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Up to 50% off Atypical, Padre and Pillar (eg. Colombia S/O for $35 Delivered) @ Direct Coffee


Hey Folks,

Welcome to the silly season! Well that's what I'm telling myself about our EOFY sale as I shiver in the cold warehouse :)

We've tried to assemble a nice spread that should satisfy most. Funky filters to espresso options that taste nice with milk and plenty interesting without.

Appreciate the feedback to the filter options on our last deal. As a result, we've tried to include a couple of classic filters that aren't quite as wild (La Riviera and Muyanda Mbale Washed).

Also, if you're after an espresso blend we've still got the discount active from previous deals.

Any questions, requests or need a recommendation? Please let me know :)


Dispatch update

Expedited dispatch for Atypical and AXIL orders received by 10pm on Wednesday (03/07) will be dispatched the next day (04/07) via Auspost. From there, we will work to dispatch orders according to our usual dispatch schedule (Picked up by Auspost on Friday). GoPeople orders (Local deliveries in Melbourne) will still be delivered on Saturday morning like usual. If you're unsure which zone you fall into, please ask :)

Also, please don't worry if the messaging you see in the cart and via email differs to what I've written above. I'm still trying to find a neat way to distinguish this without causing extra confusion.

1kg and 2kg Value Packs


Coffee Roast Date 1x 1kg 4x 250g 2x 1kg 8x 250g
Atypical - Colombia Milan Natural - Espresso roast 02/07/2024 $35 $45 $69 $79
Padre - Ethiopia Kayon Mountain - Espresso roast 03/07/2024 (approx) - $59 - $109
Atypical - Colombia La Riviera Natural - Filter roast 02/07/2024 $35 $45 $69 $79
Padre - Guatemala Antonio Medina - Filter roast 03/07/2024 (approx) - $59 - $109
3kg and 4kg Value Packs


Coffee Roast Date 3x 1kg 12x 250g 4x 1kg 16x 250g
Atypical - Colombia Milan Natural - Espresso roast 02/07/2024 $99 $119 $120 $139
Atypical - Colombia La Riviera Natural - Filter roast 02/07/2024 $99 $119 $120 $139

How to Order:

Shipping Details:

Order before Wednesday (03/07/2024) at 10pm AEST: Order is then dispatched by Friday (05/07/2024). (Unless your order is eligible for expedited dispatch. See above for details.)
* Parcel Post is free
* Express Post is free (outside VIC)
* Express Post is an extra 0.99 (within VIC)
* Select Melbourne suburbs will be delivered by GoPeople (Local courier) on Saturday morning for free (please message to confirm if unsure)

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  • Great service from these guys, fast postage too.

    • Glad to hear it :)

  • Any deals on blends ?

    • Yep! We've still got deals on the Atypical Candid blend and AXIL blends :) If you need me to point you in the right direction feel free to ping me a PM.

  • I still have an unopened post box from two weeks ago, to drink after my current bags are done! Great coffee, love a lot of the Atypical varieties.

    • So glad to hear it :)

  • +1

    Thanks. This Atypical stuff is significantly better quality (much less darkly roasted) than the more frequently spruiked coffees on ozb.

    • Anything you'll find being offered by directcoffee is going to be significantly better quality than the likes of limeblue, airjo, etc that regularly get purchased on here

      • Glad to hear you're both enjoying the coffee :)

  • Giving the Colombia Milan a go this time around, looking forward to it!

    • Awesome! Thanks :)

  • Hey rep. What beans do you recommend with the strongest caffeine hit for an espresso roast? I tried the atypical Honduras last time. Loved the taste but just need something a tad stronger. Many thanks

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the taste of the Honduran coffee from Atypical :) Just to dig a little deeper, are you looking for something that has a 'punchier' taste or something that gives you more of a 'buzz'? Also, how are you preparing (recipe) and drinking (Full cream latte etc.)? That should also help me give you a good answer :)

      • More of a buzz. Grinding 20 grams, extracting 40 in 28 seconds with full cream milk (80-120ml)

  • Thanks for this deal Tim. Received my order of the Colombia Milan this morning and it is so good!!

    • Awesome! :)

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