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Bottomless Burgers and Fries $21 Dine-in Mondays to Thursdays @ Lone Star Rib House (Participating Locations)


My Grill'd chip pass and Bettys national burger deal triggered the algorithm…..

And this appeared.
Bottomless burgers and fries for $21. I feel like you'd need to do 2-3 to get your money's worth.

Please know that while I do rep deals for defibrillators there is no link at all between unlimited burgers and selling more defibrillators.

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    They love to load up the chips, and they won't let you get another til you finish the plate.

    • I find just one burger is enough. Unless they let you hang out there all day.

    • +1

      Damn that's shifty… I. Wouldn't get any fries if there is a choice?

      • In this situation I bring a sneaky plastic bag to dump the food into.

    • +6

      I know right. I found this guide very helpful and educational on dealing with that issue.

    • +4

      tips contents of plate on floor

      Oh no! Waiter! It happened again!

  • +5

    Looks like you're trying to give us all heart attacks so you can sell more defibrillators

    • +1

      Oh absolutely. I just saw dominos started thirty days of thirty deals too. I legit think I'll mark my calendar and do a national burger day deal for defibs haha.

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    no link at all between unlimited burgers and selling more defibrillators.

    IDK man, promoting unlimited burgers sounds like a surefire way to boost defibrillator sales… once they drop clutching their heart…

    • Mabye they should include bottomless defibrillator shocks as an upsell….

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    Is it defiantly at all lonestar's? As the facebook page for my local one does not show anything like it?

    • -1

      It says Book now in the post and links to all locations

      • I hope so. Its strange that my one doesnt advertise it

      • I called my one and they dont do it

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    Qld Locations: a bit far away for most
    Rockhampton, Townsville, Toowoomba

  • I just called my lone star and they dont do the bottomless burgers.

    I would double check with you local lonestar before booking. I think the Penrith store may have accidently duped people into thinking every store does it

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    R.I.P. Morgan Spurlock

  • +1

    Oh, it's called Lone Star because there's only one (in Vic) - and it's in Geelong.

  • +1

    Bottomless Burgers

    I think most people prefer them that way?

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