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Sony A7 III (Body Only) $2069 Delivered ($1669 after Cashback from Sony) @ Amazon AU

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Old model, but great camera.

Only issue is if you are using it for video, is that the 30 minute recording limit still applies with this model. Sony never released a firmware to remove this restriction.

Other than that, this is a GREAT CAMERA and a GREAT DEAL.


$400 cashback promotion from Sony

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Please leave the price at $2069. Then write that it can be $1669 after cashback.

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    Still going strong for me!!

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    Got mine in 2019 and still going strong for me too!

  • $2064 with code FYEAR10 on eBay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/285868654624

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    Yes, but this is $1,669 after the Sony cash back.

    Someone changed my deal's subject title and removed this information. The subject should be very clear to everyone, which it is now.

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    Still a strong model for still image. In case you’re interested it shares the same CMOS with some reputable recent models such as:

    • Nikon Z6 & Z6ii, Zf
    • Panasonic LUMIX S1, S1H, S5, S5ii & S5iiX, S9

    The only downside I could think of in terms of image quality is that A7 III comes with a low-pass filter. Of course it helps avoid moire but at the cost of less fine details.

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    I bought this earlier this year with the price match + 10% signup + cashback deal
    Awesome for my first proper camera
    Highly recommend for beginners

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    Enthusiast features released at a mainstream price - Sony found a lot of success with this with improving on the a7ii in every way (especially battery and autofocus) whilst keeping the price relatively low compared to the a7iv and a7R range.

    Though the camera has been out for several years, it is more than capable for a lot of photography styles. I have used it for fast action (air shows, wildlife) to night photography and it is crazy good and pairs well with the best lens. Compared to past SLTs to DSLRs (everything from Rebels to the last 5DIV) it felt almost like cheating to get shots in frame so easily with less effort.

    One of the best features is the 3rd lens system being so large and catering to different price points https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_third-party_Sony_E-mou…

    It also is capable, with some limitations, to use a lot of the features such as eye autofocus with Canon EF lens via a 3rd party adapter opening it up to there brands best e.g. 85mm f/1.2.

    I use an additional 3rd party handgrip due to larger than average fingers and there are some good versions including Sony's that allows for battery removal without having to take it off.

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      Any recommendation for EF mount adapter?

      • Metabones IV and V rates highly though I have never used either.

        I have the Sigma MC-11 and it is pretty good; quick eye autofocus with the Sony a7iii body. Faster and more accurate than Canon’s own DSLR range except the top models.

        Cons are occasional lockup where the battery has to be removed from the camera body and hunting in twilight or long focal length ie between 370-400mm on long telephoto lens when shooting fast and faraway objects.

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    Sigma MC-11 is awesome for people with a pile of Canon EF lenses and thought they have to sell all their lenses to change over to Sony.

    • Does MC-11 works best on native Canon EF lenses or it works on third-pary EF lensed like Tamron or Sigma EFs as well?
      Just trying to figure out how many converters do I need if going for Sony while keeping my EF lenses.

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    To those stating that their Alphas from 2018-19 are still going strong - wasn't that expected from a flagship camera that used to be $2500+ for the body only?

    My Canon 5d which is 10 years older (!!) than this camera is still in use and working perfectly fine and all the plastic and rubber elements on it are fine.

    Because of that and because of its amazing picture quality, I just can't justify spending $$ on a new camera ಠ_ಠ

    • I must have started off the wrong foot, given the negs, but for reals - what's the life expectancy of these, by a consumer?

      I get it's high-level electronics, so some would probably assume they're getting a new one after 2 years, as if it's a phone. But then, it's a sealed, expensive, flagship camera.

      Like, with the great shutter lifespan of 200k this camera has, I can't tell if those "still going strong" comments are from thousands-photos-per-event people or from Sunday walkers.

  • Considering you price match it with Sony store then Sony CB 400 +CR 9% + Amex Cashback 50 its coming to 1452 (ish).

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