10-Day China Tour: SYD/MEL fr $899pp, ADL/BNE/TAS/PER fr $1299pp Twin Share + $12pp/Day Tip (8/24-11/25) @ Asia Vacation Group


Not sure how reputable this travel company is but it seems very similar to the previous Flight Centre deal.

Dates in August 2024 - November 2025

Discover the Incredible China at an unbelievable price. Explore Beijing, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Suzhou & Shanghai

Return flights included
Compulsory Tipping for driver and tour guide (AU$12 per person/day)
Incredible sightseeing, including Beijing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai
Comfortable group experience with no more than 40 persons
Airport transfers included on the first and last day of the tour
8-night hotel accommodation
Dedicated transportation in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles
Daily breakfast buffet
Fully escorted by English-speaking local guides
Tour guides are not available on bullet trains
In-depth sightseeing and all entry fees as per the itinerary

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    • +13

      We just did a 6 day transit in Beijing and as long as you aren't a fkwit it's a very safe place

      • +2

        Rules out half of QLD drivers then

        • +5

          They are in Bali anyway, China is safe from them

    • +11

      Was there for Christmas period in Shanghai and Beijing and I had a blast. Quit being brainwashed my western media and taking out of your butt.

      • -7


        The CCP is most certainly curtailing the freedoms of both foreigners and their own citizens. It's not brainwashing, unless you're referring to own obviously slanted views. At least the "western media" are still able to report on China- but of course only from outside its borders due to… you guess it, ARBITRARY DETENTION.

        • +6

          I am pretty sure nobody here would know anybody in their circle of friends who has been arbitrarily detained… maybe unless you are mates with Jack Ma.

          I think we have more chance of a car accident than being detained while travelling in China.

          Unless you're going there to protest or make a political statement, nobody in China cares what you do there as long as you're spending money and pumping their economy.

          • -1

            @SeVeN11: And Chinese Police/Intel officers harassing Chinese citizens here IN Australia?

            Simply misunderstood hey comrade?

          • @SeVeN11: In April this year I met an Englishman who had been imprisoned for 6 weeks by the PLA for venturing into a prohibited area. He was allowed no contact with the outside world, including his family and the UK Embassy. After 6 weeks in jail, he was given 2 alternatives:

            1. Pay a $US100 fine, sign a confession and be released; or

            2. Spend 15 to 20 years in jail.

            He chose alternative 1.

            • @klrrider1: bingo!

              The Chinabots negging and replying here don't want anyone to know this… but wrongful detention and "confessions" under duress with no proper legal recourse can and does happen. China is not to be trusted.

              • @UFO: You don't have to trust China — China will act in their own interest and it's not in their interest to harass legitimate tourists.

            • @klrrider1: I would choose #1 too.
              Pretty sure most people would choose #1.

              Question is whether he did enter a prohibited area… If so, did he do it knowingly or unknowingly.

            • @klrrider1: You do realize majority of issues that occur in foreign countries (like Thailand, Indonesia, Japan etc.) are usually caused by "white" foreigners with lack of respect to the local culture or rules.

            • @klrrider1: I wish we did that to the crims over here … might curve a lot of crime we have …

            • -1

              @klrrider1: Lmao yeh yeh telling the same cool story for how long already?

              • -1

                @TightAl: Are you a China Bot?

                If you were programmed correctly, the bot would read that I only spoke to the Englishman very recently.

                The programming of the bot's English expression also needs to be fixed.

    • -7

      Not sure why you're being so heavily negged, this is official government advice and completely accurate.

      Arbitrary detention is entirely possible, and they DO look at social media activity. If they get a sniff on their systems that you could be 'endangering their national security' you could get binned.

      • This is a warning from Australia government.

        • +3

          Yes we can always trust the Australian government . Look where it’s led to our housing crisis now

          • -6

            @SpeedRunnerLink: Hmmm… trust my own democratically elected government, or trust communist regime that imprisons anyone who dares speak up against them? Tough choice.

            The Tiananmen Square massacre never happened hey comrade?

            • +2

              @UFO: It did happen much like the The Stolen Generations of Australia too.

              It's obvious you have a hate agenda towards China so say what you want at the end of the day I have travelled to China several times in the past several years without issues.

    • Keep those doors locked, shut-in! China's a revelation for those of us with an open mind, as are many other wonderful parts of the world. It's not for you, and that's okay.

    • -2

      Not really a deal. Sock puppet?

      • How? Im sharing this because similar deals for China trips have also been posted here recently at similar price points. Like I said in the description I have never heard of this company before, I saw it as a Facebook ad so not sure why you're so quick to jump to conclusions.

  • +6

    Just back from China on 2nd of June with a similar deal by Tripadeal. We really liked the tour. Tour guide was telling airfare was sponsored by Chinese government and they had 3 others sponsors to reduce the tour cost.6000 Aussies travelled China only through Tripodal travel last month . I personally recommend this tour. Pls note there was optional tour and we took all of them and it cost us approximately $510.

    • +2

      how long was the forced shopping and could you avoid it at all?

      • if you are lao wai they wouldn't dare to force shopping you

        • But do they take you to all the scam places? Like the foot rub at the herbalist where fortuitously an esteemed doctor is there and will look in your eyes and prescribe all kinds of drugs for the weakest most protected member if your group your wife or your young?

          All the factory tours and tea houses.

      • +3

        There was some but not necessarily you are forced to buy something. Half of our tour mates didn’t buy anything. It’s entirely upon ourselves

        • +1

          Also returned from similar Tripadeal on 2 June and can back up rabbikhan. No need to fear factory visits. I bought nothing there and didn’t feel pressured to. Tour was go go go but excellent value overall.

    • What airline did you fly and how was the accommodation? I read somewhere else that the cheapest package includes only the cheapest hotels/motels, though the deal indicates only 4 star hotels will be booked?

  • +3

    ScoMo will enjoy this tour! perhaps he’ll bring his best mate-Peet Dutton!

  • +1

    Do they sort out your visa too? Previously I've found China visas so confusing.

    • You have to visit the Embassy to get this done … along with like all your paperwork from current and past lives for verification ;)

      • According to the Chinese Visa website, if you live in Darwin, you will have to appear in person at the Chinese Visa Centre in Canberra.

  • +4

    Compulsory Tipping for driver and tour guide of $12 per day for 10 days. So it's $120 extra which should be included in tour price.

  • +4

    As a Chinese, I reckon the itinerary sucks. 2+ days out of 10 on airplanes, half day daytime trip on train and more daytime travel on buses between cities. (love the high speed trains experience though) Probably only 5 days real sight seeing time. That's just enough to go around Beijing only. 5 cities in "10" days is a big no to me.

    • Do you know how tours work? Lmao

  • do you think these tour could be booked with kids? i would love to take my kids to these tour

  • +2

    In the Asia Vacations website, they say:

    "Children is still accepted for this one, however our sales team will limit the number of kids per group due this is a shopping tour."

  • How does this compare to the Trip A Deal tour? I read a lot of comment saying stuff about them forcing people to go their shops to try and buy things

  • +3

    The Chinese PM is in Australia.

    The press is suggesting that he is going to announce 15 day free visas for Australians and Kiwis, similar to citizens from several European countries.

    This would mean a saving of approximately $A100, not having to fill out a 5 page form and not having to physically attend a Chinese Visa Centre. At present, Darwinites have to travel to Canberra to obtain a Chinese visa.

    A 15 day free visa would suit tourists on these 8 night packages.

    Package deal tourists marching behind blue flags visiting shops do not present a danger to the Chinese state.

    • Finally, the details of the free 15 day Chinese Visa On Arrival (VOA) have been announced.

      All you need to do is to turn up at the Chinese airport with an Australian passport with > 6 months validity.

      You do not need to show:

      • ticket out of China;

      • hotel reservation; or

      • invitation from China.

      You will not be allowed to:

      • study;

      • work;

      • engage in journalism; or

      • visit a prohibited area without the appropriate permit.

      The new VOA starts on 1 July 2024 and this arrangement will last until 31 December 2025.

  • Hey, can someone clarify, do you need to leave when the tour ends? Or is it possible to stay longer and just book at later return flight?

    • +1

      Extending is significantly more expensive, to the point of it not being worth it - they have their set flights.

  • +1

    You can extend the 8 night tour by 2 nights by opting for the Terracotta Warriors Tour.

    The standard 8 night tour costs $888 and adding the Terracotta Warriors Tour brings the cost up to $1,499 per person twin share.

    You have to leave China with the tour.

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