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Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (700ml) $99.99 + Delivery ($0 MEL C&C/ $200 Order) @ Nicks Wine Merchants


Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (700ml) $99.99 down from $139.99

Extra 5% off with email sign up, free shipping at $200.

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Nicks Wine Merchants
Nicks Wine Merchants


  • +1

    Genuine bargain, good drop

  • +2

    If you can stretch the wallet, I'd definitely recommend paying the extra $50 for the cask strength version. Uptown liquor have it for a good price presently.

    • Yeah, CS and 15 are significantly better than this. But the reg 12 is still nice, and this is a great price.

  • +2

    Dan's priced beat at $99, saving on delivery cost.
    That's a great price for this Red Breast. Thanks EnnZed

    • Local Dan's in Parkdale just refused to beat the price on this one, and also said I wasn't the first one to ask. :-(

  • Redbreast? Go easy on 'em..

  • Easy price beat with Dan Murphy's for a free pick up. I know what I am drinking tonight.

    • Local Dan's in Parkdale just refused to beat the price on this one, and also said I wasn't the first one to ask. :-(

  • Dan Murphy agent price beat by 1 dollar, but wanted to add the price for delivery as well (most likely because I don't stay close to a Nicks pickup point). Was about extra $15.

    Mind you, I was ordering 2 bottles and was close to Nicks free delivery limit. I pointed this out to the Dan Murphy stooge.

    He wouldn't budge, so I declined and went with Nick's but added an extra cheap red to bring me over $200.

    Way to lose a sale.

    • I needed another bottle of El'Dorado 12 which was $10 cheaper then DMs, chuck in a bottle of bitters and I hit that $200 spend with the 5% discount too.

  • Does this have a single molt?

  • Great find OP on a great price! I finished my only bottle of this last week and just missed Dan's member price at $110 earlier this week. Glad I missed out now. Got Dan's to price match and bought two bottles.

  • +1

    I have become a big fan of Irish whiskeys lately after trying out - Bushmills 10Y, Jameson Black Barrel and Sexton. Sheer beauties to try out neat!

  • +1

    Didn't have this on the list to try but you guys being so positive makes me think I should grab it. May as well throw in more though for the delivery, Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength down to $99 looks like a good buy too (although I would prefer to grab Aberlour A'bunadh no discounts)

    • ohh might need to do another order, didn't see the Glenfarclas when I was browsing.
      I miss the days of getting A'bunadh under $100 without trying.

    • Agreed regarding the A’bunadh, it’s one that I am happy to buy special or no special. I bought several bottles of the A’bunadh while it was on special for $140 at Dan’s recently, unfortunately I’ve gone through it and have none left for this long weekend… I decided not to pick up another bottle of the A’bunadh today, instead I bought a bottle of Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit for $113.25 from Dan’s this afternoon to keep me going over the long weekend.

      • Just wondering if you guys are familiar with both would you grab the redbreast or the A'bunadh if you had to choose?

    • Glenfarclas 105 for $99 is a much better deal than this one for my money. Redbreast 12 is ok, but very ordinary at this price point. I haven't drunk too much Irish, but for a few more bucks Powers John's Lane craps all over redbreast 12.

  • For someone on a very tight budget what would you guys suggest in the goon sack category?

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