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JB Hi-Fi $10 Cashback on $75 Spend, Bonds $10 CB on $50, Special Gift Card $15 CB on $150 @ Commbank Yello (Activation Required)


Targeted per usual, multiple stores more than usual this time, offers may vary per member. Please check your own offers.

Additionally also offered:
•Politix [$20/$100]
•Witchery [$20/$100]
•City Chic [$15/$100]

For Special Gift Card, since no more Super Shopper, my next best go to is Woolworths Special GC usable in-store and online. My fave is ofcourse stacking it in-store with whatever GC deal you after is active currently. Does not expire.


  1. Pay with your eligible CommBank debit Mastercard or credit Mastercard or StepPay and tap or select credit
  2. Get cashback into your account, typically paid within 14 business days

Protip: use your StepPay card when/wherever possible to BNPL

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  • +2

    I got $10/$50 at JB Hi-Fi, $10/$50 at IGA.

  • +1

    What are the chances Special GC will do a Code-based promo like this leap-day deal shytshow so we can all hodl and hope to stack and relive it all over again 🥲

  • We have 2 cards linked to one account. The offers only show under the main app. Do they credit no matter which card is used or must it be the “main” card? They share the same number.

    • Even better, if u have 2 separate cards why don’t u make a second SB acc and link the other acc there?
      It works for me for my Westpac, 1 acc, 2 separate cards. 1 mine 1 mrs.

  • What's the cheapest/easiest way to get onto the CBA yello program?

    • +2

      Open a transaction account (smart access) and make 5 transfers every month (eg 5x $0.01)

      • +3

        Don't forget to transfer $2000 through the account too (in and then back out again is fine) otherwise there's an account keeping fee.

        • Damn they still have these fees in 2024?

  • 10 100 JB and 10 75 Amazon

  • $10/$100 Special Gift card on mine

  • I got the special gift card offer (which i've now redeemed), but didn't get the others.

  • What does activation required mean? Just that I need to have Yello offers available in my Commbank app?

    I never seem to get any of the posted offers (but do have some ie. drinks, EV charger, Sea Life).

    • +1


      I never seem to get decent offers through combank

    • +1

      You need to click Activate on the respective offer

      • Ok thank you :)

  • +3

    Got the $15/$150 Special offer and bought the $150 Woolworths card linked in the OP. I can confirm that you can still use it to purchase a Wish Gift card in store at Woolworths. I used a self serve checkout to do it this morning but I'd imagine you wouldn't have problems using a staffed checkout either.

    • +1

      Thank you for confirming, i’m still contemplating getting it now or wait, since the offer lasts till 03 July, hoping there may be some other EOFY deal to stack with 🫣

      • I wanted to fill fuel so stacking the Wish GC + WW 4c voucher + Origin 4c was the cheapest in my area. Whatever you do, I would try to keep the time between buying the card from Special and redeeming the entire value at WW/elsewhere to a minimum. There's more than enough history of Special closing accounts and locking users out of their cards that I treat all dealings with Special Gift Cards very carefully.

        • Fair enough, touch wood it hasn’t happened to me yet these bad experiences, that said being preemptive is safer.
          Do u know whether those woolies card works at BigW too or only at woolies?

  • Can you only redeem the offer once with one card? I have 2 cards under my name, and it says both are eligible for offers.

    • I believe an offer is tied to once per account, so unless you have 2 different account that comes with 2 different cards, I would assume once redeemable.

  • I didn’t get any of these, but happy to find I had spend $30 for $15 back at Ubereats 😋

  • Do anyone know if buying from JB Hifi Business is counted?

  • +1

    My purchase at Special (I got a Woolworths gift card) still hasn't tracked after 7 days. Anyone else experiencing the same?

    • +1

      I came to the comments to check the same thing. I bought mine 2 weeks ago (settled date 7 June) and it still hasn't paid out either.

      • +1

        I just got a push notification in the CBA app that I'll be receiving my Special $15 credit. I'm guessing the investigation launched by @foxes28 has resulted in some action.

        • +1 got the same notification.

    • +1


      Checked previous promos, usually receive the cashback in 5-7 days. Longest one I could find was 10 days (but that was for Chemist Warehouse). So far 16 days this time and haven't even received the tracking email, so definitely unusual. Terms state within 14 business days so we probably need to wait a little longer before chasing it.

      • Where do you even contact them for missing cashback, I couldn't find anything in the Yello section.

        • +1

          I believe you can just message them on the app and they will redirect you to the appropriate team

          • @foxes28: They really need a better system for reporting missing cashback, they connected me to an agent who was pretty much clueless and just said I had to wait longer.

            • @Ezio: That sucks! Like wait for how long?

            • +1

              @Ezio: Update: I finally reached out to them after 14 business days period lapsed. As you mentioned, it's a real struggle to talk to these people. I swear one person sounded like s/he didn't know what Yello is. Anyway after two days back and forth, they finally said they will credit me the bonus and have an investigation launched in parallel.

              • +1

                @foxes28: I was planning to contact them today but this morning I finally received my notification that the cashback will be received soon. Not sure if the investigation initiated due to contact from others triggered it or just coincidence.

                • @tbone74: Yep I got the notification not long after I posted the comment above too!

    • Yes, me too, exactly the same.

  • I didn't receive my $10 from this offer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/850403
    After a long wait I spoke to a CSR this morning.
    He will raise a dispute, which could take up to 14 days.
    If I don't hear anything by, I am to get back in touch.
    My confidence is low.

  • My special $15 came this morning.

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