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Collect 1 Free Ice Break Strong Espresso 500ml at Coles @ Flybuys (Activation Required)


Free Ice Break Strong Espresso 500mL
With 3 shots of real coffee and 25g protein per serve, for a sustained energy recharge.

Got the email and saw in my Flybuys App. Most likely targeted.


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    I tried to redeem it today, but cost was not deducted at checkout. Check the final amount when you try to redeem

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      Don’t know who downvoted you, i had the same problem today too

    • Been a while since I redeemed one of these offers, but pretty sure it only shows up on your final receipt, not when you place the order .This was on an online shop

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      Same as Terencey.
      Boosted in app before heading out.
      My offer is definitely at Coles and excludes Coles Express.
      Instore scanned flybuys card first, was also collecting the cookware offer.
      I find it quite confusing to redeem these things at the end of scanning.
      Left store and then noticed it hadn't been deducted from total.
      $2.90 overspent from my budget!

      • Check the size (ml).

        The offer size doesn't exist … Checkout girl was well aware of the deception game and just gave me the one they actually stock.

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          Offer, bottle and receipt all say 500ml.
          3 shots will probably send me silly.

    • Same, but since I was redeeming a 10% off, I thought maybe it didn't stack. It probably should have worked, so I will need to grab another one later.

    • Didn't work for me either. Got the checkout girl to cancel the transaction and left.

  • Nada

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    Just tried to collect it but no luck. Was told I had to call

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    49g of sugar in a bottle, that’s more than 12 teaspoons!

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      good value

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    I’m pretty sure the offer is only available through Coles express

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      My offer is also in coles express.

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      My offer says “Offer valid in-store or online at Coles only, subject to store availability (excludes Coles Express and purchases through any external third-party platforms such as Uber Eats, DoorDash etc.).”

      Also tried it today in store and the offer didn’t work.

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    I've found that with these freebies, you need to activate and wait at least an hour before trying to redeem, or it doesn't register. Flybuys is terrible like that (2 day wait for points to reflect), whereas Everyday Rewards is instant.

    • I activated mine last night, but it still didn't work at lunch time today.

  • Adding myself to the frustration of not being able to redeem.
    Was only one bottle left in fridge when I went to Coles after work.
    Activated offer well over 1 hour before the failed attempt.
    Will try again in a few days.

    • Out of stock today at my local Coles.
      So cannot test to see if free redemption issue has been fixed.

  • Can not find the specific 500ml strong in my local coles at all, only normal and triple or no sugar.

  • went to coles, they had none left. just reread it now and it says coles express

  • Same problem with redemption, total not deducted. Cashier happily override the price for me for free. Not sure if this is some sort of system error but I activated one day ahead before heading to store.

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    LOL…. but look how many went in and spent money

    Coles 1 OzB 0

  • A rare occurrence, yes - this time the offer is not working. Had to get staff, who manually deducted $2.90 from my bill. I always check the total(s) before proceeding to pay.

  • Staff were aware of it when I brought it up after it failed to deduct, said it's been happening all day.
    Just got it removed. Damn..

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    I had the same issue, activated, bought and still paid (rushing without checking). I called flybuys and they credited $2.90 for me to use next shopping. The lady said it won't be shown in the account, but when paying, you will get the pop up notification to use the credit.

    • Did they say anything about fixing the problem? I call them as well and all the lady could do was reactivate it on her end. Pretty sure it was already activated - I'll try again tomorrow.

    • I still haven't received my credit until yesterday. I'm sending them an email.

  • Will try Coles, if not will try op… As advertised

  • I got 2 of these offers. one for Coles & one for Coles Express/ shell servo. I like 'em but they make me wanna poop.

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