BYD Seal: Premium $58,798 (was $60,687.95), Performance $68,748 (was $70,831.95) Drive Away ($1,000 Deposit), WA +$2,000 @ BYD


Looks like BYD is waiving the On-Road cost for their SEAL Premium and Performance models. Standard config only it seems, Aurora White paint, Thaumas Black interior. Correction, other paints also receive the promo discount.

For SEAL's delivered between June 7, 2024, and July 31, 2024.

BYD SEAL Drive Away Campaign

MY23 BYD SEAL Premium
All States/Territories except WA: From $58,798 Drive Away
WA: From $60,798 Drive Away

MY23 BYD SEAL Performance
All States/Territories except WA: From $68,748 Drive Away
WA: From $70,748 Drive Away

Edit: Extended to July 31, 2024

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BYD Automotive


  • +91

    inb4 wont buy a chinese car written on a chinese iphone.

    • -1

      Why not?

    • +8

      iphone could be made in india.

      • +1

        Only assembled in India I'm pretty sure

          • @gareeb: Not that I really care, but it's funny how people that the country it's made in is relevant in political arguments- the factory mentioned in that article is still owned by Foxconn.

            Same with loads of the newer factories around Asia.

            Apple began manufacturing iPhones in India in 2017, and initially made only older or lower-budget phones. The iPhone 14 marked the first time manufacturer Foxconn started building the new model in India as it was launched globally. It will be manufacturing the iPhone 15 at a much higher speed and volume.

    • My iPhone is from Vietnam

      • +1

        It shows ur iPhone isn't Pro series

      • +1

        Got my
        American designed
        Taiwan sourced parts
        China assembled
        Russian Market purchased
        iPhone in Cambodia

      • +1

        That's Australia's immigration policy

      • +34

        I hardly see chinese in a chinese car anyway….
        They are mostly all driving German

          • +72

            @x d: Lmao wait should I boycott all american vendors because Trump/Biden/Obama/Bush was/is in power?

            This stupid logic only arises when it comes to China.

            Mainstream media is one helluva drug.

              • +27

                @x d: Do you realise how many Chinese drive european cars in China?
                Should those same Chinese all boycott BMW/MERC/VW?
                There's a reason why the Europeans haven't sanctioned China :)

                Only Americans are dumb enough to buy American cars.

                  • +9

                    @x d: Where do i send the skip bin to? I'd hate for you to own anything manufactured in China.
                    I'd hate for you to face the "consequences"

                      • +13

                        @x d: Comparing a Lada in Ukraine to a China car in Australia is a stretch.
                        But you do you. Crying for TWE and their massive profits. Hilarious.

                          • +4

                            @x d: Checked the downvotes, no surprises.

                            • -7

                              @TightAl: Lol, so? As I said, good luck.

                              And how random is this study?

                • +11

                  @TightAl: To be fare, most of BMW/MERC/VW sold in China are "made in China". They were cars made by Chinese workers in Chinese factories with Chinese Parts.

                  • -1

                    @Smallwhite: Designed by other countries and made in China is fine.
                    But Owned by Chinese company (CCP) is not. Because they design to fail after warranty so that they can sell new product again.
                    Check resell value of CCP owned cars then you will know what to buy.

                    • @kingbargain999: Oh, sure, car resale values are definitely the best way to judge a whole country's products. VW was never been fined billions of dollar for faking test results. A Tesla made in USA is way better quality than Tesla made by China.

                      • +5

                        @Smallwhite: There's lots of posts on Reddit by Tesla owners who disagree. They say that Chinese manufactured model 3s are better built.

                    • +5


                      Because they design to fail after warranty

                      Wow just like European makes…

                • +2
                • +2

                  @TightAl: That's hilarious.. You know most "European" cars in China are actually made by Chinese car manufacturer there under licence? Like.. look up who SAIC is and see that they're not just "MG" or their own brands, but they are actually also Volkswagen/Audi group (VAG) China as well. BMW/Merc et al have Chinese manufacturing plants to sell back to their own domestic market (and sometimes export out as cheaper variants).

                  • @bchliu: Are you saying Bmw/Merc et al don't make a pretty penny under this arrangement?

                    • @TightAl: They do.. But just saying they make their own cars for their own market under a licenced branding. You can go to China and see tons of European badges, but with the exception of the very top of the range stuff, are all locally made for local consumption.

                      Although I must say - when I went back in December, I have seen much less overseas branding cars, but tons of EVs under brands which I've never heard of (but looks damn cool). They have charging stations everywhere including rural areas, so they are very much embraced and set for EV revolution using domestic brands.

                • @TightAl: That isn't true. I'm dumb enough to buy an American car, which was made in China.

                • @TightAl: We were in Beijing a few years ago and every second car was a black Audi A6

              • +4

                @x d: Would you drive Holden in chi……. Oh wait, GM abandoned it like the states would do the same to we OZs….. Oh man…..

              • +1

                @x d: My guy cant tell the difference with reality and possibility. Did China invade Australia? Is it possible sure, just like it's possible for Kiwis to invade Australia. But is it current reality? Not unless you're delulu

                • -3

                  @bigpoppa: How naive.

                  The middle east conflict does not involve Australia here. Why don't you paint your car either the Israel flag or the flag of Palestine and drive around in Sydney and see what happens to it or to you.

                  • +2

                    @x d:

                    Why don't you paint your car either the Israel flag or the flag of Palestine and drive around in Sydney

                    you mean just like every second person in Sydney?

                    • -4

                      @bigpoppa: Really? Hope your don't get your car vandalised. Stories of that occurring around the world and in Australia. 'Anti-Palestinian vandalism in Melbourne comes amid rise in reported Islamophobic attacks' in the ABC yesterday.

                      So yeah, go ahead and paint your car. I bet most people wouldn't.

            • +4

              @TightAl: You have a point but usa is a little bit different. The person at top does not have all the power. There are private rights, checks and balances to power

            • -2

              @TightAl: You don't think the CCP is a bad actor? Sheesh.

          • +4

            @x d: Do whatever you think is right, It's your choice. But I do like the idea of spending less money for a cost effective product

            • -3

              @Smallwhite: As so do I. But there are risks involved here, maybe not the short term but perhaps in the medium term.

          • @x d: Was that business in the wine industry? An action designed to spite 'China' and generate media attention.

            I don't believe anyone cares what brand vehicles companies use otherwise.

            • -4

              @greatlamp: No the business was not. I believe the owner just didn't feel comfortable for his business vehicles being driven around with a Chinese branded one. Would it have impacted on his sales? Maybe. But maybe he also felt strongly about the behavior of the Chinese government at the time.

          • @x d: Mate
            I was implying that even their own people would rather flex with German cars than buy something from their own country.
            Same for the majority of their mobiles……

            Calm your chinese own farm 😂

        • +11

          Because BYD isn't considered good enough in China, Chinese consumers might choose to buy brands like Li, Nio, Xiaomi SU7, or Zeekr instead of German cars if these Chinese brands are sold in Australia

          In fact, sales of German cars in China have started to decline sharply because people have discovered that the quality of many Chinese cars now surpasses that of German cars.

          • +8

            @flypig: The BYD Qin L was recently proven to achieve more than 2000 km on a 65 L full tank with a fully charged battery. Does this mean that Li, Nio, or Xiaomi can achieve the same? I think many people need such a car.

            • +5

              @RooBun: Fuel efficiency is just one of many metrics for evaluating cars. BYD itself is not positioned as a high-end brand, nor even a mid-range brand. Most of BYD's cars are used by Didi (China's version of Uber) for ride-hailing services. For instance, Toyota cars have much lower fuel consumption than German cars. Why doesn't anyone consider Toyota more high-end than Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Porsche?

              • +2


                For instance, Toyota cars have much lower fuel consumption than German cars.

                Not a good statement VW and recently Toyota (and others) admitted they were manipulating a number of tests, including fuel consumption.

              • +2

                @flypig: Mate, I know the SU7 is fast and NIO has its awesome battery swap tech, but here, I really don't care about those high-end brands. I care about safety and having a transport tool that can run 2000 km and only needs to be fueled up once every six months.

                • +4

                  @RooBun: Mate, I think in this thread, people are talking about Chinese consumers' preferences. I just explained why they are buying German cars in Australia

                  In the context of the entire electric vehicle industry, BYD is certainly very competitive, and it can be seen as the Chinese version of Toyota. However, few mid-to-high-end consumers in China buy BYD

                  Additionally, the Xiaomi SU7 is outstanding not only because of its speed, but also because its handling performance is comparable to that of a Porsche

                  • @flypig: Ok, I thought the Chinese would be more keen on BYD, since that 2000 km range is really impressive. I hope BYD can bring the QinL model here sooner.

              • +2

                @flypig: I think you're missing the crowd here.
                Toyota Camry is the highest end vehicle on Ozbargain. Mercedes, BMW and Porsche are just high yield investment vehicles.

              • -1

                @flypig: Not sure what marketing dept. you work for bud, but Tesla and BYD seem to position as at least mid range-upper mid range brands.

                I live in an expensive area and earn in the top tax bracket, hopefully my opinion counts as much as yours.

        • -8

          If you check BYD EV group on Facebook like 80% members are Chinese or at least has a Chinese name..

        • They are also not in china

        • large number of chinese driving in tesla here in gold coast

      • +15

        teslas literally made in china. lol.

        • +6

          So are most of other consumer products many of use everyday (including clothing to electronic equipment etc). It's funny people all want cheap stuff but don't want china associated with them. When prices go up then everyone will begin to whinge about that as well. Lol

    • +10

      Chinese EVs including Tesla are top in Australia now.…

      • +3

        humm. are there any meaningful ev players that's not from China?

        • +5

          Koreans, Kia and Hyundai. Then the Germans, BMW, Porsche, etc. But still majority of EVs are from China or made in China.

          • +1

            @masterqur: From EV5 on, those cars will be made in China too

          • +1

            @masterqur: Most BMW EVs in Australia are made in China

            • @aarick: Right, and Kia seems also been making EVs in China then exporting them.

        • +3


      • -2

        Calling Tesla chinese is disrespecting the superior quality of a Chinese car. They should really ban petulant racist space karen and all the companies she runs from doing business in Australia.

        • lol..

        • +1

          Complains about racism then tosses a racial slur in the same sentence. Amazing.

    • +1

      just get a tesla model 3 its about the same price now.

      • -1

        Yuck, why? Not that I would get a byd seal cause that car is ugly. But Tesla model 3 are full of compromises

        • Agree on the Tesla comment but the BYD Seal is a great looking car in my opinion.

        • What compromises (stalks, indicators) I can understand, but other than that it is a very well specced car.

          • @SitarBoy: Physical gear change on infotainment screen, no heads up display.

            • @Inyokuchi: Yeah agreed, those compromises need to be addressed in future versions.

              I do feel like you can "learn" to drive the car and get used to it but Tesla really likes doing things out of the norm -_-

              • @SitarBoy: The issue is the transition between traditional layouts and tesla ones. I would've been inclined to Teslas if they didn't make the internal controls drastically different. Plus, I am not sure if Teslas started using BYD's blade batteries, cause being able to charge to 100% with less degradation is very appealing.

                • @Inyokuchi: Both Model Y and Model 3 RWD (Standard Range) use LFP batteries. They allow you to charge to 100% every day with low degradation. I do think like all cars, there is an adjustment period.

                  Obviously with Tesla there is a lot of adjustment to do, so at first it can be a bit too much (I think they really should work on that). But most people who own the car report they get used to a lot of the differences after some time.

    • +1

      Your comment is awesome it's sooo underrated… How many people triggered by it HAHAHA

    • Burn Your Driveway?

  • +2

    Apparently my friend told me there are thousands of electric cars in the ports due to slow sales and this is probably why they are dropping prices very frequently

    • +61

      Channel 7 ?

      • +16

        It's all over the internet. Google it
        Only a matter of time till all these cars get a massive discount

        • +19

          People don't realize the power they have. If all people decide not to buy a specific item, then in order to sell that item (specially for items that have expiring date) they will need to drop the prices significantly.

          • +48

            @Scrooge McDeal: Yeah, I'm actually glad this is happening to car manufacturers since they took advantage of us during covid.

            • +1

              @easternculture: People need to get smart with their money and boycott products that took advantage of situations. There are several products deserve a boycott.

              • -4

                @Scrooge McDeal: How is that an issue in a non communist country?
                Not against the law to behave like a capitalist in a capitalist country.

              • +7

                @Scrooge McDeal: This should be happening to Woolworths and Coles with the price gauging that's still happening.

                My local Supermarket Chain (I know a manager there) told me they sell approx $1M a week and the profit is about 35%.

                • @easternculture: What about real estate, controlled by politicians so no media for it. Everything including supply chain,approvals etc is mis managed. It is such a scam and easily the biggest need that you spend most of money on.

                  • @onegpt: Real estate is another story. It is in the best interest of the government to keep prices high by controlling the supply of land and building approvals as they make billions from stamp duty, and taxes from higher rents.

                    It's all a scam

              • @Scrooge McDeal: Coles, woolworths etc

            • +2

              @easternculture: But not for Toyota cars, I can still see greedy dealers try to sell a $41k Yaris Cross GR Sport for $52k!!!

            • @easternculture: I don't think it was their fault. It was the distribution channel that pushed up the price. Similar to toilet paper. I wasnt aware of any manufacturing company raising their price but we here all remember how much we paid per roll due to supply demand at the time.

              • +3

                @theUnderdog: I'm not debating it. But they continue to price gauge and refuse to lower prices to pre covid now that the supply chain has almost normalised. Like salmon was $28 per kg Max pre covid - now over $45, same story with rice, yogurt, cheese, etc. Even 45g chocolate bars are now $2.50 retail and 175g chips $4.50 to $5, like WTF. They profit on essential items and discount non essential that have historically low sales.

                I swear shopping at my local grocer is at least 30% cheaper than supermarket chains

          • +3

            @Scrooge McDeal: problem is some stupids cave in very easily

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