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Wanderer Multi-Tool 3-Piece Pack $10 (Was $59.99) C&C / in-Store Only @ BCF (Mem'ship Req'd)

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Wanderer Multi-Tool and Knife 3 Piece Pack free BCF club membership required. Plenty of stock.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • any good?

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      Buy Now Ask Later

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        Good enough for $10

      • +3

        Buy Now RETURN Later

    • -1

      Something with faux carbon fibre raises concerns for me.

      • +10

        Don't eat it?

        • +1

          So now you tell me !

        • I'll eat what I want Mum!

    • For $10 what do you think? Better off buying a pot at the pub.

    • The cheap multi tools tend to be pretty horrid in my experience, but for $10 it could be worth a try (definitely not at $60). The plain knife is likely to be the best tool of the set as it's a much simpler tool (i.e. harder to mess up the design/manufacturing) and it at least appears to have a locking blade.

  • Everyone should have one of these.

    • Now you can have 3!

    • +3

      If only to defend yourself against the other people who have one.

  • +13
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      If you can find stock local to you - https://nrby.in/bunnings/0522661

      None for me. I got it during the deal.

    • it seems that my closest bunnings has stock! going to get this one delivered with onepass

      • Enjoy it, friend! Be safe

  • OP good post on a great deal.

  • Whats the legality of having something like this in the glove box?

    • +7

      it's fine. you've got a tyre iron in your boot, you're driving a 2 ton machine.

      IANAL - don't try to take your glove box on to a plane

    • Havent been to gaol yet over mine.
      As far as im aware most laws are about carrying on your person. And i think you would be fine with a multi tool on your belt.

    • +2

      Check your state laws, since the shopping center/bishop and many other similar incidents lately they are moving the goal posts. But basically you need a lawful reason to be carrying one at the time.

    • +1

      Fine in all states for the glove box.
      If carrying the knife on your person you need a reasonable excuse ( self defense is not a reasonable excuse).

      • Would carrying one in my back on my motorbike count

        • +2

          In a backpack would be considered on your person.
          You need to be able to provide a lawful reason that you are carrying it.

          Carry an orange with it. Reasonable excuse —> "I use it to peel my fruit"
          Or "I use it to open boxes at work and I'm on the way to/from work".

  • That's not a knife.

  • Cheers OP :)

  • Great stocking filler, Christmas sorted.

  • Great replacement knife for an Army Cadet where a pocket knife/multi-tool goes bloody missing almost every camp.

  • nearly out of stock everywhere

  • Where's all the plenty of stock or did someone broden them

  • Picked mine up today, very good for the price. The case seems useless though, only has 3 narrow pouches, not sure how you're supposed to fit all 3 tools in there. I couldn't even get the two multi-tools to fit and be able to close the case.

    Feel free to tell me I'm putting them in the case wrong and show me how it's done!

    • +1

      Just opened mine. The plier handles can actually be folded upwards, enabling you to store it in the storage case.
      Edit: Once the handles are folded together, squeeze them together again, making the pliers even more compact

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