[PS5] Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth $62.10 (Everyday Rewards Required) Delivered / C&C / In-Store @ BIG W

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Been waiting for a price drop on this game. Cheapest I've seen.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is $69 at BIG W.
Use the XJUN2024 code for an extra 10% off discount, bringing the price down to $62.10.
To get the discount, make sure you have your Everyday Rewards linked to your BIG W account.

[Update] Amazon has price matched BIG W

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  • Any good discounts on remake?

    • JB Hifi is selling FF7 intergrade for $39. Sign up for JB perks to get $10 off?

    • If you don't mind digital, PS Store often sells the Intergrade PS5 version around $25.

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    Is this better than FF XVI? I found that excrutiatingly boring.

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      Check FF VII Remake first, as this is a sequel to that game

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      Depends which generation are you? For millennials like me, I am enjoying this game a lot. 120 hours in and still going..have not played JRPG like this for a while.

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      Heck yea!

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      Yes. Gameplay and tone is way different. Overall, just a more entertaining game.

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      I would say so after playing both FFVXI and both FFVII remake & rebirth. (As a longtime FF fan).

      However, I’d recommend you play remake prior to rebirth. The latter is a direct episode/ part of the former.

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    and cashrewards 8% cashback.
    mine tracked already with $4.52 back

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      Cashback is ineligible on the following:

      • Purchases using coupon codes not listed on Cashrewards.

      May have tracked but unlikely it'll approve, don't see this code on their site.

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    Ff8 rebirth? I wish mate

    • Lol. fixed now!

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    I just started this game and im loving it

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  • Can't get the coupon code to work. Is it targeted?

    Edit: nvm, it's Everyday Extra.

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      Have you linked your everyday rewards card? AFAIK you don't have to be woolworths rewards extra member to use it, however, you can only use the 10% off code once in a month.

      • That was the issue. Much thanks.

    • Worked for me. Copy and paste the code. No E in XJUN

  • look amazing

  • Is this less linear than the previous?

    • if you mean remake, where you were stuck in midgar; yes, this one is less linear.

    • Far less linear and really good.

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        These days I feel linear is way better for enjoying gameplay experiences as opposed to open world. (Loved the linearity of remake, Mgs 1-4 etc)

        A condensed & intentional - more curated content and less wandering around aimlessly wasting time within sparse worlds is respectful to one’s time.

        Of course there are exceptions to this rule. Rebirth is barely sitting on a fence I feel….

        Exceptions like Zelda TotK I feel benefitted most from being open world.

        I hope the next 3D Mario is actually open world as well - as I feel Nintendo is way way more careful and intentional in curating open worlds gameplay.

        • I agree because of my free time, but this felt like a good compromise between the two for me.

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      Yes, I didnt like Remake but loving this one.

  • Wife finished this, it's pretty good.

  • Absolutely adored this. Definitely a good deal.

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    Buy buy buy, banger of a game

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    Good deal OP. Highly recommend it if you're into JRPGs. Paid 99 at launch and still think it's worth it at that price, managed to get 130+ hours on it.

  • I'm 58 hours in and I still haven't reached Cosmo Canyon. My mind is blown at how they made this open world.

  • If you are going to buy this, also keep an eye out for controller deals (maybe cheap TVs too). That final boss almost had me throwing my controller at the TV.

    Now I've finished this, I'm replaying Final Fantasy 9 on my Rog Ally. Got close to the end back in the day. Hoping to finally finish it now

  • Jesus what a steal for GOTY

  • how long will it take for this game to drop to under 30?

    • $49 in a year. No way under $30

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