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TP-Link Tapo L510 White Dimmable Smart Wi-Fi Bulb (B22 or E27) 2,500 Points (50% off) Delivered @ Telstra Plus Rewards Store


Redeem Telstra Plus Points for a TP-Link Tapo L510 White Dimmable Smart Wi-Fi Bulb.

Was 5,000 points, now 2,500 points. Or pay $14 and be disappointed: Was $14, now $14.

There is no discount on the 2-pack. If you want 2 bulbs, then please redeem twice.

Telstra Plus stops rewards redemption when the account has no active service, but I was able to use up all remaining points on my account without an active Telstra service. I don't know if my active Boost service counted.

50% off points offer ends 1 July 2024. Free delivery offer ends 7 June 2024. Free delivery offer continues.

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  • I can open Telstra Plus app, verify, search for "smart bulb", & place order @2500 pts

    Have no active service. Not even Boost.

    Have 7600pts - I want to use up

    $2 Telstra SIM hack gives access to Telstra Plus Rewards points if don't have active Telstra service
    Restored active service for 6 months.
    Last confirmed 11 months ago

  • 404 - seem to be removed from site?

    • See above comment.
      Stock is there!

      I got that 404 & verified in Telstra Plus app.

      That is usual if you have no active Telstra service. There are ways around it - posted in previous Deals.

    • +2

      Problem with deal link corrected. Free delivery offer expiry added (midnight tonight).

  • Not expired

  • Just found it myself and was about to post as deal. Good value, and supposedly works with Home Assistant.

  • Brightness: 806 Lumens
    Colour Temperature: 2,700K

    • More technical specifications are on the TP-Link product page linked to in the description.

      • +1

        Just not that bright - equivalent to old 60W bulb (before dimming)

        • 60 W is good enough for most rooms unless you need it for study room etc

          how bright in W or lumens are you looking for?

          • @pinkybrain: Thanks, but decided against it.

            • @INFIDEL: I really want to know this

              how bright in Watts or lumens do you consider is good enough for most rooms?

              • @pinkybrain: With a light with dimming (eg main lights in large living room) - I like to have higher light output than adequate for room.
                Then dim to best level. Knowing it can go brighter when needed.

                So can't advise on others use.

                Of course have plenty of localised (USB powered etc) LED lighting for targeted use - reading, food prep, mood lighting. That is what I mainly use.

                Rarely use main lighting any more. Is still handy to have.

                Packed up my existing HA gear - as only one using it. Was just as easy for me to manually switch on lights, powerpoints, etc. And turn everything off to conserve electricity.

                Realised this Deal wasn't for me. Just had 7600 points left to use up😉

  • +1

    Back in stock.

  • this is selling for $8 so overpriced at $14


    • This is strictly a points offer. Please don't pay $14 for a bulb.

      Or pay $14 and be disappointed: Was $14, now $14.

      • yeah that is what I meant,
        which I forgot add to my comment..

        only good if trading points (if not sure what to get)..

        even then
        we had to spent $250 to get 2500 points
        and Telstra had listed it as 5000 points = $14 (before this discount)
        or now 2500 which is worth $7.50

        So spend $250 to get 2500 points that is worth $7.50..

  • -2

    i got 2 from Telstra, bad quality and flash light

    • bad quality?
      bulb or flash light ?

      then why did you buy it?

      do you have link for the flash light?

  • What’s the difference between B2/ and E27?

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