nbn 100/20 $79/M for 6 Months + 30,000 Flybuys Points (Worth $150) When You Stay Connected for 3 Months ($0 Startup Fee) @ Optus


Received an email from Flybuys:

Optus 100/20Mbps NBN for $79 for the first 6 months (normally $99/month - $120 saving over 6 months). plus collect 30,000 points(worth $150 Flybuys Dollars) when you stay connected for 3 months.

Month-to-month plan. $0 start-up fee. Unlimited data.

After accounting for $150 Flybuys dollars, the plan cost is $29/month over 3 months. Don't forget to sign up using Shopback or topcashback for additional cashback.

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  • Is the modem free if you sign up to 6 months?
    With the 4G backup - do you need to be Optus mobile customer? Or you get one included?

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      no, have to pay for it if you leave:

      The minimum total cost of this plan is $385 if you cancel after your first month (including $306 modem cost, $10 Standard Intro offer credit + $10 EOFY Deal). Stay connected for 36 months and pay $0 for the modem (we'll cover $8.50 for each month you stay connected). If you leave within 36 months, you'll pay the remaining modem cost in full (any credits or discounts will be forfeited). There are no other plan cancellation fees.

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        Optus doggy practice that is classical.

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          Yeah seems pretty ruff

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          What's dodgy? Just BYO modem. They don't force you get their modem.

          • @bob19: Are you sure the modem is not mandatory in the package? Does not list it separately.

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          Nothing dodgy about it, no one is forcing you to take a new modem/router each time you switch provider, just use your existing one and you'll be free of any contract. No telco is going to give you a free modem/router without a contract.
          If you are a true OzBargainer, you'd never enter a contract, keep using your own device (on BYO plans like this) and switch every few months for these sorts of deals ;)

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            @SimAus007: Agreed. It can upset someone if they haven't reviewed the contract and assume they can simply return the modem without incurring any cost, as they might with other ISPs, i.e. Telstra etc

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      You can signup with BYO modem as well.

  • Modem is free but need to stay for 36 months otherwise have to pay it back

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      So it's not free. A true ozbargainer will churn every 6-12 months. Especially out of Flop-tus.

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        Nay I am pretty sure the true ozbargainer will leave after 1 month, unless the 2nd month is also free :)

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          Well, at least 3 months for flybuys points, so this one should be 3 months stay.

      • True. Leaptel is better.

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    Here's a 12 months deal with Leaptel (quality RSP) for $74.95 for 12 months less the flybuy points for 100/20Mbps.


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      Or Exetel for $68.99 for 6 months - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/789306

      • Is Exetel or Leaptel any good ?

        I’m looking for a better deal than TPG that I’m currently on.

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          I’m using Exetel 50/20 and no complains.

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            @Pidapipo: Exetel increasing their rate to $79/month for 50/20 so might jump

            • @user27: Same boat - where will you port to?

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                @shamalama: I just switched to AGL 100/20 plan for $59 (first 6 months) with $300 bonus credit.

                • @jimojr: How did you get the credits? Is it invitation over the phone only?

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                  @jimojr: Thanks @jimojr, for your comment. I was looking to move from Exetel and now signed up for AGL.

                  • @vish217in: did you call them and they gave you the offer? was it just for internet?

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                      @follow: First I tried on chat, no luck. Then I called them. Best I got was Bonus credit $225 (Electricity) + $50 (Gas - as I was an existing customer). Also, When I bundled in NBN, internet team told me I will get $300 for both, so $600. Will wait to see how much I get in my account on first statement.

                  • @vish217in: were you offered a bonus of $600 or a total of $600?
                    I just called AGL today. I only got $100, the guy said the deal was expired yesterday.

                    • @Bob Lou: Internet team told me the bonus is $600 (300 each) and bonus bundle offer expires in one hour. I think I was lucky, as I called them an hour before it expired.

                • @jimojr: Dealing with AGL telecommunications for my mobile was awful. Good luck to you.

            • @user27: That's criminal

        • Yes, been with them both.

        • Yea also been with them both. Comparable to Mate, Tangerine (which both have cheaper plans for 6 months) and IMHO Superloop…

        • -1

          I used exetel and beware, by default it emails the account holder when you access p0rn sites 😂

          • +1

            @Oyster59: can you post a copy of the email (with personal info censored)
            would like to read this..

            • +2

              @pinkybrain: I don't know about this. I am the account holder at my place and I've certainly access adult content while on Exetel and I've never received any emails from them?

              • @daanish: Same here, sounds like BS to me lol

              • @daanish: Judging by everyone's reactions I'm assuming it was some kind of glitch.

            • @pinkybrain: Sorry but my wife deletes emails that are no longer relevant, this was almost 2 years ago. Actually I probably deleted it quick smart at the time. I'm not sure why every thinks I would make something up like this, but it is likely that this was somehow enabled on my account by accident or a glitch.

              • @Oyster59: so this was sent to your email or your wife' email?

                Judging by others here that they didn't receive emails like this..

                Most likely you might have been subjected to phishing scam or
                have a accounts with those porn sites, and you email was leaked to scammers for phishing scams

                • @pinkybrain: We both have access to the email that we use for things like utilities, and no definitely not phished or leaked. Weird, I just guessed it was their policy. I was able to turn it off easily on their Web portal.

        • My Exetel (FTTP) connection is quite stable. Have been with them for 5+ year. But recently they started to grab money hard. In last December, my fees was jacked up 26% in one go. And last week, just 7 months later, they asked for another 15% bump. Their excuse is that NBN Co raises the wholesale price, which I am pretty sure way lower percentage than they do to me. And the ironic part, they thanked me as a loyal customer and asked me to pay at the new price which is higher than their current advertised on-going price (not the 6 month promotion price). Immoral, IMO.

          So, I decided to leave them. Still shopping around in the market. Hope to see some good deals posted here next month. Go, OZBers.

    • +1

      I’ve been with Leaptel and had constant issues over the course of 3-4 months with them on NBN FTTP. Something was up with their links to Bendigo from memory.

      Exetel/Superloop/Launtel have been fine. Zero issues.

      • Also recent signed up for leaptel FTTP and had constant issues in the first week. Got angry and left and signed up for Optus and massive difference, in a good way. No more constant massive speed drops and actually getting the full 1000/50 now.

    • Remember to give 1 month notice to leave or they'll get ya

  • I just switched the other day for this offer.
    Have an Eero and it only dropped out for a short while. Internet is back up after a quick reboot.

    • Do you have to take their modem?

  • How to define new service to get the flybuy points? If I am using Optus but I cancel it and use my partner name to register the new Optus nbn service for the same address? Thanks.

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    don't forget $108 TopCashback :)

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    Minimum 4 months since points will arrive while you are into your 4th month.

    • was curious about this, seems that would be the case?

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      signed up to this deal back in April, and the bonus points arrived in my flybuys account after about 75 days. Will be churning to another provider before June 30th

      • Interesting. I wonder if that’s the case with all users?

      • Ensure once you churn, and the service is activated call to cancel with Optus. As it doesn't close the service off even if you churn.

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      I got flybuys points just after 2 months, earlier in the year from the last deal. Optus dont do the 30 day notification to leave. So you can leave as soon as the points go into your account.

  • Anyone know when this offer ends?

    • Ends 30/06/2024

      • Cheers mate

    • 30 Jun - 19 days left

      • Cheers mate

  • I just looked at productreview and wow they are terrible.
    Anyone have any good experiences?

    • I'm with Optus and no complaints. Got $10 off the usual monthly cost as a bundle discount since I had my mobile plan with them as well and have since changed mobile providers but the discount has remained.

      • Not even just a little bit pissy with Optus that they allowed hackers to steal all your personal details? lol

    • I'm with them for 2 and half years now and no complaints. But they are going to raise prices starting next month.

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    Any DC things like 30 days notice? Etc

    • +3

      No. Month-on-Month plan. Cancel anytime before the billing month's end.

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    Is my data safe?

    • +1

      Have you backed it up?

    • +1

      Yes. Optus store your data in two different places, at their data-centre and another copy at a hackers house. lol

  • Can I use my own router?

    • Yes.

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    I joined on 16th March and got my 32,000 Flybuys on 6th June ($85 for 250/25).

    Can't say I've had any issues with Optus, been the same experience as Tangerine, Exetel, Superloop, ABB etc. Time to switch again though if I can find a better deal with some cashback or better discount.

    • +1

      I joined 15 March and haven’t received any point! Time to chat with flybuys…

    • +1

      When does it transfer over?
      I couldn't find a place to add a date of transfer and I am on Superloop that has a 30 day notice period.

      • +1

        I would like to know as well. How do you notify Superloop? So if your billing date with SL was on the 30th of each month, you choose 30th for the new ISP and then it crosses over on that day, and your billing cycle stops?

        • I started a chat with Optus support, they claim that they can do on their end. I am not sure if the cashback will kick in if they complete the sign up for you.

          I would guess that you call your current ISP and serve them notice and get a confirmation of the end date and use that with Optus.

          Note: They were really pushy in trying to get me to supply my details so that they can sign me up. The human/AI on the other end tells me that they are trustworthy and will be safer. He/It was very keen to get me to hand over my details via chat…

  • -2

    do i get a free new license with this deal? edit: classic ozbargainers protecting corporations

  • +1

    Includes Optus Sports?

    • Also if I get a Optus Sport yearly plan and then move away from Optus internet, will my Optus Sport be disconnected?

  • +5

    T&C doesn't say if it's sign up by 30/6 or connect by 30/6? I'm with Superloop and they need 30 days notice to cancel

    • +1

      Same can we signup by 30/6 and activate service on 30/7 ?

    • +5

      Which is why I will never touch Superloop again.

      • +2

        Add TPG and Exetel to that list also.

        • +2

          Thanks for letting me know. That 30 day rule is total bs.

    • Can both services be run in parallel while you wait for Superloop to cancel?

      • If you have FTTP you can run the new service on a different port as long as you aren't on a super fast connection (i.e 1000/50Mbps) as there is a combined limit that cannot be reached due to NBN hardware.

        Make sure you nominate the port you want the new service to go live on otherwise it could be set up on the port your currently using with your current provider.

    • Same.

    • same with Superloop, finishing on 18th July. So I need to send notice this week.

      • +1

        How do you calculate that you finish on the 18th of July?
        Is that your monthly bill cycle?
        What happens if you give them 30 days notice and then switch to, say optus on day 25?

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