iPhone 15 Series FineWoven Case $24 + Delivery @ Officeworks


First time posting so I hope I've formatted it correctly. Was on the hunt for a new phone case and saw that Apple discontinued leather and replaced it with FineWoven (which is now also being discontinued) and for $99 RRP it's a bit of a rip off but I think for $20-$30 it's worth having the Apple logo like the true fanboy I am.

Online order only from the looks of it but mine came next day (make sure you select store). Does seem like the fabric will scratch easily but feels nice to hold. Slight lip on camera and screen but best of all, its one of the only phone cases I've had that my Tesla can wirelessly charge through. It's ok for this price but wouldn't pay more.

MagSafe Wallet also on clearance.


15 Plus:

15 Pro Max:

MagSafe Wallet:

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    IMHO Finewoven is poor quality and not durable.

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      It won't be an issue when it's sold for $32 instead of $99.

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        It will still be an issue. Just a less expensive issue.

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      For $24 probably worth a punt, assuming it's MagSafe. But yeah bad quality, they'll need to come up with something else if they want to replace leather. Best part about FineWoven is the name.

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      This is cheap, but not a bargain IMO.

      My FineWoven case went back after two weeks as the cutout for the hole was misaligned so I couldn't fit a USB charging cable in. And the material wore poorly with several marks and scuffs. Dreadful for ~$90, and still not worth $30.

      Replaced with a Nomad Horween leather case that cost $90 that's holding up extremely well.

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    Unavailable online and out of stock in stores?

    • Pretty much. I looked around and seems only a handful stores got 1 or 2 left. Use the stock checker and see if any around you.

      Yet those models with more stock are not discounted. Still priced at $99.

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    You need to include a price

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    Apparently FineWoven is really bad.

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      They charged the same price as the leather wallets, but made it out of non long lasting materials.

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        So they replaced the use of a renewable resource with something that will degrade into Microplastics

    • Nice, thank you. The ESR Amazon store has some discounts and also free delivery!

    • Wow, these actually look amazing.

    • I had this wallet, it's good except for the metal piece at the back. Pressure in my pocked eventually pushed a hole through a RFID card while in the wallet and ruined it. They were cool and gave me a refund though. YMMV

      • Hmmmm I just ordered this but now I'm worried about making my cards holy.
        I will have to keep a good eye on it.

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    Alternative link for a diff colour for iPhone 15 Pro Max in Mulberry colour. $32.

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    Or these - two leather wallets, one black and one blue, for $15.98

    Delivery takes a while, but the quality is great

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    Finewoven is so bad. I got a refund at the Apple Store and the store rep suggested quietly that I should buy a different case.

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      I had so much push back and had to push the ACL angle!

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        how did you get a replacement or refund?

        i’ve had my i15Pro Finewoven case since the day it was released and it’s falling apart at the edges after these 8-9 months..
        Tried to go through apple ‘support’ but they ended up ghosting me!?

        • Ditto !

        • Same. Apple support was useless even though I bout it on day one via Apple online. Went through so many support teams. It was getting insane. Went into an Apple physical store and they were helpful

        • Apple Support online and via phone. Still waiting for a full refund to come through, definitely didn't want a replacement (especially now they are valued at $24!).

          I pushed the lines regarding 'durability' and 'acceptable appearance and finish' as per ACL guidance. I pointed to the premium price point of the iPhone Pro and the case itself in comparing it other products on the market. I pointed to the fact that the case should last as long as the phone and a reasonable person would expect at least 2 years. But the real kicker was when I found Apple made a claim about it's durability: https://www.apple.com/au/newsroom/2023/09/apple-unveils-its-…
          https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/buying-products-and-servic… - see subheading 'acceptable quality'

          I PDF'd those webpages and sent them through with the photos of the case.

          It's been a bit of a pain, but it's the principle too. To be fair, once I got the manager to approve, the service has been great with them checking in on my return and having it couriered away. But I would have thought they'd just say keep it…

          • @sammyjj: oof thats a lot of effort, its a shame you have to go to such lengths through Apples proper support channels. I've had similar experience to others in the thread - worn out case, walked into a Apple store, showed a rep, they just swapped it on the spot. This was one time with the silicon case that had worn thin, and another time on a leather case that was falling apart. Not rough use either

            Now I just use these for $15, seem decent enough


            • @WillisAU: Agree @WillisAU. If I'd known the process I'd do the same, but they escalated it bit by bit. Anyway, might be useful for someone without easy access to a store front.

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    These got a “frequently returned” label on Amazon, be careful out there :(

  • Yeah i stopped buying apple accessories after being a sucker for years. Plenty of 3rd party products for a quarter of the price and still have better quality.

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    Worst Apple’s product imo…

  • OOS for me

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    Can’t believe that Apple actually released this product. That too for $99! Late last year when I was at the Apple Store, I checked this case on display and it was already scratched so bad… by just people picking it up/checking it out.

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    Fine woven cases- Collect the lint in your pocket very easily, break very easily, overpriced:

    Mr WhoseTheBoss Gives A Review (9:42 onwards)
    Awkward Tech Fails

    But in true OzB fashion, compared to RRP good deal of you want to give it a try.

  • Heard these are bad, but for $24 worth a shot?

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    Got the MagSafe wallet, delivering on Thursday. Hope I don't regret.

    • How? it says unavailable for me

      • I set my store in the top and it let me order.

  • Stay away guys, even the rep at OW and JB advised me not to buy this as it’s so thin and prone to scratch.

    • but people syill buying thinking its a special price.

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    thanks OP, bought a finewoven case for my 15. whether it will last is another thing but it looks and feels great

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