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[Refurb] Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB (Excellent Condition) $335.20 ($326.82 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Green Gadgets eBay


Similar to this deal posted the other day, however with a different promotional code provided by eBay.

Grab yourself a refurbished excellent condition iPhone 12 Mini 64GB for $335.20, or $326.82 with eBay Plus' extra 2% discount for members.
See comments from the previous similar deal as linked above if you are keen to see the experience that other OzBargainers have had, I for one have had a pleasant shopping experience with Green Gadgets buying devices.

Postage: $0 Express Postage on this particular item regardless if you are a plus member or not on eBay.

If you are a non-eBay plus member, applying code NONFY20 at checkout will update the price to $335.20.
If you are an eBay plus member, applying code PLUSF22 at checkout will update the price to $326.82.

Hint: Save more by applying discounted eBay Gift Cards and stacking cashback from Cashrewards or TopCashBack!

Note: Original Coupon Deal.

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  • +8

    They sent me 3 phones.
    All not excellent condition as described and returned.
    Bs customer service all fake promises and no result as it is outsourced to monkeys.
    Buyer Beware

    • +2

      just a reminder to people on the fence also

      refurb = second hand through a business

      • +10

        I thought we agreed refurb = wiped with a cloth

    • Sorry for your experience.
      I order from them several times and all devices were above expectation.
      Recent purchase was a month ago.
      What I like from them is that they didn't jack during promo, so its easy to flip for few bucks.

      • +1

        1 had a bad screen
        1 was dented and obviously dropped
        1 had low battery despite being listed as new battery
        All very obviously not excellent condition

        Weeks of returns and bad replacements until i just had to open an ebay complaint case and get a refund and go elsewhere

        • Nothing wrong with dented as long as the screen is in good condition imo

  • I know there are some phone trade in services in Australia but the amount of supply seems to far exceed what I would expect. Everyone I know would either keep their old phone, hand it down or sell it.

    I’ve been reading more and more about stolen iPhones ending up in China with the owner harassed with violent threats to release the “find my” lock.

    Is there any guarantee of where these phones actually come from?

    • +1

      I bought a refurbed one last year for my kids, it was a Japanese version. You can check the serial number. It affects the mobile bands it can use so some are better than others. Mine was fine.
      I would buy another refurb but I would want the ability to return it. 70% battery is not great, and if it is an import and doesn't get the correct bands for Australia you can lose signal more often.
      And iphone 12 mini's already had crap batteries so I am passing on this one. Might consider a refurb if it was a different model.

  • be warned, most of these phones come from overseas. I bought one that originally was sold in US. It had a non genuine battery installed which iOS didn't recognise and refused to charge the phone after a few months. Had to take it to a apple store for service and had to replace the battery for $149!

  • Bought one last week from this mob. Opted for excellent condition.

    I'm happy with what I got, micro scratches on the glass and a small imperfection on the metal bumper. 90% battery. For the price it ticks the boxes

  • Yup - Picked one of these up (RED) - got in in about two days in WA - 85% battery and is in excellent condition considering this is second hand. Good for the price.

  • Remember last year when iPhone 12 mini was selling for $400 brand new?

  • The iPhone 12 Mini was an excellent idea but the sub par battery really let it down. I think it's worth stepping up to the full size unit unless you really really need/want the mini.

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