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Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker $99.99 ($90 with Newsletter Subscription) Delivered @ Soundcore


This seems to be a great bang for $$$ portable bluetooth speaker. Plenty of discussion from previous deals.

After about 1 minute of scrolling through the Anker speakers on the site, a $10 newsletter discount code popped up. Entered my email address, got a code there and then.

My actual purchase price was $90.00.

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  • Site in description please.

  • I can strongly recommend for $90

  • Bought one last week for this price. I must say for the money, performs well.

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    slightly larger Motion Boom speaker with handle is $79.99 ($69.99 after newsletter code?) https://au.soundcore.com/products/motion-boom
    they seem to be clearing them out because Boom 2 is out now.

    Motion+ is smaller but more portable so some might prefer it.

    size difference since I looked it up.

    Motion+ ⏩ 25.65 x 7.87 x 8.13 cm; 1.05 kg
    Motion Boom ⏩ ‎34.6 x 14.8 x 20 cm; 1.96 kg (it's 20cm tall because of the handle)

    I saw someone with the Motion boom it's smaller than the picture's make it look. also even though 2kg when you grab the handle it feels lighter.

    • Says $89.99 here…

      with 10% off it's 80.1, but not sure where you are getting these prices?

      I can say however, it's incredible for that price, but I'm holding out and going to invest in the motion boom plus. The motion+ is a little light on bass, and I enjoy my drum and bass.

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        Check the review of the Boom 2 Plus. It's a beast.

        Review here

      • yeah was $79.99 when I commented yesterday.

        OP mentioned $10 off newsletter code. didn't check sorry maybe they meant 10% off.

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    As a longtime fan of this speaker (i have 3), I highly recommend it.

    I've now ordered the Motion Boom+ which is on special with $99 off right now. Seems like a huge increase in specs (80W vs 30W).



    There's also the massive new device, Boom 2 Plus (140W) but it is expensive and not yet available here I think (amazon.com has it).


  • Good deal, but does anyone have any recommendations for a better sounding speaker? It's certainly better than the JBLs I had before but I'm not really impressed with it… maybe something under $250?

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