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[SUBS] Godzilla Minus One Now Streaming on Netflix


Just checked Netflix and this popped up, seems like it was just added today. IMO this is one of the best movies from last year, enjoy.

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  • +11

    Good movie :) 4K remux was well worth it…

  • +1

    Noice. Big W for the OG!

  • +1

    Thanks! I have heard almost universal praise for this and was wondering if I was ever going to find a place to watch this.

  • +1

    OP, I don't normally + for streaming posts… but I watched this film at a tiny cinema at the Cinema Nova earlier this year and was very moved. But since I saw it this year, best film of this year for me 😜

      • -5

        Japan started the Godzilla franchise.. do you get moved the same starwars crap they spew out of USA every year?

        • +10

          I cry every time I see Alderaan explode. But cheer up quick when Leia seems to instantly get over it.

          • -7

            @AustriaBargain: I don’t even know those characters names, but they’ll sure keep shoving Star Wars franchise in our faces. I wonder how many spin offs they’ll use with Yoda to milk off as much of the franchise as possible

            • +1

              @HangryCakeStore: Star Wars is well dead for me, but in the 5 years since the last Star Wars movie there's been

              Godzilla 2
              Godzilla vs Kong
              Godzilla x Kong

              And that's ignoring the Japanese ones like this one. If either of them are being shoved, 3 theatrical releases against SW's zero in the last 5 years, it's Godzilla that won't (profanity) off.

              • -3

                @TheDukeOfNukem: I welcome this one, since it doesn’t come with the woke crap western media crap have cooked up in the last decade to create hate! Damn I puke at the thought of seeing another light saber especially filled with wokeness, they definitely need to kindly fk off with that

                • @HangryCakeStore: Nothing says woke quite like sidelining the only character of color in the sequel, making him into an absolute buffoon, and making the straight white male be the hero of the story and get the girl even though there was no setup for it and they were actively pitted against each other to the point she was about to kill him in the first movie.

                  Star Wars might have went shit, but it never went woke. Faux woke, absolutely. But the one background gay character? Edited out in internation release. The one black lead? Sidelined and turned into a joke, literally gets put on his knees and slapped in the face by the space nazi. Doesn't seem super woke. Seems borderline oppressive if anything. But in actuality it's most likely an idiot trying to be woke for woke points but missing the mark completely. Rian Johnson (profanity) Star wars, woke/wokeism/whatever had shit all to do with it.

                  • @TheDukeOfNukem: Yeah you're probably right. One of the new movies had a big thing about being against animal cruelty, but animal cruelty is a bad thing anywhere in the universe yeah? Being against animal cruelty, or against being indifference to it, doesn't make you woke. Casting an Asian person in a fictional galaxy where everyone from every planet can instantly light jump to any other planet isn't woke.

                    • +1

                      @AustriaBargain: Oh my God, that whole canto bite side quest was so stupid, I forget about it lol.

                      "Greed and capitalism is bad" - this message brought to you by the big greedy capitalist company who bought everything, including the franchise and the company behind it, for literal billions.

                      • @TheDukeOfNukem: It's a message worth giving kids tho yeah? Look at the rest of culture, social media, obsessed with wealth. Popular TV shows in the US the average character lives a much wealthier life than the average actual American. Social media says the dream is flying on a private jet, taking designer clothing for granted, and finding a life partner who is impressed by those things. Star Wars is fundamentally a movie series and franchise for kids. Letting them know that all that stuff is bs is a good thing. Maybe in future movies Star Wars can cover good financial planning and offer kids tips on how to churn SIM cards to save money on bargains or summat.

                • +1

                  @HangryCakeStore: You need to calm down and put the wokesaber away. Star Wars died long long ago and it has nothing to do with any kind of agenda. It's all about churning out shit to make money. The rusted on Star Wars fans will keep it alive forever, no matter how bad the movies and TV shows are.

                  • -2

                    @Loopholio: I am calm haha, I only used the word woke’ and got everyone offended, which proves my point of western media. This making Asia media better enjoyments sometimes no matter how repetitive :)

                • +4

                  @HangryCakeStore: Angry you are. A fk I don't give.

                • @HangryCakeStore: Yikes. Keep the American culture war bs out of Australia.

              • @TheDukeOfNukem: I'll contend that the recent Japanese ones including shin Godzilla are worth your time.

            • +5

              @HangryCakeStore: Yeah some people hate the new characters like Leia and Alderaan. Too woke for some people.

              • -2

                @AustriaBargain: Exactly this u can’t watch a western show without people shouting woke and now it’s in our head making it less enjoyable especially more so in the woke crap put in Star Wars to shove even more down our throats! 😂

          • @AustriaBargain: I don't think that Leia is a very good person…

          • +2

            @AustriaBargain: Hey you don't survive as royalty by having empathy

  • Yalls still got subscription to Turkish Netflix?

    • +3


    • +5

      Turkish gift cards are still working for me.

      • +2

        It really is a delight

    • +2

      This isn't Youtube, you child.

    • +2

      There's already a neg button for the deal itself

  • Movie of the year.

  • +4

    Great movie. compared to the Hollywood deranged orangutan version this is a masterpiece.

    • Agreed. And with such a low budget too in comparison

  • Best Godzilla movie ever made

  • +1
  • +1

    Have some tissues ready for this one.

    • +19

      How many sexy Godzilla scenes are there?

  • +4

    Biggest bag fumble I've ever seen.

    Everyone was gagging to watch this movie, refused to release it internationally.

    Everyone pirated it.

    • It was released internationally.

      My son watched it 4 or 5 times at the movies.

      • -2

        Your son is a teleporter

        • +3

          I saw this at the cinemas here before the hype hit. It may have already left cinemas by then as Asian films only tend to screen for a week or two (at the cineplexes, at least).

          Never looked to see if they brought it back or released the B&W version here after the Oscar buzz.

      • I mean digitally, sorry didn't make it clear

    • I'm sure Netflix paid them plenty, and anyone that wanted to purchase it will probably still do so.

    • It was released internationally.

  • +2

    Curious where people are finding the value in Netflix. I've been unsubscribed for 12 months. Had a quick look to see what I'd missed, and there was nothing I'd pay a month subscription to catch up on. Just a heap of movies I've already seen, and series I don't want to see. I do have access to Prime and Binge so catch most new release movies there.

    • +2

      It's got good international content. If you're from a non-western family background and are opening to watching non-western movies and TV shows, then it does have some value.

  • +1



  • -1

    Free on other platforms. Does Netflix price-match?

  • +6

    Great movie. Sh*ts all over the last few American "monsterverse" efforts.

  • +1

    Godzilla x Kong was so much fun!

    Need to go back to watch this one, as the reviews were awesome!

  • +1

    This movie was a lot better than it should have been. :)

    • +1

      It was made for less than the food catering budget of any Disney move made in 2022 or 2023.

      Let that sink in for a minute !

  • +6

    Very good movie, nothing like the garbage western Godzilla movies that are merely CGI tech demos.

    • You do know that this movie had heavy cgi as well…

      • +2

        Of course, most movies do. But this one also has a compelling story, fleshed out characters, and good pacing.

        Can't say they all apply to e.g. Godzilla v Kong…

  • -6

    Found this version boring

    • +6

      You are a simple minded individual.

      • +1

        they probably wanted big budget stunts, massive explosions and some americans to be casted in for comic relief.

  • +1

    Subscribe to Netflix just to watch this?
    That's a pretty steep price for one movie. What else is there? 3 Body problem is supposedly good as well?

    • I wouldnt say the netflix one was particularly good let alone accurate. The one on prime was better. But if you are gonna get netflix, i would at least watch haunting of hill house, which is a fantastic horror/thriller series thats about 8-10 episodes long if i remember. Or just watch a bunch of the netflix exclusive shows

    • Yeh like in the US you can rent for $6 from Apple, Google and Microsoft and other places:

      Watched it myself like over a month ago there

    • +1

      It came out digitally on Dish, DirectTV, Amazon, Apple TV and Google Play on the 1st of May.

      Netflix was given the sloppy-seconds for licensing rights and had to wait an extra month before they could put it on their platform.

  • +4

    Best Atmos track I've heard in a while.

    • Came here to say this, WOW. My jaw is on the floor with how amazing it sounds!

  • +1

    IMO this is one of the best movies from last year, enjoy

    my condolences

  • Best movie of 2024

  • +2

    Watched it tonight and loved it. Not many movies can hold my attention these days, so nice to have something like this come from out of nowhere.

  • Thanks OP. Just finished and loved it.
    Great sound. Kept my attention right through.

  • Feels like sub titles are out of sync.

  • Madame Web is also out in USA (need to use VPN). Not a great movie but a new movie nevertheless

  • Thanks great movie. I can appreciate that they brought Godzilla back to its original message, meaning, roots and even design.

    I recommend others that they should watch with Japanese audio as the english voiceover wasnt that great and makes it seem more like an anime and takes away the characters depth.

    I still also like the western Godzillas including the new ones. But I'm not a fan of the Japanese godzilla design which appears like a fat samurai suit and I vaguely remember they did it with minature models back in the OG movies.

    Maybe just me, but knowing that they based this Godzilla from the old authentic Japanese versions, it is nowhere near or realistic as my favourite Godzilla (1998) which I grew up watching.

    The 1998 version of Godzilla seems much more realistic (like an overgrown agressive iguana but portrays motherly instincts) especially compared to the latest new ones and reminds me of the classic Jurassic Park movies whilst having 90s NYC vibes.

    Overall Godzilla minus one is still a good watch, this movie focuses on the characters a bit more and cinematography capturing post war Japan seemed to be on point.

    If anyone has more good sci fi / action movies to recommend please let me know!

  • Not an overly huge Godzilla fan…
    Not an overly huge subtitled movie fan…
    But I am a huge fan of this subtitled Godzilla movie!!!

    Also got Shin Godzilla while I was at it. Yet to watch though.

  • -2

    was a great movie, took me a while to find the correct version from the ship sailing in a bay with a skull and bones printed on the black flag.

  • Was easily the best movie of 2023.

    But an FYI, you don't need Netflix to watch the digital version of this. It was released on Dish, DirectTV, Amazon, Apple TV and Google Play a month ago.

  • +1

    It's a great movie, but please watch it in the movie theatre first if you still can find one. I watched in the theatre first and loved it so much that i rewatch it again on netflix, but it was kind of meh on netflix. some of the acting was downright bad, like when godzilla went berserk in ginza and destroy a train, the train drivers acting was actually funny. It seemed to lose all the emotional vibe when watching on tv rather than in theatre.

    • I missed out seeing it in cinemas so I was keen to watch it on netflix after a hard week's work. I agree with what you said about bad acting and losing the vibe on Netflix. The sound quality was shockingly good, but I zoned out and fell asleep.

  • +2

    I just loved them at the Oscars - with their little godzillas
    Nomination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD_BmcNqoro
    Award: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTU3gB5mKR8

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