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Panasonic DP-UB450GN 4K UHD Blu Ray Player $279 (RRP $399) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


I think this is the lowest it's been this year. Best I could see, it was last posted here Dec 2023 for $279.

Tempted to buy one myself but I already have the next model down and it works fine for my needs as my current tv doesn't support Dolby Vision, and I don't plan on changing it anytime soon.

Plus as I get older, my eyesight is becoming more Mr Magoo like as the days go by. So I probably would not see the difference over HDR10 or + anyway. lol.

The main reason to get this one over the DP-UB150GN-K is that this supports Dobly Vision and is only $40 more at current pricing. So it would make sense to future proof for that little extra.

But in the spirit of true OzB stinginess, If you truly must have the cheaper DP-UB150GN-K, it is currently on sale for $239 at H.N. and Amazon. and $233 at Appliance Central. (RRP $329).




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  • Don't SeriesX and PS5 now also support Dolby Vision playback?

    Tempted to get one since I do like buy physical 4K movies.

    • It may have changed since I last checked, but I think Xbox does and PS5 still doesn't

      I believe they both support Atmos sound now though.

    • +3

      No they do not.

      • Thanks, I did some more reading, and, indeed they do not support Dolby Vision for blu ray playback. Bit of a missed marketing opportunity in my opinion.

        Also after even more reading, it's a bit of mucking around with settings to get them to support Atmos a DTS.X on blu ray as well.

        Should add, I own neither consoles, so will keep my trap shut in future, lol.

        • +1

          DId a bit of reading as well. Yeah, no go on the Dolby Vision. Going to pull the pin and buy this.

          • +1

            @he11bent: At this price it absolutely makes sense if you love your movies etc.Even if I had a game console I would still have a 4K blu ray player anyway.

            Even though I only have what I would call call a lower mid tier system, i want the best possible experience when watching/listening. And the simple and one off setting up, and ease of use.


            • +1

              @revheadgl: It'll be mated to a Dolby Atmos sound system and a LG CX

              • @he11bent: Same here but a much lesser tv. Just a TCL 58 inch which only supports HDR10, my reason for not buying this blu ray player. Yet, lol..

        • I thought most of the Dolby vision content is streaming anyway, not via disc which is hdr10? I've been out of the loop for a while though.

          ETA, looks like quite a few movies support dv

          • @TEER3X: I was just going to say before you added to your question, I have no idea, and have never really looked onto it as my tv doesn't support it. And I can't offer any opinion on it as I have never seen it.

    • Why be proud of ignorance? You actually need this machine as soon as possible so you can switch off your free-to-air programming.

    • +2

      Not as damaging as a gamma ray.

      Although repeated exposure to D$sney blu rays could possibly cause long term issues, such as boredom, anger, complete apathy and eventually resulting in the desire to throw both empty and full stubbies at your tv..Resulting in great expense, mess and potentially your partner leaving you.

      And I gave you an upvote for the absurdity of asking that question in a post you clearly have no interest in other than being mildly annoying, lol.

      • lol @ stubbies

    • That’s about as funny as when kids see a floppy disk and say “ooh a real life save icon”.

  • Appreciate the post and detailed info. I'll look into this and prob buy for my 4K collection. Cheers!

    • +2

      Appreciate your comment. All joking aside, on the lower model player I have, the only slight, and I mean slight, thing is that after a long pause on the disc, when you restart it hesitates for just a fraction of a second.

      It's not annoying but is noticeable. The player I posted is the same, but next model up and has Dolby Vision and 2 HDMI outputs. I believe that is so you can separate video and audio. No idea why anyone would want that though.

      Other than that, I don't know if there are any other differences in operation, but it may do the same.
      Not an issue in actual use but something I think I should point out.

      The only point of comparison I have to another brand is a friend of mine has a slightly earlier LG and compared to the Panasonic it is so slow to start up, come off pause, pretty much everything it does is slower, to being almost annoying.

  • If I may be so bold, if you're vision is suffering, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision might just make things pop back into clarity for you. The extra range to them is delightful!

    • Haha, all good. I was making light of it a bit with the Mr Magoo reference and old age. Is what it is though, but however, I am interested in checking out the differences at some point.

      And my hearing is worse than my sight, lol.

  • Anyone currently own this player ? If so "How noisy is it" ?

    Currently using an Xbox Series X and it's not crazy noisy but you can hear it in the quieter moments in a film.

    • +1

      Pretty quiet, no fan ports etc, unlike other models.

      Do enjoy the dual HDMI output, one for audio (soundbars/recievers) and one for video, so no need to rely on ARC/eARC, especially if your tv doesnt support eARC.

  • Isnt there currenty 15% off JB giftcards somewhere atm ??

  • No SACD support is a deal breaker for me. Bummer.

    Might for the Sony UBP-X700 or a PS5 (with an added bonus of playing games, of course or vice versa). Decisions, decisions.

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