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[XSX, XB1] Free - Talisman: Digital Edition @ Xbox Store


Not sure if it’s any good but it’s free!

Was $17.95 and currently $42.95 on PS store & $30 on Nintendo EShop

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    Oh wow, never realised they made a digital version of this. Don't think it can match up with rainy weekend afternoons spent on the lounge room floor moving hokey player pieces around the board and battling even more hokey monster cards. That's where this game's charms lay.

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    Also went Free to Play on Steam

  • Neat !

  • Yeah will be interested to see what comes free, the DLC section makes me think it is going to nickel and dime you for most features

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  • +2

    On PC version at least, only need the game creator to have other DLC, then everyone who joins can use them.
    We often only use one (or none) of the addons - the basic does just fine while you're chatting online to other old fogies around the country that you otherwise wouldn't catch up with.
    They also usually have a free DLC each week for you to try out.

  • It's a great game, it was fantastic to play with my wife during the pandemic. But yes, grab this and grab some of the DLC whenever it's on sale.

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