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[XB1, XSX, XB360] Crackdown, Crackdown 2 - Free @ Xbox Store


Crackdown, Crackdown 2 and Too Human for Xbox 360 (backwards compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X) are free on the Xbox Store. No Game Pass subscription required.

Removed duplicate offer in title — Mod.

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    Thanks! DLCs for Crackdown 1 & 2 are free too (scroll to 'Add-ons for this game').

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      The Too Human pre-order armours aren't available though. So sad!

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    Pretty sure these have been free for years (since Crackdown 3 came out?) But good for anyone who didn't know.

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      Yes they have. But it's good to remind people how good Crackdown 1 and 2 were. MS just really dropped the ball with Crackdown 3.

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    Thanks Op. Funnily enough I already owned Crackdown 1 & 2 (so at some point must've been free as I don't think I bought digital copies of these)… but thanks for the DLC!

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    Got these yeaars ago on the old xbox gold scheme may it rest in peace after being murdered by Microsoft.

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    Thank you

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    Funny on how you can still get Too Human after they were ordered to destroy the game after Silicon Knights got sued by Epic Games.

    • I remember Too human being a massive flop, was a planned trilogy.

      • I really wanted to love it after being a huge Eternal Darkness fan

      • It certainly was a flop.
        The game is a guilty pleasure for me because of the ambition they had but that being said, it's a half-baked mess that I can only recommend if you're morbidly curious.

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    Pretty good freebies

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    If we're talking perennial freebies then check out Phantom Dust. It's an interesting oddity.

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  • Theres only one crackdown in my life. The 1990 US Gold version.

  • Too Human is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. You would need to pay me to touch that again.

  • I really enjoyed Too Human when it released, has co-op too!

    • How does expressing genuine enjoyment for a game get a downvote? Y'all are whack lol

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    Crackdown 1 and 2 and Too Human was a long term free thing. These so called bargains have been free for years every single day. You're grabbing an every day free game. All DLC is free too.

    Price history tracker on the Xbox Store Checker web site shows they stopped charging money for Crackdown back in early Feb 2019. So it's always free every day.


    Same goes for Crackdown 2 as it's been free at least since 2019.


    As for Too Human. It's been free since at least 2019 too. Check the price tracker. No price at all for years.


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    Be sure to grab these for your Xbox 360 before the Xbox 360 Marketplace shuts down on 29 July.

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