Selected Cadbury Bar $1 | Cadbury Slices Block $2.40 | Samboy, Cheetos $2.75 | Smiths 6pk $2.25 | French Fries 6pk $2.30 @ Big W

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Big W has a clearance on the following snacks as some have been replaced with smaller sizes. Expiry dates are unknown. Stock varies in between stores across all states. Some are only available for Click & Collect.

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1/2 price at Coles this week:…

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  • Note sure about the others buy Woolworths also has Fry's Turkish Delight (my favourite chocolate bar still made in Australia) for $1. The two I bought were best before May 25.

    • has Fry's Turkish Delight

      Have been selling for $1.25 for at least the last month, so 25 cent saving…

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        @cryptowiz @jv Just checked - The new packaging is smaller at 50g for $1 at Woolworths. Big W is clearing out the old packaging…

        • +1

          Thanks for the clarification. I should also clarify that the two I bought from Woolies were 25th May 2025 not 2024 (I tried to correct my comment but it was too late).

          • @cryptowiz: That is very long dated. I usually buy the imported Ferrero or Lindt which seems to have shorter expiry dates.

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        Or you could avoid buying it from the Petrol station where they charge $3.20 and save $2.20 which reminds me of the time I told my father that I ran home behind the bus and saved $1 and he said I should have run home behind a taxi and saved $5. Boom boom (as Basil Brush would say).

        • Or you could avoid buying it from the Petrol station where they charge $3.20 and save $2.20

          Petrol station still selling it for $3.20, so zero saving…

        • Haha your dad is a genius.

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    On clearance because they shrunk them, new Cherry Ripe is like fun size, 52g -> 44g.

    • Unfortunately :(

    • fun size, 52g -> 44g.

      How does that come under the definition of fun?

      • +1

        From the Hindustani word "fun" meaning "shrinkflation".

  • Samboy Chips Bbq 175g $2.75

    Surprised they haven't yet changed the name…

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    How are we all getting fatter when everything is getting smaller and more expensive?

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