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Optus: NBN $108 Cashback, 4G/5G Home Internet $120 Cashback @ TopCashback AU


Optus increased cashback for NBN and 4G/5G Home Internet.

Can be stacked with nbn 100/20 $79/M for 6 Months + 30,000 Flybuys Points (Worth $150) When You Stay Connected for 3 Months ($0 Startup Fee) @ Optus Not possible & here.

Credit to @tonester

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Referrer gets $35, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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    when does the offer end?

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    I tried Optus about a year ago. I don’t know why but it was shocking! I cancelled pretty much straight away. For some reason I still got the points and cashback with ShopBack (I was lucky in that regard). Husband wfh twice a week and we need a reliable nbn. To date best service has been Exetel and Superloop.

    • +1

      Exetel somehow works wherever I move to.

      • They are brilliant. Shame they could offer a significant/permanent discount. I’m with Superloop now and also very happy.

  • It doesn't show the Flybuys offer when you go through Topcashback

    • I haven't found a way to get both. I couldn't locate the flybuys offer through the website.
      It didn't track when I went through the cashback portal then entering the flybuys link in the address bar.
      Maybe someone who was successful can offer advice?

    • I would choose flybuy offer over cashback.
      I’m not sure but I think you can get only one of them offer.

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    Optus will definitely need tonnes of new customers just to survive.

    • Is there some kind of public info to gauage how many NBN customers do the big Telcos have?

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  • $120 cashback on NBN plans @ Reward Gateway for anyone that has access

    • damn I wish you put this comment earlier. But my reward gateway cashback never tracked

  • Anyone got their TCB order tracked? I placed order via them yesterday, and nothing been tracked yet. And my missing cashback claim had lodged for my other order via TCB hasn’t got any updates after 2 month.

    • placed order on Wednesday and can't see anything in my account

      • +1

        Feel like every order placed via TCB need raise as missing cashback claim.

    • Mine didnt track either. Should've done it through shopback, at least you can take a screenshot when you place your order in case you need to file a claim.

  • Is there an option to specify a connection date?

    • Call them or when they call you. Ask them to set up the activation date to the date you want. For example the last day of your existing service.

  • Have just signed up through TCB to get the flybuys points offer. @tightarse will we get the cashback if it has tracked correctly? Are there any issues with the tracking process with Optus?

    • +2

      I sent TA a PM and he said Optus might not pay two publishers (Flybuys and TCB) commission for the same sale. YMMV though because someone above said they got their Flybuys and cashback from similar deal in the past.

      • +1

        that's not good

  • @tightarse I'm keen on this deal but few have already reported missing cashback. Understand we can lodge claim etc. but is there any way I can do to get the cashback tracked correctly? Or is it because of the Flybuys offer?

    • I reported missing cashback 10 days ago and I haven't received anything

      • Same

        • I did the same but I think there's next to zero chance of getting cashback according to my messages with tightarse. Optus can basically do whatever they want and not pay the cashback even though they made a mistake with the terms. I did actually receive an update to my missing cashback claim today though. The status has changed to "Waiting for Retailer".

  • +2

    I saw this on the T&C:

    Cashback is ineligible if combined with any 3rd party offers from Flybuys and other rewards

    • +1
    • strange for topcashback to not give a heads up seeing as they know about this post…

    • Bugger. There's no way this was there when I made my purchase last week. Did anyone get a screenshot of the page before it was added?

  • Does any cashback site offer Flybuy deal with cashback?

  • "Cashback is eligible for new Optus customers only"

    @tightarse — please advise if cashback is eligible for an existing Optus NBN customer switching to 5g?

  • @tightarse when we placed our order their was no exclusion for not combining the bonus flybuys points offer

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