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Double Cheeseburger, Small Chips and Small Drink for $5.90 (Usually $9.50) @ Hungry Jack's - Pick up Only (App Required)


HJ's are currently offering discounted Small Double Cheeseburger meals via the HJ's App. They are currently $5.90 instead of the usual $9.50. The offer can be found under the Jack's App Deals section of the menu in the app. No known expiry date.

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Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jack's


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    This was available yesterday, pretty decent snack

    • ENERGY 7848 kj
      DI 90%

      • +3

        That is definitely an error. The meal is 2985kj with a Coke No Sugar, 3568kj with Regular Coke.

        • +1

          Yeah no way its that high, maybe a triple whopper large meal.

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    McDonald's have a $6.95 Mc Smart meal which includes 2 x burgers (cheeseburger or chicken and cheese) and small fries and drink.

    For $1.05 it's probably more worth it over the HJs deal.

    • HJ deals let you change the drink to coffees though, and the chips are nicer

    • I normally find maccas coke normal, or just really weird tasting. For me, HJ wins in terms of value as i also feel the HJ patties are slightly bigger

    • Double cheese burger from hjs definitely trumps both of those burgers and who wants to eat 2 burgers with a tiny quantity of filling over one properly filled burger?

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    Take this comment as a +1, i can’t vote on this deal due to store rep code of conduct

  • not in my rewards

    • It appears the deal has been yanked. I'll mark as expired.

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