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Canon EOS 650D Body Only Australian Stock - $578.85 after $100 Cashback Via Canon. FREE SHIPPING


I know there is another post advertising the canon cashback, but this CHEAPER and for a different store.

Anywho, Ryda doing the 650D for $678.85 at the moment with free shipping. Canon is doing $100 cashback on all 650D purchases (AUST stock).

Combine that with free shipping that ryda is offering, and you get one sweet local supplied deal.

Let me do the maths for you

$678.85 - $100 = $578.85

Looks like you also get a "Bower 6 Piece Deluxe Camera Cleaning Kit" as a bonus! Wooohoooo!!!

Details on Cashback:


If you're travelling and plan on doing that whole claiming GST back thingo, price comes down to $517.14 ($578.85 - ($678.85/11))

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