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[SA] iPhone 15 Pro 128GB $1267, iPhone 15 256GB $1165 @ David Jones Adelaide


David Jones is closing down their electrical section in all stores. I was in David Jones Adelaide and they still had stock of certain models as opposed to the website showing out of stock. They are offering another 30% their all ready discounted prices for iPhone, iPads, Macbooks, etc. And across all brands (even those not mentioned on the sign).

I took a photo of the 2 phones I mentioned in the header- https://ibb.co/nPPcH8m take another 30% off those prices. Shows up on their register.

Run don't walk before they close today as I assume most stock will be cleared out today (if not cleared out by Staff).

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David Jones
David Jones


  • did you get an idea of what macbooks they had?

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    Apple iPad Air 5 10.9 Wifi & Cell $805 online-


    IPad (9 GEN) 10.2 WI-FI+CELLULAR 256GB SILVER - MK4H3X/A $668.50-


    iPad (10th Gen) Wi-Fi+ Cellular 64GB Silver - MQ6J3X/A - $651


    iPad (9 Gen) 10.2 Wi-Fi+Cellular 64GB Space Grey - MK473X/A- $507.50



    Maybe someone else can post this as a deal.

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      don't forget these are mostly couple year ago gen stock. DJs is terrible with pricing and holding old stock.

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        I guess that's why they didn't run well, and have to close down their electrical section.

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          for like the 3rd time lol

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    All stores?!

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      As I understood it They are closing electrical in all stores. Ring up your closest and ask. But I would suggest getting down before close of business today.

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    Absolutely no surprise. I don’t know anyone who’s purchased electrical goods from DJ’s. Not quite the first retailer that comes to mind.

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      Remember when David Jones got rid of its electronics and got Dick Smith in as a concession store?

      Remember when Dick Smith was brought out by Anchorage and was set on fire?

      Remember when David Jones was brought out by Anchorage and ??? ???

    • Years ago used to do it on my old djs card when you could get it 36 months interest free. I think if you don’t have one of those grandfathered cards Amex charge you monthly.

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    Macquarie Centre doesn't even seem to have an electrical department lol.

    Just as well, I actually don't need any new electronics 🤣

    • I don't think Karrinyup store has electrical department either

  • If I didn't live in TAS i'd be all over this, have been keeping an eye out for newer phone deals.

    • Yeah Tas doesn't get a lot of stuff.

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    if only they printed the prices before checkout so we could pricematch

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    Ordered iPad gen9 10.2” 256g wifi-cellular online $668.50, and tax return is coming!

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    If only David Jones Canberra has an electronics section lol

    • Is there no electronics section in Canberra DJ?

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    The Mobileciti deal price is much cheaper compare with the David Jones price.

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      That is wifi only via Mobileciti. The ones on DJs are Wifi & Cell.

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    Just picked an IPhone 15 pro from David Jones Perth CBD. They have a few iPhone 15, 15 pro and pro max left.

    • Damn I work from home today

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      yong- Well done.

    • Congrats on getting a great deal. What is the memory size you went for and what price you paid?

    • How much was the 15PM?

    • How much please?

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        your kidney.

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      How much RAM and what price?

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      yong- Well dong.

  • When did fashion stores mix with electronics?

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      Back in the 80s, 90s……..

    • Exactly. That’s probably what led to this.

  • Any one know which Sydney store have electronics section?

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      On the phone to DJs now to find out. They haven’t picked up yet

      • I've been on hold for 15 minutes now. Their AI voice assistant is far worse than any answering machine I've ever had to deal with. Wondering if I just go there and take the risk.

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          Me too! Chuck the wife and child in the car for an evening adventure haha. Which store you thinking of visiting?

          • @SirFrankGrimes: I’m thinking either parramatta or castle hill . But highly doubt they have any….

            • @GY666: Surely CBD store has some?! If only they picked up the phone!

              • @SirFrankGrimes: Yes I would with think so if Adelaide CBD has one and as poster above mentioned Perth CBD does.

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                @SirFrankGrimes: There are no iPhones in the CBD store but a number of iPads (iPad current and last gen, last gen Airs and minis) and some older MacBooks/MBAs (M2). There were 2 current gen M3 MacBook Pros but I think I saw one being purchased as I was leaving.

                iPad Pros and iMacs are weirdly not on sale.

            • @GY666: Castle Hill only appliances and seems no sign of 30% off

    • Bondi junction used to

    • All Sydney CBD stores.
      Check using iPad as an example on their website and select Click & Collect to see which stores close to you have stock/electricals.

    • All snapped up by staff

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    Any stock in Brisbane?

    • iPhones no
      Macbooks yes
      Games Pokemon
      Earphones mx4 at 280, b&W speakers and in ears
      That's about it. Had to be there in da morn.

      • Which stores in Brisbane have an electrical department?

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        @The Almighty Dollar did you check the store today? Was thinking of heading in tomorrow morning 9:30am for iPhone 15 Pro. Let me know if you've checked and they have nil inventory..

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          As I note in my underappreciated stock summary above: No iPhones. Could they have restocked overnight? I recall a song by the mighty Soundgarden called Zero Chance.

          Good sale on underpants though if you need those.

  • Any stores would sell TV’s?

    • Adelaide City didn't or if they did there was no stock left.

    • TV’s were gone years ago

  • David Jones is closing down their electrical section in all stores.

    This is actually the fourth or fifth time they have done this. At one point it was “David Jones Electronics Powered by Dick Smith“. It tends to eventually come back after a while with a “premium” range based on something like Bose etc.

    I don’t know anyone that shops there at all.

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    I just had a look at Perth CBD - as someone mentioned few iphones, ipads and accessories

    There was also an Xbox Series S 500gb for around $330, cheap sony and beats headphones

    • Are there any iPhones in stock on sale?

      • +2

        there was 4-5 still there about 30 mins ago

        i couldn't tell you which models

        • Thank you for the update.

      • A couple of iPhone Pro. Pro max all gone.
        They have a couple of older iPhone Pro I think is 14

    • Did you see any MacBooks there by any chance?

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        in the cabinets they kept ipads and iphones in, there was no macbooks

  • I thought appliances are electrical but seems I'm wrong

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      they’re (seemingly) only getting rid of the AV side, appliances don’t seem to be going anywhere

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        Coffee machines vacuums and toasters staying;

        Gaming camera and audio going

  • Glen Waverley anyone?

  • Honestly, David Jones low key had some awesome electronics deals.

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    No iPhones left at Adelaide CBD as staff bought for themselves as well!! I went for an iPhone but ended up with a MacBook Pro 16!! I didn't need one 😂

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      Nice pickup on the MacBook Pro 16. How much was it with the discounts?

      • +3

        It's the last gen M2 Pro $2520 after discount.

        • +1


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            @Spizz: Thanks for posting the deal and making me $2.5k poorer 😂

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      What a Ozbargainer. Good for you!

      • +1

        Thanks 😊

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    Don't bother going to Marion SA! I haven't been there in years but it appears they got rid of electrical a long time ago 😆

  • Partner went past this evening, no phones left, iPads and Apple Watches still in stock

  • Anyone with a screenshot or photo of their discounted price for iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB for price protection purposes? Although, I still have to check if it is eligible for that.

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      same request pls…a photo (preferably with a David Jones logo) would be much appreciated

  • Any in Doncaster?

  • Holy hell that’s a deal.

  • +3

    I thought they already dumped electronics, Chadstone doesn't have any.

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    RIP David Jones it won't belong now .

    • They are actually just about to start a renovation on their Southland store, they must still have some hope.

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    I was able to get the last HomePod for $245 and a 45mm Series 9 Apple Watch for $455 at David Jones Perth City, thank you OP. Looks like a lot of stores are already running out of stock on popular items (AirPods, iPhone 15 etc). Good luck hunting everyone

  • Can somebody please tell me which stores in WA have electronics?

    • +2

      Perth City still had some items this evening

      • Mind sharing what time (before closure) this was? And how many iPhones might have been available?

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    Assume that they discount RRP for 15 pro max by $23 similar to what shown in OP’s photos, then you only pay around $1523 for the 256GB. Not much better than price beat Costco at OW and pay by Ultimate GCs. Anyway, still awesome deal.

    • Pity Costco is OOS of the PM :(

      Edit: natural and blue still in stock for 256gb

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