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amaysim: $9.70 Cashback on 32GB $10 Prepaid Mobile Plan (Ongoing $30 Per 28 Days, 64GB for First 3 Renewals) @ Cashrewards


This is the $30/32gb plan discounted and with extra bonus data. Banner in cashrewards app

Coupon code is automatically applied

SIM must be activated within 20 days of purchase.

Cashback is tracking at $9.70, however the rate listed on CR is listed at $10. (7 June: Rate table updated to show $9.70.)

PSA: Auto recharge is enabled by default, disable if you intend to churn.

Eligible for new & existing amaysim customers on purchase of a new service (SIM).

For best chance of tracking, make the purchase via mobile data

Referral Links

Referral: random (3904)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • Do I need to make a new account with amaysim for this?

    • No

    • Anyone,

      Relatively new to money-back offers for 1-month-mobile-plans: Boost & Amaysim.

      May be traps are everywhere for novice?

      As you know, 1 month sim-plan are CHURN-sims & is the problem with Amaysim-only ?

      Why ShopBack is stating a more-restrictive criteria for Amaysim?
      ShopBack criteria: 'Cashback is only applicable for customers getting a New Service (SIM) & New Sign Ups (New Customers)'
      CashRewards criteria: 'Eligible for new & existing amaysim customers on purchase of a new service (SIM)' & 'Tips to get cashback…Read store special terms'
      TopCashBack criteria: 'Cashback is eligible for new & existing amaysim customers on purchase of a new service (SIM)' ?

      May be Boost won't have a 'blanket-approval' moving-forward, '…they(Telstra) will be adding a further requirement around SIMs remaining active or recharged, but we’re waiting on exact conditions & wording before we add to our Boost page'
      7-Jun-24: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15352360/redir

      May be money-back offers are lure…OzBargainers don't know until the approval period has lapsed: UN-approved/UN-track money-back claims are @ risk ?

      May be these money-back offers NEED novice to-fail ?
      General, Ozbargainers don't keep good record (time-consuming) & tracking system never runs smoothly, hence system-failure help to keep money-back-systems alive.
      Even OzBargainers who providED proof-of-purchases have experienced money-back rejections, ie ShopBack/CashRewards can't blame tracking/system issues.
      If not enough revenue to money-back-systems, simply reject claims ? OzBargainers recent experience with ShopBack offers,

      May be candid & transparency, but the reality is clear-as-mud…wonder-why ?

      May be Telstra &/or Optus need to protect their client-base on their expensive-plans & if many OzBargainers switches to CHURN-sims, will-they reject claims to deter ?
      Do OzBargainers have an appreciation of what it cost carriers to build their mobile-network & the need to recover those cost over a medium-term, eg 3G ?
      May be AU LOW-population density warrant higher mobile-cost ?

      May be knowledge-sharing ? Feel free to neg, but DO share your view.

      • My most recent shopback cashback from amaysim was approved, but it took way longer then cashrewards.

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    I won't be able to port from an amaysim number right?

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      Consider your disqualification from these promotions as a loyalty tax.

  • Buy or hold?

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    can I transfer my current boost to this, use it and transfer it a new boost sim?

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  • Thanks OP.

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    Tracked in minutes but only $9.7. Submitted an enquiry and see what happens.

  • Can't see where CB says cashback rate for 64G is $10.

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      It's actually 32GB plan with double data.

  • Hm, will esim work?

  • It didn't get tracked :/

  • +1

    Mine got tracked after about 15 minutes but only 9.70 like others

  • Mine didn't track either. Inquiry coming up.

    • I ordered same day as your. when can I send inquiry for missing cashback?

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        I sent it manually, couldn't wait a week.

        • How do you send manually?
          Is there an email address?

          • +1

            @gembel: Go to

            And choose the options for general enquiry.

            • @wetwork: Contacted them, still no reply. Disappointing

              • @gembel: I finally heard back. Maybe it'll go through.

                • @wetwork: Did they manually apply the cashback to your account? or asked for more details?

                  • @gembel: Yeah manually applied. And they asked for more details. Hopefully, I'll actually get the cashback.
                    This is why I haven't been using Cashrewards for some time. Too much toing and froing for a few dollars and having to turn off ad blockers but still doen't track on a PC.

    • I bought CashRewards-Amayim on 5-Jun-24 & NOT-tracked after 7 days…cancel Amaysim-purchase to be safe? Thanks

      • how do you cancel amaysim purchase?

        • ring Amaysim…based on past-comments here ?

          • @ab c: were you able to cancel and get a refund successfully?

            • @gembel: yes, done it twice from 2 Cashrewards-Amaysim purchases…both UN -tracked :-(

              Make sure you don't use any data, eg inserting you sim-card likely to use a few Mb & hence can't refund.

              • @ab c: 15-Jun-24 purchased-approved, sight 21-Jun-24….can't withdraw $9.7, min. $10.01: coincident or lure for NEW-customers to buy-more?

                Cashrewards: VERY-short approval-time: likely because TopCashback want a share of this market & are offering deals to attract NEW-customers. Proof: review their deals here.

                CashRewards-Amaysim: original-transaction was on 5-Jun-24. Yes, it was a gamble: willing to risk the money-back offer to learn the process & test-out claims.
                Research started 2 months ago: started out as blank-piece-of-paper, I read most-OzBargain posts regarding 1 month money-back offers: got lost in the details & didn't appreciate some-comments until I testED-out the tracking-process & stop @ supplying credit-card😅. I took all neg & pm as knowledge-GAP.

                Success-tracking experience: seems like CashRewards(via-APP) & ShopBack(NOT via-APP: because of Boost-systems?) are DIFFERENT, hello 💣

                Amaysim: apply a MORE-restrictive criteria, cautious: 'New Service (SIM) & New Sign Ups (New Customers)' credit to INFIDEL-> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15340554/redir

                System-tracking: may be check your -tracking & if NOT-track within 48hrs (CashRewards/ShopBack): cancel sim-purchase & start again…painful?
                I keep screen-shots, notes for audit-trails & NEW-email creation with EACH Amaysim-sim.
                The whole process is VERY-VERY-adminsitrative & time-consuming.

                Boost: still waiting for 30-Apr-24 purchaseS to get approval: what surprise will-await ?

                SELECTIVE-scamming is a REAL-risk: imo…credit to Neoika.

                OzBargainers: how many users have read CashRewards Terms-of-Use…they all blame partner-stores-> https://www.cashrewards.com.au/terms-and-conditions

                hamza23-moderator: as per his suggestion, tempted to post @ OzBargain-Forum: novice-guide ?

                My original-comments hold, 'Traps are everywhere for novice'.

                ALL: you became good because others have helped-you…pls give-back & help others…even if there's NO-win to you.

                • +1

                  @ab c: Ok…each Sim activated is a "new customer", I activate a Sim every month with various carriers always using my existing account, never had an issue.

                  pls give-back & help others…even if there's NO-win to you.

                  Always happy to pass on my knowledge of porting and Sim hopping.

                  • @nocure:

                    I activate a Sim every month with various carriers always using my existing account, never had an issue

                    Pls share your experience 'New Service (SIM) & New Sign Ups (New Customers)': click-on 3rd Read-more-> https://www.shopback.com.au/amaysim-mobile

                    Full-disclosure, for-novice?

                    • @ab c: Not sure about shopback as i dont use them, but my interpretation is new sim/service = new customer/sign up. As i said never had an issue even porting the same number.

                      • @nocure: As an experienced OzBargainer (&OP) for CashReward & TopCashback (Boost & Amaysim), would you consider posting a novice-guide ?

                        I sense that their money-back claims are @ risk.

                        • @ab c: I'll leave the guide writing to someone else, I'm only a amateur.

  • there's larger plan with 100% cashback available on reward gateway too in case any one interested

    • I have access to this, saw it a few days ago but unsure how fast it will get approved

      • +1

        I wouldn't risk it, last time it tracked at 0 for me and had to escalate and going back and forth a few times to get it approved.

  • +1

    Is it too-risky to buy 2-sims ?

    CashRewards states 'Tips to get cashback…Read store special terms.

    Amaysim '2024_EOFY_30_50_28d_Terms.pdf' states
    'Promotion Period…4-Jun-24 to 2-Jul-24'
    'General Conditions…Limit one per Eligible Customer'

    • +1

      They don’t enforce this from what i’ve seen. Its up to you though

  • +1

    ordered but 9.7. Contact support and ask for the 0.3 they own!

  • Thanks OP, just in time..! my current amaysim plan in expiring in 2 days.

  • Tbh I wouldn't mind $9.70 cashback if it gets approved in a week.

    From my experience, cashbacks from Amaysim generally only take a week to get approved, except when it needs to be manually adjusted by Cashrewards then it will take the whole 75 days to be approved.

    • +1

      My last amaysim cashback was approved in 3 days. $50 from the year plan

      • Even better!

  • +1

    Tracked at 9.7 like the others

  • Did not track for me.

    • Didn't track for me either

  • Where is the option to disable auto-recharge or auto-renew?

  • Didn't track. How can i send a claim to cashrewards?

    • Wait 7 day, click 'send a claim' on amaysim entry in your cashrewards list of 'click history '

      • What should be used as order number?

  • +1

    These really sucks, had one that did not track the last time so raised an enquiry. Now its due for confirmation nothing happened and wrote to cashreward and was told to wait until another 90 days

  • +1

    Advertised cashback has gone back to $9.70.

  • Have had multiple tracks ($9.7ea) for the same cashback and amaysim account.

  • Nice, any deals however with an sim actually free? Cost of living pressure here rip, got lucky with tangerine, more and belong sims for the last year or so, even kogan not even $4.90 anymore. Haven’t found one yet.

  • Thanks OP, tracked within 15 mins for $9.70

  • For those who got your order tracked, did you order esim or physical sim?
    My physical sim order didn't get tracked.

    • I did physical

    • I ordered esim and it tracked

    • Ordered one physical sim and one esim. Both tracked at $9.70 within 20 minutes of ordering. Activated esim already.

  • +1

    Ordered my first eSIM🎉
    Tracked in minutes @$9.70.
    Easily added eSIM to new moto G54

  • My cashback has been changed to $10 without any tickets raised with CR.

    • Not for me

      • Ok something weird is happening, it just reverted back to $9.70 again.

        • My changed to $10 as well automatically but now showing $9.70 approved.

          • @SuperLate: It's really weird, mine changed to $10 then reverted back to $9.70 and got approved so I withdrew. Then today it changed to $10 approved again so now there's just a 30c approved balance sitting there which I can't withdraw yet as it's under $10.

          • @SuperLate: Got mine adjusted to $10 approved

  • My cashback just got approved!!

  • $9.70 approved!

  • Awesome, this comes right on time. I forget that they have esim now, so there's not as much need to plan ahead

  • Did anyone buy multiple sims and have them all approved? Im thinking of buying another.

    • +1

      Yes I have always bought multiple sims when these promotions come up and they have all been approved.

    • Yeah just got approved 1 esim and 1 physical

  • Do we have chosen either transfer number in or get a new number? How can I just buy a Startup kit instead?

  • is it possible to cancel a shipped purchased SIM and get a refund? to re-order since cashback didnt track

    • yes, just live chat with them for a refund

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