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[Zip] 15% off Eligible Items When You Checkout with Zip - Minimum $50 Spend, Maximum $300 Discount @ eBay


Minimum spend $50, Max discount $ 300. 1 transaction per person

Eligible items

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    Thanks OP, pulled the trigger on some luggage. You can pay with a gift card (I used Bupa rewards to get an additional 3% off) to avoid using ZIP if anyone was wondering.

    • Hi, did you use gift cards to cover the total cost? Or leave $50 to pay with Zip?

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        Nah full amount with the gift card and it still let me process the payment.

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      Good work. Anyone who doesn’t give a cent to the scum bag predatory BNPL industry gets an up vote from me.

      • I assume its because of a loop hole that people want kept quiet. Could be wrong as I have neither a Zip account or gift card to test out the theory.

    • Partial Zip payment to use coupon?

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        You can cover the full payment with a gift card to avoid using zip.

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      Thank you, my friend. I did exactly this with the exact amount I needed to pay for an item on eBay, and it accepted without needing to go through and create a Zip account. Happy days!

    • sorry for sounding silly, as I have never used Zip or gift cards on ebay before, so how do you go about this?

      in ebay checkout, the only way for the code to work is to choose to Zip from the payment list, after that, do I click on "Pay with Zip" and there will be options to pay with gift cards?

      Just wanted to make sure so I won't be stuck with opening a Zip account.

      thanks :)

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        Yea so just select zip as the payment option and then apply the discount code - after that add the gift cards.

        • ok thx for that, will give it a go and report back :)

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          ok I did it! it worked! thank you! :)

          but OMG, maybe I am just too old, but Bupa's app seem so clunky, I had to exit the app several times in order for the newly added address/credit card details
          to show up……..

          thanks again! saved $85 on a coffee grinder that I have eyeing for a while :)

          for those who are just as confused as I was, here's my steps:

          1. select Zip from the payment list
          2. put in the discount code in the "Gift cards, vouchers, coupons" box
          3. put in your ebay gift card codes in the same box
          4. the amount due should now be $0, click on "confirm and pay" and that's it, you won't even have to go anywhere near Zip at all
  • All the good items are marked out of stock

    • Sometimes some good items slip through the cracks.

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    Any epic eligible items yet?

  • Is zip something you have to sign up for?

    • You'd rather ask this question here than just google it? Why?

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        I think they want to hear it from Ozbargainers… more personalised

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        @nikoris Ozbargain is a community. If I can help answer a question I will. And judging by your lack of deals. Youre the type who just likes to take and not give

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          I was genuinely curious why would someone ask here and not google such an easy question. You dont need 'the community' for such a simple question.
          Thanks for being aggressive!!

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    Is “ozonlinebuys” a reputable seller? 99.9% positive feedback almost looks too good to be true.

    • Looks like those typical drop shipping stores, up to you if you want to trust it!

      • Would they be covered by manufacturers warranty if the title says it’s AU stock? I bought something from them earlier using this zip sale.

  • OM-5 M43 camera from CameraStore, plus $200 cash back promotion from OM system take them below $1000 net.
    Or the OM-5 plus 14-150mm lens kit, plus $200 cash back below $1300 net.
    Excellent value lightweight travel camera full of features (besides one of the best IBIS in the business, I love their live ND filter and live composite features).

    • Do you have a link to the cashback T&C?

      Edit: nvm I guess this is it

      • correct

  • Only one available
    Shun kazahana 5 piece set $169.15
    Enormous value and worth it for anyone who needs a high end knife set

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  • “Enjoy $350–$1,000 to spend instantly once approved.”

    Not keen to apply if there is a chance of getting a limit of less than $1,000..

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      Approved for $350, lame..

    • Once approved? Does that mean they do a credit check?

      • I’d hope not for such a low amount..

        “When you apply for a Zip account, we may perform identity and/or credit checks to verify your details and confirm you can make repayments.”

        • they do. They ran a credit rating on mine (perfect payment history btw) and declined me without giving any further info lol. their loss.

          • @hsp: Hm, maybe they rely on a significant portion of their customers NOT paying their bills, but not always on time (so they can can charge them late fees and/interest)?

        • 100% do a credit check unlike afterpay

  • Thanks OP, I needed some decent HDMI cables and managed to get 2x HDMI-certified cables from a reputable seller. Plus, I used discounted gift cards through Reward Gateway and avoided Zip altogether.

    • What's wrong with Zip mate?

      • I don't necessarily hate Zip in particular, but: monthly fees, the hassle of paying something off over time, having to create Yet Another Account with Yet Another Provider…

        There may be more, so if I can score a discount without needing to go through all the extra steps then I'll take that route.

    • How many cards were you able to redeem for the one transaction may I ask?

      • I purchased through Reward Gateway so I was issued only a single card for the value I purchased (nearest dollar above the value of the sale). However, eBay cards work by adding a unique code through the same box you enter discount codes, and it looks like they’ll stack in your account. When you go to choose a payment method there should be a selection button next a card with the remaining g value of it. I’ve been able to select up to three for a single transaction. Therefore, if you have enough gift card(s) entered to cover the sale value you can select Zip as the payment method to get the discount t, then pay for the sale with your gift card(s)

        • Thanks. I was reading eBay t&c's and it says you can use 8 unless you are also using coupons/vouchers. If you are, it doesn't specify the limit

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    Why is everyone hating on ZIP, can somebody explain? cheers

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      I guess, $10 monthly fee if you are using it.

      • Only for certain accounts or if you miss your payment

    • Credit check is done on sign up, likely to get a $350 limit which is pretty useless and they are a predatory company.

      To be fair I have it, as a credit card churner I pay my bills via bpay on zip then pay the balance on my credit card to earn points.

      It has its uses for people like myself but overall it is no good for most people

      • i just learned an extra way to top up points.

        • Yeah I normally use it to meet minimum spend sooner so I can churn cards

          Pay all utility bills, registration etc through it

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    Thanks for the gift card tip - used 3% off cards and bypassed zip

    • which gift card did you go with?

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        Ebay ones from my health insurer

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    Could someone fact-check me on Zip? From my understanding:

    • Purchases over $1000 require 'Zip Money' as opposed to 'Zip Pay', as the credit limit on Zip Pay is $1000, where as 'Zip Money' is up to $5000 (if approved).

    • You can skip Zip all together with gift cards (but still use FYZ15), however the gift card limit is $1000 per transaction
      (See https://pages.ebay.com/giftcard/terms_conditions.html > Restrictions > 5).

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    Thank you for the gift card trick. It saved me $40.
    I bought an ebay giftcard from Woolworths for the discounted price + 15 cents. It arrived by email immediately. I then was able to use it in a zip check out without signing up to zip. Fantastic - much appreciated.

  • Can only find 1.7% off ebay gift cards on shopback super swap. RACV gift cards is down.

    • Check out the wiki for different places you can get ebay Discounted eGift Cards

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        Thanks, no luck there. I have citibank payall reward points so might end up cashing out an ebay gift card from there!

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    What is this Wizardry?!

    So…do I need a Zip Pay account still? How does the gift card thing work?

    Edit: Nevermind…figured it out. I feel like I've levelled up my OzBargain-fu.

  • dang only 1 use.. i forgot to add another item before checking out

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    Just want to make it clear on how to use the gift card hack and dodge signing up with ZIP.

    1. Purchase eBay gift cards, this can be purchased directly from woolworths.com.au or www.prezzee.com.au or wherever you want. Maximum $1500 gift cards can be applied per transaction. You should get these codes via email, there are 2 numbers, a Gift Card Number and a Access Code, you want to use the Access Code (took me awhile to figure this one out)
    2. Do your shopping as per usual for items that are eligible for the ZIP 15% off and click "Checkout".
    3. Choose ZIP as the payment method and under where it says "Gift cards, vouchers, coupons" enter FYZ15 to get the 15% off.
    4. Then enter your Gift Card Access Codes in the same place where you entered the FYZ15 code, the coupons will just keep stacking up to a maximum of $1500.
    5. If you entered enough Gift Card codes to cover the cost of the item, including the already 15% off price, the "Pay with ZIP" button should now just change to "Pay and Confirm" and is now clickable, which bypasses you from creating a ZIP account (which incurs a $9.95 monthly fee).
    • Thank you for this step by step guide, very easy to follow just bought a new laptop ☺

    • Thanks for the great step by step guide.
      Interesting that the Ebay gift card conditions say:

      "No more than a total of AU $1,500 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per transaction, no more than a total of AU $2,000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of AU $5,000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month."


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    One thing I really hate about these ZIP/Afterpay promotions is that when you click on an item it says xxx off using code & only displays the biggest discount.
    So if you don't want to use ZIP or afterpay you can't see what other codes might apply to that item without adding to the cart & trying other codes yourself.

    • Why would you want to use any code that is not the biggest discount ?

      • +1

        Because I don't want to use ZIP due to the credit check, etc.
        Often the other discounts are very close (such as the item I am looking at).

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