Citizen Promaster Land Watch CB5037-84E $597, CB5034-91W $599 ($20 off w/ Signup) Delivered @ Watch Depot


Blue dial (insufficient quantity, removed from title — Mod):…

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This timepiece is a distinguished member of the Promaster Land collection, renowned for its advanced features tailored for pilots. It boasts a radio-controlled time-keeping feature capable of capturing signals from four global regions to automatically adjust time. Additionally, it includes a precise 1/1 second chronograph with a 60-minute capacity, an aviator slide rule, and a world time function for swift switching among 24 cities. Enhanced with a sleek black dial and bracelet, sapphire crystal glass, and 200 meters water resistance, this watch is a standout choice. (Note: Radio-controlled functionality is unavailable in Australia due to the absence of transmitting stations within range.) Please consult the instruction manual for manual time adjustment instructions. Caliber E660.

  • Calibre E660
  • Promaster Land
  • Chronograph
  • Eco-Drive
  • Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet
  • 44.6mm Case Size
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • 200 Meters Water Resistant

I can't decide which cw to get.

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  • Nice watch.

  • I can't decide which cw to get.

    You forgot…
    $594 with code

    The best E660 anyway is CB5848-57L if you can find one on special

    • i had that blue angels one but sold it :(

      • Citizen and good at doing bloody Busy watches :)

    • I usually find these types too busy for me but that CB5848-57L I will agree is a beaut

  • +2

    @Mike-f drop the price on Shiels so I can use my voucher. Give us good deals for the BJ2167-03E or NB6046-59E. What's the point of giving me vouchers when there's nothing to buy, or you jack up the price on "SALE" watches at Shiels.… same watch, $228 difference.

    • +1

      Now is the time, Mike - could drum up some serious business doing ozbargain exclusives.

      Ps if you’re taking requests , I got NJ0152-51X still on my ozbargain watches safari bingo card.

    • +2

      Exactly, the price is at least $300 more than the competitors so it's pointless and can't use the voucher.

      At least honour a price match from your own company, people are ready to buy and would be easy sales. A lot of that stock getting dusty sitting in mall windows.

    • only sitting on 1 unit of NB6046-59E currently. what is a good price?

      • +1

        $928 on Shiels, so $1 cheaper than Starbuy. I have Shiels vouchers and either already own a lot of the ones on sale, or if there happens to be one that I don't have, it's significantly cheaper elsewhere.

        Watch Depot is $929, and can take $20 off by making a new account. But I don't have Watch Depot vouchers. Props for dropping the price for the panda speedy though.

        From your other reply:

        pls dont compare Shiels to Starbuy. Watch Depot is a better comparison

        Why not? Same ownership. All three stores sell watches. Why is the NB6046-59E $1.2k on Shiels? If I use my $150 voucher, the price drops to $1050 which is still $100+ more than Starbuy and your sister site, Watch Depot. I looked at all the watches on sale and I think the only watch I can use vouchers to drop the price below everyone else is a 60s Presage I have no interest in, or the Seiko 5 GMT SS on bracelet, but I already bought the black version from Starbuy. Watch Direct is doing 15% off sitewide now and actually have some good deals and I bought a few watches today, same with the Casio/Edifice sale.

        If you drop the price of the NB6046-59E on Shiels to $928, I'll buy it as soon as you provide me a link. Or the NA1010-84X to $1.4k which is the sale price on several sites. I can probably get it for $1.3k from Wamada or Scarce just by asking them for a discount.

        Apologies for my bluntness, but this is OzBargain where finding the cheapest price is like a competive sport. Right now I'm sitting on a $150 Shiels voucher that is essentially useless. I like Watch Depot and Shiels; you can check my stats where you'll find that I've posted 45 deals for you guys, compared to 23 for Starbuy.

      • Lol every store has stock of one unit, and they are in display for a silly amount of time. who would buy a watch at Shiels if you can do a quick google and there are 10 better prices. I get the whole bricks and overheads thing but none of the staff know anything about any watch so why not price match if you want to sell watches? Don't become a Wallace Bishop who don't want to do deals!

  • What a visually noisy and confusing way to tell the time

    • +1

      But you can also measure the speed of a moving object very quickly as well.

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