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Herman Miller Aeron B $2,367, Embody Gaming $2,541 (+ $80 Delivery, or Free C&C in Sydney Only) @ Living Edge


Insane high prices on Herman Miller vs a couple of years ago, but I'm posting it as a 'history' log of sales at living edge, seemingly 15% sale every 3 months. If you were in the market for this insanely expensive chair, least you can see the historical prices on ozbargain for future use. I definitely benefitted from this history so I know living sale regularly goes on sale.

Now 15% off - it should be 20% off on Black Friday if its like last year… if prices don't keep rising.

Steelcase is starting their 25% EOFY sale on 17 June 2024 so watch out for that if you wanted Steelcase instead.

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    Got my Aeron B for $1350 a few years back and even that still feels like a stretch, these prices are INSANE.

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      Are they though, considering how long they can last?

      I've bought 24/7 heavy duty chairs from KAB 10+ years ago for more than $1500 and most of the wear and tear parts aren't covered for more than about 5 years.

      • prices are pretty insane - I think if I had never owned one I wouldn't consider it at current pricing.
        But if my current Aeron needed replacing I'd probably buy another ;)

        • I came from that position of never owning one, I went to try out the main brands, Haworth, Steelcase, and HM, and ended up with one of these pretty much at the same price, but for me just knowing how long it'll potentially last me and that it fits me properly was worth it for me.

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            @Tbargain12: yeah I had an issue with the gas lift in my aeron, and despite being some distance from living edge >1hr the herman miller guy comes over and fixes it.

            good service.

            • @bohn: that's good to hear, I forgot but is the gas lift covered under the full warranty period?

              • @Tbargain12: tbh not sure about 'full' warranty etc, this happened within 1 year of buying.

                I thought I would have to take the chair to them! was very pleased I didn't have to

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                @Tbargain12: Full warranty period.

          • @Tbargain12: what did you end up with?

    • a few years back I was like pfft I'm not paying that much for a chair - and now it's gone up so much it's freaking insane, you could have bought it, use for 5 years or whatnot, and sell it for a PROFIT.

  • I love how they took the Embody, a product with a reputation for lasting decades (Mine has lasted me nearly 10 years so far)

    And they stuck a big G on it for their collaboration with Logitech, a company who currently makes product that fall apart after 2-3 years.

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      couldn't agree more, i hate everything logitech, and this partnership is bizarre to me, but for some reason, the 'gaming' variant is cheaper and is a tiny bit more comfier in my books so… there's that.

    • :o I've had my G915 keyboard & 903 mouse for 4/5 years respectively and still great.

    • Logitech isn't that bad for stuff… good warranty on webcams. Steelseries are the ones making stuff that falls apart after 1-2 years.

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    Damn so happy i got this a year ago


    These chairs keep better value than gold it seems.

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      I'm hoping a bunch of boxes get damaged on the way to their sydney warehouses as well this time. fingers crossed

      • Yer I would suggest you just bookmark that exit store and check once in a while. They do have some Aeron clearance stock from time to time. If it gets onto Ozbargains could run OOS.

        • i wonder if I can get them in VIC - is the exit store only in Sydney?

          EDIT: called them, its only in sydney warehouse but can be shipped.

          There's one Embody Gaming chair in the exit store (that's just been sold) and they said it went for $2,090 because of 'scratch' in the armrest. It's still pretty expensive.

          • @lawyerz: Yes you would still be looking at 4 digits for a damaged unit. So it's not exactly cheap.

            2090 for an Embody gaming chair sounds ok, about 30% off. I think that Aeron one was probably the biggest steal at roughly 45% off. I haven't seen anything reduced down to those levels for Aeron or Embody since but I'm also no longer looking very hard since I have one. So, I guess try to find something between 30-45% off, and see if it suits your needs.

  • insane price

  • These prices are completely insane but it's a fool's game trying to find a cheaper alternative. The only chair that comes close is the Mirra, which is definitely worth a look as some people prefer it. My Aeron is 8 years old now and will easily last double that.

    • there's a lot of $300 mirras on gumtree and fb marketplace, although they're almost always the older Mirra 1.

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      I can think of plenty cheaper and similar/superior alternatives… remember with HM you largely are paying for the brand and the longer warranty…

      Haworth Zody (2nd hand) $50-150
      Steelcase Leap V2 (2nd hand) $300-500
      Ergohuman (new) $600
      Steelcase Gesture (2nd hand) $600

      And that's coming from someone that has a Aeron Remastered purchased new.

      • Problem with chairs is that everyone's different and their 'comfort' is also quite subjective. I have gone to the Steelcase showroom and sat on Leap and Gesture and found it average, I had the Ergohuman v2 gen1 which I used for a while but really grew a hatred of it over time. I hear the gen2 is supposedly pretty good? No where to try it though but about $850 shipped I was tempted to try it as well. I also tried the Haworth Fern as well and it wasn't quite for me - but they do sell them at officeworks for about $1k.

        Maybe its the placebo effect of 'wow herman miller' but subjectively I thought it was definitely a cut above. Is it worth $2,500 (2-3x) others? Most probably not. Hence I really want a shipping-damaged deal to pop up again but I might just be dreaming.

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          I had a company lend me an Aeron to test for 7 days. After I returned it I got an Ergohuman for $500 or so. It just wasn't as good. I used the Ergohuman for 2 years before I replaced it with an Aeron. It's still going strong in another room but the Aeron is better.

          Mind you the Aeron wasn't as good as I remembered it in my head. So there was a little bit of hype I built up myself.

      • Three of those four chairs don't even have mesh seats.

      • This is a good roundup of perfectly reasonable alternatives

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    Whys the government wasting time looking into supermarkets, the real profiteering is in the chair industry, when inquiry….pls so can finally grab an embody :p

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    Thanks OP for bookmarking these HM charis price

    perhaps not this time, but definitely keeping track of their prices for further down the road

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    I got an Embody last year after some research for about $2400~. Good chair? Yeah absolutely. Is it a $2400 good chair? No bloody way.

    • and now its $2,600 with shipping! woot. bonkers price.

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    Ive had both HM and Leap 2. Leap is much better for longer hours in the chair, support, comfort and posture. But its not worth RRP, its worth maybe $500. I didn't get the HM gaming chair, but if its like the others, no thanks

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      I have the Leap2 as a home office chair and the Aeron as a work office chair.

      I find the leap 2 is better. But the recline feature of the Aeron is superior.

  • We paid the high price for the Herman Miller Aeron. It's for a WFH setup and will claim it against tax as a way of offsetting the cost. It's expensive, but I know our backs are worth the investment.

  • FYI steelcase's eofy 25% off code is eofy2024, but since prices jacked i'm conflicted whether to buy one or not

    • oh nice, its live already. you gonna make a new post?

  • What's a good chair for someone who works at a desk for 12+ hours a day, 6-7 days a week? Previously, I was using an Ikea with a high-back.

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      Everyone is going to say very different things… Some say Herman Miller, some Steelcase, maybe Haworth.. gotta try them out for yourself unfortunately.

      Top of most people's list in no particular order is usually the
      1) Herman Miller Aeron
      2) Herman Miller Embody (incl the "gaming" variant)
      3) Steelcase Gesture
      4) Steelcase Leap
      5) Haworth Fern (though don't get the Officeworks one, it's not the same)
      6) Haworth Cody
      7) Steelcase Karman

      Whole subreddit of people arguing back and forth about which is the best https://www.reddit.com/r/OfficeChairs/s/iWrrotNWTc

      • Thanks so much. I'll need to do some research before 30 June.

        • I personally like the embody gaming from Herman Miller and Karmon from Steelcase the most. Both are seriously stupidly expensive.. Gesture from Steelcase isn't too far behind either.

          The aeron would be the most 'famous' of them all

          • @lawyerz: I've just found one on Gumtree in my local area: the Herman Miller Aeron (type B). Does this look like a good deal? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mount-colah/office-chairs/ae…

            • @imaxsameer: There's the original 'classic' aeron (pre-2016) and the 'remastered' (post-2016) version. This is the classic version.

              Don't know about good deal though.

              • @lawyerz: Ok, thanks for confirming. I would prefer the remastered one.

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                  @imaxsameer: Also make sure the sizing fits for the aeron, it's very punishing if it doesn't and there's nothing you can do about it. I thought I was a size B but one sit in the showroom confirmed I was size C instead

                  If you like to sit funny in any way including folding your legs, one leg under the other, both legs on the chair, the aeron won't be for you.

                  Mesh seats are also divisive - love it or hate it

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    Slightly cheaper at Work Arena with free shipping to Sydney

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