issues:

    • the satellite stations would randomly lose connection to the primary (no idea why) but they don't hand off any of the clients so any clients connected to a satellite would be offline for over a minute until the connection re-established.
    • all of them would randomly reboot several times a week kicking any clients offline
    • wifi speed is just sometimes randomly absolutely terrible, even when connected to the primary
    • you need an app to use these things and the app is complete garbage
    • good luck debugging anything or configuring sensible settings, the aforementioned app just doesn't have much in the way of features / configurability.

    Have just bought 3x Tenda i27 Wifi 6 aps and not only do I have really fast wifi anywhere in the house now but these Tendas don't use an app and have their own web interfaces (apparently the business oriented ones are all like this) and most importantly they don't randomly reboot and everything stays connected all of the time. Way cheaper too.

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      I second this. I had a main X90 and two X68 satellites, but the connection was always inconsistent and my IoT devices kept disconnecting randomly. Thought it was because of the mismatch, so I upgraded everything to X90. Problems didn't go away.

      The dedicated IoT WiFi network is a gimmick. The app looks ok but has poor features and there's no way to debug anything. If the main router loses connection to the modem, the entire LAN goes down and all my home devices disconnect. Customer support is useless—generic answers and zero real knowledge.

      • Similar issues with XE75 (not Pro) - many months of frustration. Even with wired backhaul and all routers a few metres from my devices, still getting wifi drops.

        Selling them and trying a set from Linksys instead.

      • IoT WiFi network is a gimmick

        Security isn’t a gimmick.

        • A security feature that fails to work properly undermines its own purpose. If the network can’t maintain a stable connection, how can we trust it to provide the advertised security benefits? Effective security depends on both robust features and dependable performance.

      • I have the x20's, changed the operation mode from Wi-Fi Router (default) to Access Point, and disabled the Smart DHCP.

        It has been rock solid for both the IoT and the main network.

        • Did this with my XE75S (I've tried everything!) but it made no difference for me.

    • That's unfortunate. Just thought I'd share my counter experience to balance it out.
      I've have 3 Deco M5's for several years and no issues. First one is wired, other two are wireless. Devices hand off easily and I've never had drop outs due to the routers.
      The app has been really good for the M5's as I've been able to adjust settings and look into the network even when I'm not home. This comes in especially handy as I've set up another Deco S7 network (~1 year, no issues) at the parents so I can configure things remotely. Neither model randomly reboot. The satellites have never lost connection to the master router. Settings in the app vary depending on the model. The M5 has a lot of features, but some do not even after a couple years. Not sure why they neglect some models… It's good to check the relevant page on the Deco site to see what features are available for your Deco. And yes I agree that's stupid and all routers should come with the same features, but at least they tell you on their website. For me, the M5 has all the features I needed apart from I guess VLANs, but that's quite niche. I actually avoided Tenda after their security issues.
      They largely just ignore security issues and don't provide updates. My deco's on the other hand have been getting frequent updates even many years after release. Theres been some bad press for Tplink too, but it was mostly around them sending your requests to Avira for their virus checking service so it isn't nearly on the same scale.

      • Tenda is a sub-brand of TP-Link

        • Sorry could I get a source for this? Haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere before.

    • Very gently put. Hard recommend against Deco from me. I find my Deco mesh fails to assign IP addresses randomly (weekly for some clients).

      Hilariously, the IP address is assigned as soon as you navigate to a particular screen in the app. At that moment, you see the DHCP server spring to life in the logs.

      I think for me next time, regardless of brand, I'm going to skip on wifi routers that aren't supported by an open source firmware. Need to be able to shake the dirty software.

    • 3 of these in a "relatively small 4 bedroom home" might have contributed to your issues especially if they were left on default settings. You can have too much WiFi.

      You might have had better success if you started with 2 and adjusted down the "Eco mode" (which reduces the WiFi output power) and see how that went.

  • I've long been tempted to upgrade to a Wifi6 mesh system but my Wifi5 setup (1 router, 1 AP router) is working fine still. With a budget like this ($400+) do you reckon it's worth waiting for Wifi7 to be mainstream?

    • It’d be a long time until 7 becomes mainstream

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    This is cheaper and 6E.

    Tenda Mw3 for me was more stable/better coverage then Deco Axe5400 through walls. Its made for newer devices. Wifi 5 and bellow devices are not having the best time with Deco. New laptop and iphone however runs smooth on deco axe5400 + Leaptel 1Gbit internet package.

    Same cost as this, makes no sense

    • Tenda apparently has some serious issues relating to consistently calling home to baidu servers. Saw a techie review online and then gave up. Price is surely no- brainer in comparison to other brands.

  • How does one use this mesh network (or a similar one withoutr an RJ12 port) and still use a landline?

  • Will this work with VLAN ID authentication for my FTTP with IInet?

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