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Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum $498 Delivered @ Dyson eBay


JB disappointed us by excluding floorcare but Dyson eBay now has the V10 at an all time low of $498 for those who wanted it, at 54% off RRP$1099.

  • Up to 60 minutes battery life.
  • 0.77L capacity.
  • 2.61 kg.
  • 2 year warranty.

Original Coupon Deal

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    Nice find - thanks OP.

  • +1

    Bought one, thanks OP

  • +2

    $548 in many places so effectively this is a $50 saving

    • -2

      $548 is the current discounted price, not the regular price

    • $548 from where???

  • Anyone got any deals on dyson heaters?

  • +1

    I was 50/50 with JB's price, sub-500 tipped me over!

  • Some of the pictures show the smaller handheld head but don’t think it comes with it sadly :-(

    Side note: thanks OP! Gonna roll the dice and try get JB to price match as I have some gift cards burning a hole in my wallet

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    Do yourself a favour and buy a power tool battery adapter kit and replace the original battery. I got the V8 running off the $99 3 pack of Ozito 4aH batteries and it's an absolute game changer. I'm not sure if they last quite as long as the original one but being able to cycle through them is so much better than waiting hours for the Dyson to charge

    • Only one I can find for the V10 is $50….

      • Yeah the V10 ones are a bit more than the V8 ones cause it's like 25v vs 21. I imagine there has to be some kind of DC converter inside it bumping up the price but that's beyond my pay grade

        • +4

          yeah they're more powerful / higher capacity battery / motor etc

          top tip for those buying, find your nearest Dyson service center & get it serviced for free before the end of the warranty period, they will replace anything they find an issue with & give it a full clean & service at no cost, you may even get a replacement battery

          • +2

            @Irishness: Wait what? This is the first I'm hearing of this. Had look around and can't find any info.
            Care to share more? Nearing the end of my warranty now

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      This is what I am planning to do as soon as my original battery dies. Quite frankly the original setup is useless unless your home has the floorsize of a hamster enclosure. Battery runs less than 10 mins on full power - and the low power setting is weak as piss.

    • Link please?

    • Never knew these things existed. Bought one 👍

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    Thanks worth waiting for this!

  • Need the V10 Absolute + to drop. Was $550 on their eBay around Black Friday, comes with all the other needed heads.

    • That is much better value if it comes with the other heads

    • How do they compare besides the extra heads? $700 seems decent for it.

      • +1

        It was $679 a couple weeks ago. $550 was all time low on Black Friday. Identical minus way more accessories.

  • +13


    This is all time low because it doesn't come with the fluffy head or the mini motor head which are both very useful

    • You can buy them separately though. It is still a bargain

      • Where can I get the fluffy head attachment by itself?

        • off the dyson website usually or ebay but buy a dyson one not a cheap copy

          • @Irishness: I was hoping I wouldnt have to fork out $150 for the dyson one.. I did find heaps of ~$50 ones (even at Bunnings) but I hear it isnt the same

            • +1

              @sim777: trust me they aren't, you can pick them up on the usual gumtree/marketplace/ebay places just look in the pics for the dyson product tag. There's a few sellers of used/reconditioned parts on aliexpress too

    • 500$ and you dont get some basic shit and people be like yayyyy!

      • you do get the basic stuff with this purchase. You have 1 head that can be used for carpet (other people have been using the same head for hard floors) and few other accessories that lets you clean furniture surface. That is BASIC. All the other heads and accessories are EXTRAS.

        • I am not a dyson fan at all, been using a cheapass dreame v10 for 200 bux since 4 years which does the same task. I have used dyson v8 at my sisters place and no difference at all. Would have still pulled the trigger on this if it had both. 500$ is a lot of money. Its like those freakin GPUs and iPhones. Release the top end model for 1000s of dollars and suddenly anything thats sub 1000 starts looking attractive.


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    Tempted but my 7-y/o V6 slim is still going strong…

    • +3

      You should pull the trigger… the v10 is a notably better vacuum. I also upgraded from the V6 and the biggest difference was how much easier it is to empty the bin and how the new anti tangle head doesn’t need to be pulled apart to get hair off it. At this price I’d say it’s a no brainer.

      • Yeah I went V6 to V10 and the difference is massive. We got a rug that I couldn’t lift anything off with the V6 but the V10 handles it easy on medium power. Battery life is night and day too, even compared with a brand new V6 battery.

        • +1

          I held off for now, didn't really need an upgrade.

    • they're a lot simpler & well built

    • Mines a zombie of replaced parts, but still going.. the motorhead is going now also and is the only thing I can’t easily find a new replacement for.

      • depending on your budget take it to the closest Dyson service centre, they will likely offer a capped price service & replacement to you outside of warranty & regardless of how bastardised it is

  • Oos

  • +1

    Great vacuum, mine still going strong from when this model first released

    • +1

      Impulsive buy without done research?

  • +1

    No stock… can I buy it off someone who changes their mind and wants to return it please?

  • -6

    Back in stock! Bought 7 to resell on marketplace sorry if y'all missed out ;)

    • +1

      You're very cool

  • +1

    Out of stock now

  • +1

    A morning of page refreshing has paid off.

    Back in stock, just purchased. Still 10+ available.

  • +1

    Back in stock!

  • Back in stock

  • +1

    Price is 694 now.

  • Price increased to 649

  • I was about to pay then found price changed. If I didn't pay attention to the final price, Iwould be charged 644.

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    Tried to create this same post yesterday but kept getting pinged as duplicate. At the time the Deep clean & De-tangle model was available for $498 (which included all the extra heads - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/155988286360).
    Nabbed one, but genuinely disappointed the post wouldn't get created.

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