Samsung A55 $14.49/Month for 24 Months or $9.66/Month for 36 Months (Total $348) + Min $52/Month 50GB/M Plan @ Optus


This is my first post so please take it easy :)

Optus is having a half price sale on the Samsung Galaxy A55 (plan required). The plan is monthly so I believe there is no commitment. Plans are $69 per month for 12 months. It seems like this is the promotional price for 12 months, not a commitment.

Please let me know what you think.

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    Im sure they wont let you cancel without handset repayment in full .

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    Optus provides a monthly credit, if you cancel the plan then you lose the discount.

    • Ok, thanks that's what I thought. The 'deal' looked too good to pay the discounted phone installments, plus the first month of any sim plan.

      • Device discount offer: Available to Consumer and Business customers who sign up or recontract and stay connected to an eligible mobile SIM plan and purchase this device on a 24 or 36 month device payment plan. Discount applied over length of payment plan selected and applied from the first invoice for the device payment. The discount will be forfeited if the customer cancels, recontracts or changes to an ineligible plan and the customer will have to pay out the full cost of the device on a pro-rata basis, excluding the device discount Optus was going to cover. N/A with other device discount offers unless specified. Limit 5 device discounts per account. See above for offer end date. If no date is specified, the offer is available until withdrawn.

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    isn't it better to buy outright for $429 and go on a much cheaper Sim only plan

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      Where do you buy at $449

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        Amaysim $399 + $30 sim

    • Yep. It much better to get a mid range android phone plus seperate sim only plan, preferably 12 months prepaid plan. Can keep your overall cost down.

  • still miss the A8 deal a few years ago.

  • Locked to optus. No thanks. I gave up trying to get a phone unlocked from them (i was willing to pay the fee).
    The customer support kept telling me to use menu option from my optus sim, which I didn't have.

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