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[QLD, NSW, SA, VIC] June App Only Offers from $2 & Star Specials @ Carl's Jr


Carl's Jr. multi-star monthly deals are up!

Download the 'My Carl's' App (you can now order via the My Carl's app) (http://onelink.to/qdvrrd) to take advantage of these specials:

June 2024 offers

  • Waffle Fries $2
  • Jalapeno Poppers $3
  • Original Angus Burger $5 (usually $11.95)

Social Media Star Special Famous Feed for $13.95 get: 2x Famous Star with Cheese, 2x Waffle Fries & 2x Small Drinks

Also on the MyCarl's' App - 'STAR Specials':

  • Loaded California Classic Combo - 1x Loaded California Classic burger, medium Fries and medium Drink $9.95
  • Tradies Deal - 1x Star Value Chicken & Cheese, 1x Famous Star with Cheese, 4x Star Nuggets, medium Fries and medium Drink $16.95
  • All Star Feast - 2x Cheeseburgers (or Star Value Chicken), 2x Famous Star with Cheese, 4x medium Fries and 4x medium Drinks $29.95
    Terms and Conditions: For all T's & C's refer to the 'MyCarl's' App or https://carlsjr.com.au

The burgers are BETTER at Carl's. Try the Angus burger range and taste for yourself.

Currently, 48 stores (and counting) in Australia! https://carlsjr.com.au/find-us/

Opening soon:
VIC: Sunbury, Tarneit, Seaford
QLD: Toowoomba
WA: Ellenbrook, Piara Waters

I DO NOT WORK OR AM ASSOCIATED IN ANYWAY to Carl's Jr. other than being a fan and addict :-)

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  • +2

    Honestly I rate CJ
    It’s wayyyyy better than Maccas and HJ.

    • Yeah it's v decent. Just wish they had one closer to Melbourne CBD

    • +4

      Have they learnt to serve burgers not cold yet?

      • OMG they are hopeless. Went through the drive through on Saturday. 2 burgers and 2 waffle fries. Nope, we got 1 burger and 3 waffle fries. Do another lap to sort it, and of course it was stone cold even eating it in the carpark. I want to really like Carls, but every time we go there is a drama of some sort.

        • Which location?

    • +1

      The meat was super dry and overcooked both times i've been there. You know what they say, "You can't fool me a third time. You're the fool."

      • +1

        I keep going back because I like their California Classic.

  • These ‘specials’ are becoming less and less appealing.
    That, and the fact they don’t know how to serve food at an adequate temperature…. No thanks.

    • I find about every 3rd or 4 th month they have a deal on something I enjoy.
      Thankfully it's not every month as they are very conveniently at my local shops.
      Have to agree with others their California classic is very pleasant and their chicken tenders are great. Usually only have a deal on these maybe once a year.

  • Never had the Angus one, is it good? I haven't had cold burger but they aren't hot either tend or be warm.. would be nicer if freshly made but its fast food so they tend to make 20 at a time and sell them as ppl come and go. The burger patty you get may have been made 20 mins before sitting in the warmer

    • they shouldn't be making them 20 at a time when they're charging $15 for just a burger, even maccas don't do that anymore

    • +1

      I went to Clayton store a while ago and they made the burgers fresh.

  • 1st time trying after a recc. California combo and jalapeno poppers lesgo.

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