ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Auto Empty Station $499 @ ALDI Special Buys


ALDI's robovac is back, now 2.0 PLUS which also comes with an Auto Empty Station.

DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS Product description

  • 5000Pa suction power
  • Vacuum and mopping
  • Auto empty station
  • 5L in-station disposable dust bag – up to 150 days without having to empty
  • Dustbag with auto seal when pulled out
  • 300mL water tank
  • 200ml dustbin
  • LDS technology
  • Carpet detection
  • 180 minute runtime – easily covers 300m² house on a single charge
  • 5200mAh battery capacity
  • Large diameter bristle brush
  • Smart Navi 3.0 laser navigation with 360° rotation and 6.5m scan range

ECOVAC product page

On Sale Wed 19 June - Cleaning Essentials, ALDI Finds & Bathroom and Laundry

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  • Aww man. I just bought a Eufy L60.

    Wonder how this compares?

  • Are these any good for both vacuum and mopping?

    • +1

      Vacuuming yes, mopping not so much. Since the mop doesn't oscillate it'll just be dragging a wet cloth around.

    • I own a ecovac n8+ and been using it for a year (Love the vacuum feature). I personally don't use the mopping feature because the auto empty station doesn't clean and dry the mop head. Thus, you'll have the clean/replace the mop head every now and then and refill the water tank.

      The mopping kinda takes away the hands off experience. So I just use it for vacuuming and check up on the bot once a month for minor maintenance.

  • This or Ecovacs DEEBOT N8 Pro?

  • +1

    Now here's a real deal that isn't AldiRRP for once. RRP is $999 at Ecovacs.

  • We have a basic sized and shaped home with mostly wooden floorboards so I think a robot vac would go great. I've always been keen, but have wanted to go well below the 1k mark while still getting a charging/refill station included. Is this nearing one of the better options with that in mind?

  • +2

    I have last year's Aldi Deebot Neo and it's a good product with a notable flaw. You cannot update the map after its initial mapping pass.

    We bought this shortly after moving house and one of the bedrooms was half full of boxes, it mapped with those boxes in place but after removing the boxes it still only recognises the room at half its size.

    The only way to resolve it is to delete and re-map the whole house, not a big deal if you have a small house or apartment but if its on the larger side youll be waiting hours for it to map an area, return to dock to charge and randomly continue mapping again.

    Based on my research this software flaw seems to exist amongst all Ecovacs models.

  • I take it the Lubluelu deals on ebay are not good value then ? I am awaiting 1 so rrrr return it ?

  • How does this cope with drops/stairs? We use our old original xiaomi robot vacuum in an upstairs area and it is ready for an upgrade.

  • this needs replacement bags isnt? anything without bags at this price point?

  • This one doesn't seem so popular with the OZBargain crowd.

  • Ok so two goes with this so far (plenty of stock at local aldi 2 days after as well), and it works great!

  • checked 2 aldis and neither had in stock on wed or today :-(

  • Good luck buying extra bags. Sold out on ecovacs site, and there's nothing else compatible.

    Does a good enough job of vacuuming, mopping is just a damp wipe.

    Worth it for the vac alone.

  • Any decent budget options without bags?

  • has anyone bought the bags for these from anywhere else other than ecovacs store. the bags are 5.0Ltr and other Ecovacs Dock station have 2.5Ltr bag. where can I get the 5.0Ltr bag for cheap?

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