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[Zip] Dyson V15 Detect Absolute Stick Vacuum Cleaner $846.60 Delivered @ Dyson eBay


Been waiting to pull the trigger and thought why not.
Pretty good price, been some similar deals around this point.

Have been using a v10 and it’s dying on me so pretty excited to give this a whirl.

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    Need to use zip pay to get the extra 150 off, in case that's a deal breaker for anyone

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      Whats Zip?


      They'd almost fully disappeared since the days they offered 15% off all spending.

    • From comments in other threads, can also pay full amount with eBay gift cards and still get discount.

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    AU $845.75 at Bing lee eBay if you prefer to click and collect.

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      Doesn't show up for me?

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    Good vacuum, Paid $844 at JB less 10% using ultimate/tcn gift cards in April

    Just remember you have to hold trigger down whole time, and to empty bin need to remove the head from the stick.
    Last vac had on off button and could remove bin and leave rest of vacuum intact

    • you have to hold trigger down whole time

      that's farked

      • you can buy a small trigger lock from ebay or amazon which you just take on or off depending on what you are doing.

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      Think on my v10 I need to hold the trigger down the whole time anyway? So can’t see that being a huge problem hopefully!

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    • From photos, it has a button just below the indicator? No?

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        To change mode eg turbo mode, auto

    • Just remember you have to hold trigger down whole time, and to empty bin need to remove the head from the stick.

      I have the Gen5 detect no trigger on that just a button, that sucks if the other variants require a trigger to be held.

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    Having tried both, the gen5 is so much better, and was around this price a year ago for the complete kit direct from Dyson. If you’re willing to spend $800 on this you might as well spend the extra on gen5

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      better in what way? the gen5 has a few problems especially with carpets, have you encountered the issues below?

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        No issues with my carpets, and I use it on maximum suction point on the motorbar head. It also has an option to let in more air through the head if you have a really long carpet.

        The reviewer you linked states the same issue occurs for him on the V11 and V15 also, so it’s probably more of a him problem.

        The gen5 laser is way better, the vacuum itself is way quieter, not having to press a trigger is great.

      • yep it definitely has issues with some carpets, especially tight packed short pile. The motorhead constantly cuts out on that. Still I find if I mostly use it while pulling towards me on the short pile carpet it is ok (though annoying), on hard surfaces or less densely packed pile carpet it is great.

  • Faaark… bought this last weekend from JB Hifi for $985… FML

    • Buy this and return it to jb

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    How does this compare to Shark?

  • OOS

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    Thank you, OP. I've finally pulled the trigger.

    • Pun intended I hope.
      My v10 was on its last legs after years of Labrador hair so figured it was time for me to do the same!

      • You mean you need a new battery?

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        Man if your v10 ( a relatively new model) is on its last legs and u still want to buy a dyson?? That's crazy..

        In my case though all my dyson stick even those 13 years old model still works just need to replace the batteries.

        • eh it’s lasted like 5(?) years, I’m happy enough to upgrade after that amount of time.
          plus it’ll make my wife happy and that, my friend, is priceless.

  • Possible to buy without Zippay?

    • If you have the full amount worth of gift cards

      • Hi Cody have you use the gift cards and using this promo code? Just worry if the gift card wont works, left me hanging with a bunch of gift card. Thanks!

        • hey mate, I used a gift card for partial payment, not the whole lot

          • @codyy: I see. Can I know if I still can get $150 off with partial payment? Can I know how much you split between zip payment and gift card? Sorry for lots of question. Thanks :)

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              @yoyoz23: Yeah the gift card comes off the price after all discounts. So $846.60 - $300 gift card = $546.60 total out of pocket/cash

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    Just here to remind everyone that stick vacuums are all badly limited by their small batteries, and in my experience Dysons run no more than about ten mins on 'turbo' - which despite the term is a far weaker actual vacuuming power than a corded vacuum. And from my (more limited) experience these Dyson seem to do no better job than the other brands, they only cost a lot, lot more. So don't expect too much for your large sum of money.

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      Personally, I will never buy a dyson again, very expensive, no interchangeable battery and low run time. Most other brands have interchangeable batteries now. Ryobi, Bosch, Ozito all are making vacuums now and being able to swap a battery is a game changer.

      • Yep. I wish I knew all this before recently buying a Dyson

    • I thought you can buy an adaptor on ebay or amazon to plug normal Ryobi or Ozito battery?

    • Dysom used to be a lot better before the V8 tornado patent expire, now most other brand are the same with similar technology

  • any cheaper dysons on sale?

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