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Special Monocle Blend 1kg $20 (55% off) + Delivery ($0 w/ $69 Order, Delay Dispatch Op) @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

"Bean Counters" is how some people refer to Accountants. Our Accountant will literally be doing nothing but counting beans for a looooonnnnngggg time without this deal (our biggest deal EVER and our last deal for this financial year). He'll likely need to get a Monocle to maintain the focus needed to do our stock take as things currently stand to account for the various (origins, processes…) coffees in our green stock. Please help our Accountant keep his eyesight and us keep our Accountant by ordering as much fresh coffee as you can enjoy, freeze and gift :)

We're offering you an outrageous 55% discount off our Special Monocle Blend:

1) Special Monocle Blend, only $20 per 1kg (usually $44.50 per 1kg). Rest assured this coffee is the same level of quality and freshness we strive for when dispatching all our orders. We'll never take you for granted with a penny wise, pound foolish offering. The price is simply a reflection of us wanting to offer you the best value we can today while reducing out EOFY accounting bill; at the same time finishing off this financial year as strong as we possibly can. As I've said before, we only compete against ourself and so strive to do the best job possible ensuring today is better than yesterday

Deal valid for orders placed until 23/06/2024, unless sold out before. Dispatch can happen for you as near as Monday 17 June 2024 and as far as the last Thursday in 27 June 2024. Once a given dispatch date is at full capacity the green circle will be removed and date will turn red, first in best dressed :)

Some helpful info:

  • You're welcome to place multiple orders scheduled for dispatch at various dates (delayed dispatch) to make the most of this deal, we strive to dispatch our fresh coffee within 48 business hours of roasting
  • One dispatch per order
  • The largest bag size we use is 1kg and it has a zip (it's resealable), for example if you order 4kg with 1kg packaging you will receive 4 x 1kg bags, you will not receive a single huge 4kg bag

FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69. We recommend freezing any excess bags purchased to qualify for free shipping, without compromising on enjoying fresh coffee. Please see the rest of our shipping info below:

  • $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference Flat Rate Shipping (No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Courier's Please Flat Rate Shipping(No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Australia Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $8.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)
  • $9.99 Express Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $12.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)

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  • +1

    thanks bud ordered 2kgs 👍👍

    • +3

      Morning @honkyb woohoo, what a way to kick off the comments, thank you so much for that terrific order!!!

  • $27 delivered, perfect thanks

    • +1

      Hey @StingyShopper you're most welcome, very happy to know this deal's a winner for you!

      Thank you so much for your order, it really does mean a lot :)

  • 4kg bought. Thanks again!

    • +2

      Absolutely wonderful @minno15 what a terrific order, thank you so much :) :) :)

  • How does this compare to aldi luxe coffee beans?

    Anyone have experience with both ?

    • +2

      There is only one way to find out. Ordered 1 kg to test will report back to the community :)

    • +7

      "It's not from Aldi" is a reliable step forward.

      • -4

        Tell me you have not tried the Aldi Luxe beans without telling me you have not tried the Aldi Luxe beans.

        • +2

          They aren't that great. The price maybe!

        • +1

          I’ve never tried Aldi luxe beans. Ever.

          Even so, I’d still rather support a local producer who supports the OzB community rather than some multinational corporation based in Europe who doesn’t give a hoot whether OzB lives or dies.

        • +9

          Yeah i specifically asked for opinions of people who have tried both.

          Then get people who have never tried aldi luxe commentating.


    • Fresh beans are generally better than anything that's been sitting on a supermarket shelf. That's the rule of thumb, anyway, but will also depend on your brewing equipment and your pallette.

      • +2

        Yeah i get the aldi ones a week old…

  • +1

    Thanks Tom, ordered 2kg to help us stay awake to care for the newborn!

    • +5

      Amazing @punkindrublic sincerely appreciate the fantastic order, thank you so much!!!

      Congrats on the arrival of the newly appointed boss of the household, sure it's an exciting time for you :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Absolutely love your coffee. Is it possible to order this ground? There's no option on the page.

    • +4

      Morning @staz what a fantastic vote of confidence, thank you so much, I'm wrapped to know we're in your good books!!!

      This one's available in whole beans only. Pre-ground would slow down fulfillment too much to make this deal pricing financially viable. We still have pre-ground options available with some of our other coffees. I know it's always a leap to go from pre-ground to buying a grinder. However, grinding the beans yourself will truly improve your coffee experience ten fold without needing needing to spend a small fortune… you can get a decent burr hand grinder for under $60 online right now :)

      • +3

        Appreciate your response :) looks like it's time to buy a grinder!

        • +1

          Fantastic to hear @staz music to my ears!

        • +1

          Great decision! You will soon have very high amounts of deliciousness.

  • First time trying your coffee - ordered 4kg to try, gift and freeze! Thanks! :-)

    • WOOHOO @DarkRebell love that you've managed to tick all 3 boxes of the trifecta combo!

      Thank you so much for placing such a terrific first order with us, it really does mean so much and is an opportunity we won't take for granted :)

  • Thank you for your generosity. Any future single origin Guatemalan Beans?

    • +1

      Hey @GuestShopper what a thoughtful thing to say, thank you, I'm wrapped to know we're in your good books!

      Right now I have no clue when we'll feature a SO from Guatemala again. It'll be months away at the very earliest, potentially longer, but rest assured we will have one some time again in the future :)

  • Perfect timing as usual another 4kg ordered

    • Amazing @schwifty thank you so much for another outstanding order, it's truly appreciate :)

      Love to hear when the timing lines up perfectly!

  • Great deal. I’d be jumping on if I didn’t already have 3kg just arrived.

    • Hey @jason2615 thank you so much for your terrific recent order!

      No stress :)

      p.s. don't forget the magic trick of freezing beans to extend the freshness, might be the winning solution for you

  • How does this one compare to MtM?

    • Hey @slashor great question!

      Although uniquely different in flavour, it's similar enough that if you enjoy Moments, I'd be astounded if you didn't also enjoy our Special Monocle blend :)

      • Great, that was going to be my question as well. I really like the Moments blend so I'll give this a go as well.

        • Music to my ears, I don't always nail the timing of answering a question before it has time to get asked, but when I do it makes me smile :)

          Fantastic to know Moments is a winner for you, fingers crossed you love Monocle as well, thank you so much for another order, it's truly appreciated!

  • Awesome, thanks OP, still enjoying the Chanchamayo but this will keep us well stocked. I really appreciate being able to set a dispatch date, it's super helpful.

    • +1

      Fantastic @Ham Dragon thank you so much for placing another order with us, it's truly appreciated :)

      Terrific to know you're enjoying our Peru and that our unique scheduled/delayed dispatch feature is a winner for you, always a win planning ahead when it comes to coffee to ensure you don't run out of the good stuff!

  • +2

    First time customer. I wanted to try different beans for some time, so I went with:
    * Moments to Memories Blend 500g
    * Brazil São Paulo Single Origin 500g
    * Special Monocle Blend 1kg
    Total $69.24 delivered

    • I've tried both Moments & the BSPSO, and wasn't disappointed!

  • +2

    Another Great deal from @LimeBlueCoffee. I've been loving the Brasil beans.

    Quick question, I have been buying 1kg bags of beans. I usually get through about 250g/week (resealing the bag in the pantry). My perception is that the last 2-300g is getting stale and not tasting the best. Note, this is not just your coffee I experience it with all beans. Any tips on keeping things fresh? I would love to bulk buy and keep pouring great coffees from your beans, some of the best I've found in Oz!

    • +1

      I store portions in the freezer in something like this. https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/korken-jar-with-lid-clear-glass… It works pretty well. I find my beans are pretty consistent from first to last.

    • +1

      Morning @Muzeeb music to my ears to know we're in your good books and that you love our Brazil SO, thank you for the compliment!

      Appreciate the helpful details contained in your question. If the coffee is stored at room temp you ideally want to get through it within about a month of roasting to enjoy optimal flavour, this is true of coffee in general. I'm not sure where you're location, buy my guessing is if you include delivery transit time and you likely needing to finish off the last bit of a prior delivery before getting stuck into the next delivery that you're getting to the last 250g about 5-6 weeks after the roast date. Great news for you is I have a simple solution for you, use the ingenious method of freezing coffee to drastically slow oxidation thus extending freshness for months and even up to years (the years aspect takes a bit of extra effort to achieve). I'd recommend splitting 1kg into 500g bags (about a fortnight's use for you), wait a week or so from the roast date and then freeze the second sealed bag while you make your way through the first 500g bag :)

      • +3

        You tagged the wrong Muzeeb. I don't drink coffee but you seem like a lovely person.

        LPT: if you are replying directly to the person you don't need to tag them in. They will get a notification still. Your current method of replying will give them 2 notifications and nobody likes annoying.

        • Sincere appreciate the your very understanding and considerate constructive feedback, thank you and apologies for interrupting your day!

          I used to just hit reply, but then I found sometimes there'd be an auto tag for the recipient and sometimes not, so they I started adding a tag to be on the sage side e.g. my "see my response above, looks like I was too quick to hit send and tagged the wrong person :)" I sent via hitting reply to the initial query, but I don't them auto tagged. The way you've worded your response makes me thing you likely know Oz Bargain tech systems better than I do it and I don't want to annoy people, so no more extra tags unless I hear otherwise :)

          • +2


            apologies for interrupting your day!

            Apology accepted and you didn't interrupt my day so don't feel bad. Like many here my priorities are:

            Ozbargain > breathe > water > food > other random shit

            • @Muzeeb: Terrific to hear!

              haha made me laugh to see Oz Bargain then breathe after :)

      • Once I took it out of the freezer, do they go back into the freezer after each use? They tend to get Wet when I took it out of the freezer

        • Appreciate the double check!

          I'd recommend pre-portioning supplies so home it comes out of the freezer it doesn't need to go back in. The repeated change of atmosphere mixed with the exposure to extra oxygen can heighten the chances of freezer burn :)

    • +1

      see my response above, looks like I was too quick to hit send and tagged the wrong person :)

  • Thank you for the feedback. I'll definitely try freezing some beans. I recall many years ago when I first started my coffee journey being told not to freeze beans as it ruins them (makes them sweat?…) Seems that info was incorrect.

    • +1

      That is a possibility. I thaw in the container I keep them in. When they at room temp then I removed them from the container.

  • 4kg ordered. Missed the previous deal (sold out too fast).
    Thanks Tom.

    • Outstanding, thank you so much for another wonderful order!!!

      Very happy you didn't miss out this time, our prior deal did indeed sell out at lightning speed :)

  • I'm liking the advanced ordering options, I'm getting into a good cadence now where I can have regular coffee deliveries spread over time. What's even better, I often forget what I've ordered so it's always a surprise, too!

    • Love the plan for the future and then get a future surprise system. It's the perfect combo of practical and yet exciting, you've ensured you never run out of the good stuff, while still managing to send yourself surprise gifts…I think you make have nailed creating the perfect coffee experience!!!

  • Great deal. I'm normally happy with Aldi beans, but these are nearly as cheap so I grabbed a couple of kilograms.

    • +1

      Amazing, thank you so much for giving us a shot, it's an opportunity we won't take for granted :)

      Fingers crossed you absolutely love our fresh coffee!

  • Hey Tom,

    I hope this message finds you well like your coffee makes us well every morning :)

    Will this blend be suitable as a pourover/filter option by any chance? or should I just stick with the single origin coffees?

    • WOW what a fantastic opening line, very happy to know we're in your good books!

      From an extraction and quality perspectives this coffee will be on point, so it really does come down to your personal flavour preference. I'm not sure which of our coffees you've had from us, I'd say our Monocle blend is overall closest to our Moments to Memories blend out of our options :)

  • Is this good to use with french press? I'm a coffee noob and just bought a french press, have a timemore c2 grinder.

    • Nice, welcome to the wonderful world of coffee!

      Confirming this coffee is delicious for both espresso and filter methods, so it should go down a treat with your French Press :)

  • Hi Tom, Thanks for the deal!
    Recently ordered the Thank You Blend and getting a very nice black coffee in my Barista Express.
    Now if I want it to be working more for Milk-base, your instructions suggest to get a 1:1 input-output in 18seconds opposed to 27 seconds for above.

    This would require a completly different setup for my Breville Barista Express depending on Milk/Black coffee? Any guidance please

    • Fantastic to hear, thank you so much for your recent order and it's terrific to know you're enjoying our Thank You blend!

      Nice question and I've got some great news for you…both the black and milk based brew guides should theoretically not require any different dose or grind settings, you're simply restricting (ristretto) the shot by stopping the shot dialed in for 27 seconds as 18 seconds :)

      p.s. I'd recommend using a 16 gram dose in the double shot single in your machine's 54mm basket

      • You mean I could just cancel it after 18sec?

        Also what exactly do you need by '16 gram dose in the double shot single'?

        Many thanks

        • +1

          Spot of, just stop the shot around 18 seconds when you hit 32 grams worth of espresso extracted!

          Apologies, looks like there was a slight typo, it was meant to say "using a 16 gram dose in the double shot, single walled, 54mm basket your machine has" :)

  • Thanks OP! excited to give Lime Blue Coffee a try! Ordered 2kg.

    • Amazing, thank you so much for the terrific order, it's truly appreciated :)

  • How does this compare to the Thank you Blend?

    • Great question!

      Although unique in flavour it's similar enough to our Thank You and Moments to Memories blend, that if you enjoy one you'll likely enjoy the other two. Our Monocle blend will be a bit closer to Moments than Thank You, as a slightly lower acidity kick and slightly stronger chocolate notes :)

  • Hey Tom! Wondering if you would ever make it possible to advance order further than 3 weeks? I'd love to put in an order for say 6 weeks from now.

    • +1

      Really appreciate you taking the time to send through this helpful feedback!

      Generally speaking you can schedule dispatch with us as far in advance as 60 days (roughly 8.5 weeks). It's on our to do list to explore tech options to increase this flexibility with our systems. However, right now the furthest you're able to schedule dispatch is 27 June, simply because it doesn't work too well from an accounting perspective to receive funds for an order in one financial year and realise those funds (dispatch the order) in a new financial year. The ability to schedule the dispatch of orders up to 60 days in advance will be available again in the first week of July AKA the new financial year :)

  • No pre ground lately on the good deals 😞, might have to hold out for Airjo

    • -1

      If you're buying pre-ground coffee, it doesn't matter where it comes from.

  • In counting my beans I'm all full up past June, but thought I'd vote that Monocle blend is a great name

    • Very thoughtful @SgtGrumbles thank you for the upvote, glad the name's a winner for you!

      If you're keen to try it, but concerned about freshness once you get through your current supply, you could shoot through a 1kg order and put it in your freeze to extend the freshness until you're ready to get stuck in, just food (coffee) for thought :)

  • Decided to give you a go. Seen so many of your deals and thought nows the time to bite :)

    • Absolutely fantastic to hear :)

      Thank you so much for pulling the trigger and giving us a shot, it's an opportunity we won't take for granted!!!

  • Hi OP…
    Silly questions… If I want to order 4kg and I want to delay each kg delivery separately, does that mean I just need to order 1 kg…. 4 times?
    Each with $7 deliveries?

    • +1

      No such thing as a silly question, but there are questionable answers!

      The answer is in the "some helpful info" part of the post, but I know there's a decent amount of text, so easy to miss. We can do one dispatch per order, so to achieve your goal you'll need to place 4 separate orders of 1kg :)

  • I LOVED the Timor-Leste Water Anaerobic SO, how does this compare? Will there be any other beans on special so I can order two different packs?

    • Terrific to know you "LOVED" our super unique Timor-Leste SO!!!

      This one is notably different, it'll be somewhere in between our Moments to Memories and Thank You blends in terms of flavour. If you haven't had any of those, to compare to our Timor, our Special Monocle blend will be more chocolatey and less fruity, with a slightly higher acidity kick. I'm all for the mix and match combo orders, however a big part of making this pricing viable is super streamlining dispatch operations, so I don't believe any other new coffees will become on sale with our Special Monocle Blend :)

  • Just ordered x 4 , thank you.
    Any tips on dialling in, dose and ratio?
    Setup = Breville Infuser + Breville smart grinder Pro.
    Flat white/Latte drinker.

    • +1

      Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much for that wonderful order, it really does mean so much!!!

      We always put brew guides on our bags, so you'll have all the specific details nice and handy as soon as the good stuff gets delivered to you. In terms of customising our guides to suit your specific equipment I'd recommend using a 16 gram dose for your 54mm double shot single walled basket :)

  • 2kg order placed. I normally vacuum seal half my bag for later but haven't tried freezing. Presumably its good to vac seal portions before putting in freezer?

  • @LimeBlueCoffee, is there somewhere I can get the tasting notes/description of coffees that are no longer available in the store? I often have been delivered a month of 2 later and there's nothing on the website any more. Thanks.

    • +1

      Appreciate you taking the time to reach out!

      We'll likely still have the info in our database, it's just not on our site as we generally remove products when they sell out. Please simply send a reply email to your order confirmation requesting the info and we'll get it to you as soon as we can :)

  • the refreshing aroma of advertising helps keep me regular e ery morning about 7.30am.

  • Fantastic, just bought 4kg!

    • Amazing, thank you so much for that outstanding order!!!

      Hope you absolutely love our Special Monocle blend :)

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