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[PS5] Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade $26.28 @ PlayStation Store


The game is on sale and has good reviews, so I thought I'd try my first JRPG and see what all the hype is about. I had issues buying it through the website, but it worked with the PS5 store.

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  • +3

    Fantastic game.
    Gorgeous graphics (a little too much for the PS5), interesting and rewarding combat and gameplay systems. Quite linear story and gameplay progression, but areas are fleshed out and lively. The story and setting are far more detailed and believable this time around. A very impressive reimagining of a classic.

    • +9

      "A little too much for the PS5"?

      • +5

        Frame rate is sacrificed to around 30FPS in Resolution mode. Performance mode is much more pleasant to play in but obviously doesn't look as crisp.
        It does feel a little held back by the power of the PS5. A powerful modern PC will be the best experience playing FF7 Remake Intergrade, if that is an option

        • you must be drunk. The FF7R Intergrade on PS5 actually run very smooth on performance mode with no visible blurriness like FF7Rebirth.

          • +1

            @Taro Milk Tea: Performance mode is still scaled back version. Perhaps it is more noticeable to me now having played the PC version, but the different between PS5 and a modern PC is significant. I'm not sure where the argument is - the PS5 is no longer a brand new console and it is starting to show in triple A titles.

            • @harvestloon:

              but the different between PS5 and a modern PC is significant

              but this is PS5 thread….everything in PC is better graphic wise, we all know that.

        • +1

          It's a moot point if you just play on ps5. The game runs and plays amazingly on performance mode.

    • +2

      Don't know why you got downvoted. I thought that's a pretty reasonable opinion of the game.

  • do you need the base game (FF7 remake) to be able to play this?

    • +2

      it includes both FF7 remake and intermission episode yuffie.

      • I got the PS plus original not upgraded version. Can I use the same save games?

  • +2

    Went to check the game and noticed the below - worth noting.

    "Included with the Game Catalogue in your PlayStation Plus subscription"

  • +1

    Is it turn base combat ?

    • +2

      real time combat, similar to FF XV. Slowdown when you select something from menu, but not paused.

      • +1

        Thanks, got it!

    • +2

      Pretty sure you can select turn based as an option with the "classic mode" if desired.

      I never tried it because it's awesome without it anyway

  • Thanks OP. Looks like rebirth is also 25% off at $86 on the PS store, or $69 for the disc on Amazon.

  • -5

    Never understood the popularity of part 7, never. Maybe it was the timing when it came out or something but I prefer part 9, to me it stands out and has something unique character, dialogue, story wise. And then it all went to shit from 10 till now, so generic, trendy, mediocre overall, like capcoms games, too much cheesy attitude etc.

    • +1

      Never played 7 until the remake but 10 is still the best in my eyes.

      • +5

        “Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha,
        Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!”


      • +1

        that ending was a tear jerker…. I don't think there's been any game that has top that to date.

    • -5

      7 was trash. Yes I did finish it… gameplay was fine but story was lacking (the principle of it was fine but it was too sparse vs the trudging about). Although I'm intending to give it a better go with the re release now that I'm not a teenager. See if it changes my mind

    • +1

      They're not really 'parts', as all games are they're own separate universes and don't coincide with eachother at all but in saying that, VII and IX are still my favourite. I played 7 way before 9 and it was game changing for the genre which is why it's so popular, it introduced 3d open world exploration with lots of side quests into the final fantasy world. 9 is similar to 7, 8's battle system is different to both. Never played 10. 13 I feel is more similar to what we have now but was much more basic and didn't really click

    • +1

      FFIX will always be #1 for me, but FFVII was a contender.

  • How is this compared to FF7 rebirth?

    • +2

      Rebirth is the 2nd in the trilogy.

      Intergrade is the first + yuffie expansion.

    • +2

      Gameplay wise, rebirth is way more fun. And less linear.

      Graphics wise, remake is optimized and done super well, compared to rebirth (due to open world i guess).

      I found the story a little boring in remake but it picks up and gets soo much better in rebirth

  • +1

    I really enjoyed Remake.

  • I bought 7 on disc but I can't remember if I got integrade or what. Gaming is so confusing these days.

    • +2

      If it's the PS5 disc, you already have this.

      If it's the PS4 disc, you'll just be missing the DLC

      • I have the PS4 disc I'm pretty sure, and I paid to upgrade it to PS5, or it was a free upgrade. So I have the PS5 edition (when the PS4 disc is in) but not the DLC?

        • +1

          PS4 to PS5 free upgrade doesn't include the DLC.

          Sony also backflipped the PS Plus 'free' version so that version ended up getting the upgrade as well. I played Integrade when Sony had the $2 for 1 month PS Plus Extra. I suggest you don't get this (unless you really want a PS5 version of the disc) and wait till you have time to play games and subscribe for 1 month of PS Plus Extra.

          • +1

            @netsurfer: I might just want 10 years for the whole remake to be complete. The ultimate ultimate edition or whatever they will sell.

  • -1

    Great deal, anything for us on PC?

  • +2

    Insanely good game especially for proper gaming enthusiasts. Incredible

  • +1

    I've been waiting for this one for a while, thanks for posting this.

  • Recommend playing this on PC with the "reduced grunting" mod lol. The grunting in Remake on PS is just way too distracting. It's great that they listened to feedback and toned it wayyyy down in Rebirth at least.

  • Should I get it now or wait until they release a 3 in 1 trilogy?

    • +4

      We may wait a long time for part 3.

      Release years:
      2020 - Remake
      2024 - Rebirth
      2028? - ‘Relive/ Return/ Rewrite/ Reverse/ Remade/ Remind/ Renew/ Reuse/ Rewind/ etc’ (fun predictions)

      The future is now.
      Play it sooner rather than later.

      • My game list is already so long that I am still completing xbox360 games, 2028 sounds about right 👍🏻

        • +2

          not ‘just Wii’ ?

          Haha - your call there mate.

          Backlog galore as well - buts some games take priority - games such as the Zelda’s, the Mario’s, the MGS’s and the FF’s.

          It’s amazing to experience/ play certain games during its time release context, and to compare experiences with fellow mates etc during its time.

      • Reunion

  • Is this just the add on or the full game including DLC??

  • How much do I have to pay to upgrade my day 1 purchase of FF7 Remake?

    • Can nobody tell me? I paid like $110 for this game on day one. How much to upgrade for this DLC?

  • Wish the disc version would come down to this price…

  • I had the Ps4 version via PS Plus how do I purchase this? It's not letting me say you already own another version

    • If you have that version, and you want to buy this to put on your main account, you need to ask Sony customer support to remove your PS Plus version. Depending on the CSR you chat to, the CSR either knows exactly what you want or has no idea. Regardless, that CSR will still need to have level 2 support to remove it (which will take a day or two if that CSR knows exactly what you are after; if the CSR is clueless, nothing will happen).

      Sony system "thinks" it is cheaper for you to buy the DLC add-on, but the system doesn't realise you want to own the full copy without needed active PS Plus subscription.

      • I see sounds like a whole lot of trouble. Maybe I wait til physical copy at this price instead…

  • can anyone tell me how long it took from 70 bucks drop to 27 bucks.
    i'm gonna expect this to happen to reborn and take my chances…
    (or even the original before dlc :3)

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