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Everyday Mobile - 125GB/365 Days Long Expiry Plan $150 (Usually $170) + 2000 Everyday Rewards Points @ Woolworths (in store)


Pretty decent deal considering you also get 10% off a shop monthly at Woolworths.

The 2000 points deal is advertised here (thanks @VantageXL)

Uses Telstra 4G network, no 5G unfortunately.

The 180 days plan is also on sale for $10 off.

Referral Links

Everyday Extra: random (1025)

Referee and referrer get 1500 points after referee's first paid month of subscription.

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  • Does anyone know if the discount applies to recharges as well?

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      Not normally

    • They really should make these available for people wanting to recharge

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        The intention of a "deal" for new customers is to get them signed up with WWM in the first place, then once they are signed up … Then there is no need to incentivise the customer as a retention, as if they leave, then they'll lose the 10% WW savings… If they port out, then that's a loss on both sides, but if they port back in, then that's a new signup. That's why you never see deals for renewals for existing customers (in any product platform).

        • Right… Time to port to another mvno

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          That's why you never see deals for renewals for existing customers (in any product platform).

          Never? Amaysim have a great deal for renewing customers on their 12 month 60GB plan - $30 off and 50GB bonus data.

  • Does the 10% work on gift cards?

    • The following products and services are excluded from the 10% off offer:

      • Woolworths Online orders (including Woolworths Online business accounts i.e. an account with an ABN or Business Name)

      • Certain products, services, fees or in conjunction with any other offers including online purchases, any vouchers, Delivery Saver items, bag fee and crate service fee, internet cafes, purchases of liquor, smoking/tobacco products and accessories, newspapers, Woolworths Services, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Everyday Mobile from Woolworths devices or plans, travel cards and tickets, Carpet Care, lottery products and Everyday Market from Woolworths orders

      • Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Green Slip policyholders and Everyday Travel Insurance policyholders

  • Fk me bought this for $170 last week :(

  • Anyone successfully ported from Boost to this? I just remember having issues going from Telstra to Boost previously and this is also the Telstra network.

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      I’m pretty sure I did years ago *with no dramas (just needs to be a different company, network does not matter). Love this plan especially when you can share data with friends/family and bank it too. Then the extra 10% off a month is so good. I’m never changing.

      • Awesome, cheers for the info!

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      No issues with this, did it just last month and was a near instant transfer.

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      My Boost is expiring today and I will port it to this tomorrow - will report back

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        @frogduck ported my number earlier this morning and it was done under 30 mins. The only hiccup was the verification code took few mins to arrive.

        • Awesome, thanks very much for the update!

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      Did it 6 months ago, no issues

    • Im actually doing the opposite and moving to Boost (5G Telstra Retail Network).

      Woolworths Mobile (Telstra 4G Wholesale) reception isn't as good.

      • Must depend where you are? It’s good for me across WA.

        • Personal phone is on Woolworths Mobile (Telstra 4G Wholesale) and work phone is Telstra (Telstra 5G Retail Network).

          I find a big difference between the two in Sydney. Hence moving to personal phone to Boost (5G Telstra Retail Network).

        • I'm also in WA (Mostly Perth) so good to hear yours works well across WA.

          • @frogduck: Ahhhh let us know if it’s better through Boost if that’s where you are going?

            • @bobwokeup: Currently with Boost which has been great around WA for years, and thinking of swapping to Woolies mobile.

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                @frogduck: Ohhhh I was replying to darkly, Boost must be slightly better than Woolworths as it’s direct Telstra, but it does the job well for me.

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                @frogduck: I run dual sim woolies and boost.

                The boost usually has better reception wherever i am but when the signal is lower quality the woolies one loads more consistently

                Its weird and i dont know why its like that.

                • @Ironic fear: I've also noticed my Boost sim is pretty inconsistent when there's lower signal quality too for some reason, but I don't have anything to compare to

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    Can you actually buy these sim cards in store with gift cards?

    • Nope. I tried yesterday when I bought it.

      • Ok, thanks.

      • So this can be bought in store for $150 as well?

        • Yes.

    • +1


    • Woolie GC probably not. What about the "special gift card for Woolworths"?

  • Can one have 2 of this and get 2 monthly discount availment?

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      Yep I do it. Just make sure they are different names/accounts.

    • I have 4 and most month I get 10% every week if timed properly.

      • Do you have 4 accounts under the same name?

        • same name but use a different email and everyday rewards number each time so it's across different "accounts"

          • @quasi: Did you use the same mobile number for multiple everyday rewards accounts or different ones?

            • @ja912son: I have different accounts (under two names) with same mobile number. So yes you can use same mobile number .

              • @greywine: Good to know. Thanks.
                I just ported from Boost to woolies. It took give or take 20mins to complete the process. Not too bad.

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      No, unless you use different Everyday Rewards accounts. You can only get one 10% off a month across all their phone plans/insurance products. The only way to get a second one on the same account is to purchase their Everyday Extra product for $7 a month. I've done this and find it good value as I definitely have two >$70 woolies shops a month. Plus the Everyday Extra gives you a "free product" each month (this month it's a Lindt Lindor chocolate bar) and also one 10% off shop at Big W each month too.

      Just my opinion.

      • Yes but itsvv bc free to sign up to an Everyday Rewards account. We have our main account that we use for most shops and the other one in my wife’s name we only use for the 10% shop. Everyday Extra is on top of that again if you choose to sign up. Is that half price deal still on?!

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          The half price Everyday Extra ended a few days ago IIRC.

    • Thanks guys. Looks like I'll have to set up another Everyday Rewards account then. Was initially thinking if 1 ER acct will do.

  • No free international calls

  • Nice and thanks

  • Shows $170 for me. Is it targeted offer?

  • Only downside is no 5g

  • Nice, my boost was about to end next week and my wife has this plan and still got 60gb data bank from last year so guess i can save myself some $$
    Also for those wondering about port in from boost, i chatted to woolworths support chat

    "Provided Boost number is active, registered under your name and date of birth and if it's prepaid you will not need an account number from Boost (for postpaid service with current provider you would need the account number from current provider), the number can be successfully transferred to us provided all the details are correct"

  • My long expiry ends on Sept. If I purchase the 365 days one, will it extend to Sept 2025?

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      I think you need a recharge for that. Or you can port out then back in.

  • Where did it says 2000 points reward?

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      In your Everyday Rewards app. Unsure if targeted but both my wife's and my accounts as well as 2 other friends all got it.

      Also saw a sign in store next to the starter packs as well but forgot to take a photo.

      • did you buy instore or online?

        • In store.

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        The 2000 points is not advertised on the site

        It is.

        • +1

          Thanks I'll update the post.

  • Does anyone know if I get 2 x 10% shops monthly if I have 2 service numbers with Woolies?

    • No, need separate rewards accounts

  • does anyone know if you can do call forwarding/redirect on these?

  • Now waiting for a cashback deal! Currently max is shopback $12

  • +1

    The 2000 EDR points is only for purchases in store
    Promotional period runs from 00:01 (local time) 9 August 2023 until 23:59 (local time) 30 June 2024 on Everyday Mobile from Woolworths $25, $30, $35, $100, and $170 Starter packs only. Excludes ongoing recharges. Offer is available for purchase in store at Woolworths Supermarkets only. Cannot be used online

    • You can't buy online anymore anyway

      Important update on our Long Expiry Starter Packs

      • The $100, $170 and $220 Starter Packs are no longer available for purchase online. You may be able to purchase these Starter Packs in-store, while stock lasts.
      • These Starter Packs will expire on September 3rd 2024 and must be activated on or prior to this date.

  • I have been looking for an e-sim on the Telstra network for my iPad Air. Will this work on a cellular iPad?

  • Amaysim 60G 365days $60 renewal but they offer AFTER expiry date. Very tricky.

  • Looks like they are phasing out these plans.

    Important update on our Long Expiry Starter Packs

    • Last chance to purchase a $170 Long Expiry Plan is July 1st, and July 15th for the $100 and $220 Long Expiry Plans.
    • These Starter Packs will expire on September 3rd 2024 and must be activated on or prior to this date.

    • I hope not, that’s a huge benefit which would make me and lots of others move.

  • +1

    No problem with 4G (often more signal strength than 5G outside Sydney City CBD), but most of the time even 5 bars of signal, NO internet and slow.

  • So these cannot be used for a recharge can they? I would need to port out and in again? I have about 100GB in the Data Bank on my current plan. Can I send this to another user who also has a Woolworths plan? And then when I get my 'new' plan that user can send it back to me? Or can you not do that?

    • If you're on an eligible Plan, you can gift or receive gifted data. Here's a few points on how it works:

      You can gift up to 50% of your plan's included data per recharge for Prepaid and per plan reset date for SIM Only and Phone plans.
      Data can only be gifted in increments of 1GB (in other words, you cannot gift in MBs, such as 500MB).
      To gift data, you'll need at least 1,152MB of data available on your own plan.
      Gifted data will be consumed first before any other data inclusions.
      You cannot re-gift data that you have been gifted
      You can find the amount of data you've been gifted, or the amount of gifted data you've used in

      'My Account', under 'My Usage'.

      You cannot gift data from:

      Data Add-ons purchased - Bonus (campaign) data
      Data Bank
      Data Rollover
      Data that has already been gifted to you

      So yea I don't think it'll work unfortunately

  • Does anyone know if call forwarding is included ?

  • $150 plan no longer available online.

  • can I get a one as a 2nd sim in my phone and then port this over to my main number?

  • On boost but expiring soon. Will I notice the lack of 5g?

  • Can you extract the referral code without needing an app (ie web based deductions way of finding the referral code)?

    Got an older friend who is on woolies mobile… who is not keen on apps.

  • anyone seen the long expiry ones in store still? checked my local and they were all out

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