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No Purchase Fees on TCN eftpos Gift Cards @ Coles (In-Store Only)


Full credit to FreePoints

Next week's upcoming Coles gift card deal!

  • $400 eftpos Gift Card + $9.95 Purchase Fee: save $9.95
  • $200 eftpos Gift Card + $7.95 Purchase Fee: save $7.95
  • $100 eftpos Gift Card + $5.95 Purchase Fee: save $5.95
  • $50 eftpos Gift Card + $5.95 Purchase Fee: save $5.95
  • $30 eftpos Gift Card + $3.95 Purchase Fee: save $3.95

No Purchase Fee on eftpos Gift Cards

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. Offer valid only in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au or coles.scanshoppay.com.au), subject to store availability. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 19/6/24 to 25/6/24. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards at Coles. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions.


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  • can these eftpos cards be reloaded

    • Nope

  • Ato

    • +2


      • +10

        They will call you and ask for gift card details, usually they want apple tho

  • +2

    Meanwhile, some AI-powered card generator quietly started…

    • Why would you need 'AI' for this?

  • +2

    I prefer 10% off -fee!

    • +1

      For me only when profitable or able to be used on Apple pay.

  • Struggled to use my woolies MasterCard's from last week at Australia post for my rego. Seemed to keep trying to go through EFTPOS network. I did ask them to go through MasterCard but never worked.

    If I can convert to these for free at least I know I can use my EFTPOS at my local Aus pot for my next power bill or rates which are due soon. Anyone know if the woolies MasterCard's won't be allowed to purchase these?

    Also EFTPOS cards harder to drain/steal as need the physical card?

    • +1

      I would expect it to go through. EFTPOS cards harder to drain than the mastercards.

    • +1

      That is because staff biller only accept payment from Saving / EFTPOS card hence you won't be able to pay using Visa/Mastercard.

      • Oh right. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Which network does this EFTPOS use? Mastercard or Visa?

    It doesn't say on TCN website either. Just says it works anywhere that acceps EFTPOS.

    • +4

      It’s used the EFTPOS network not Mastercard or Visa network. You might be confusing it with a debit card

      • Thanks. Will buy some to pay for utilities bills. Do you know if you can do split payments for water/gas bill in Auspost?

  • Can't think of any reason to buy these. One can use debit or credit card to make similar purchases. Unless you want to gift these to someone

    • +8

      It’s for credit card churners who want to meet the minimum spend requirement quickly.

      • +3

        Also no fees with eftpos for ATO (via Auspost) and some merchants (like Aldi). And you get max possible credit card and a few flybuys points.

    • +2

      You make at minimum $1 per $100 spent on an amex, good for getting amex points at Aldi, when a biller won't let you use amex visa or Mastercard at auspost or generally any other store that won't take amex.

    • Plenty of reasons. Quite a few merchants charge transaction fees, this bypasses that. Also can't be used at non amex merchants.

  • are these simply used for gifts or is there other reasons to purchase?

    • +1

      Maybe for new credit card minimum spending for sign up bonus?

      • -5

        If I'm not mistaken, you also earn Woolies Everyday Rewards points when you buy these. Means you get credit card points and EDR for money you were already going to spend.

        • +3

          These are from Coles not Woolies

  • -1

    Can I tap with these cards? If not add to apple or Google wallet to tap then?

    • +1

      Can I tap with these cards?


      If not add to apple or Google wallet to tap then?


      The gift card in this deal is a physical prepaid gift card that only runs on the eftpos network. In other words, it does not support the Visa nor Mastercard networks. You need to swipe the physical gift card on an EFTPOS terminal to redeem funds from it, which means that online transactions are not possible.

      TCN currently does not let you exchange a physical TCN eftpos gift card for a digital TCN eftpos gift card.

      • -1

        And you are still unable to add digital TCN eftpos gc onto your Apple wallet.

        • No idea on that one.

        • +1

          You can add 'digital' TCN eftpos cards to apple wallet via the TCN iOS app. Once digital eftpos card has been added to TCN app, click 'view card information' in there you will see a button 'add to Apple wallet'.

          • @shaky101: I have error with adding digital TCN eftpos to my apple wallet following the prompts in the app tho.

          • @shaky101: The error message is the card issuer does not support apple wallet.

  • Seeing as Westfield gift cards can't be used at AusPost now, could I use them to buy these EFTPOS cards and use them at AusPost that way?

    • U sure can if you got too much time to burn.

  • -2

    What is the point, only u buying it as a gift to someone.

  • Can I use ShopBack Supermarket gift card to purchase these?

    • Yes you can at Coles

    • SM is rather VISA card, don't tell coles assistant you are paying by GC

  • +2

    Stack with the Commbank offer if you were targeted


    • Anyone got this stacked and the rewards coming through?

      Im still waiting for my cashback to come thorugh.

      • My reward page says expired. Seems like they have tracked that it's a gift card purchase and won't be giving reward.

  • Can these eftpos cards pay for other gc at Woolworths?

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