Up to $400 Cashback on Sony Cameras and Lenses Purchased from Participating Authorised Dealers @ Sony

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Sony's half yearly cash back promotion is back!

Either buy direct from stores or price match @ Sony stack with Cash Rewards/Shopback cash back OR use the Sony's new signup 10% discount code.

Participating Sony Australia authorised dealers for the purposes of this promotion are: JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Camera House, Ted’s Cameras, Diamonds, Digi Direct, Video Pro, Georges, Digital Camera Warehouse, Camera Pro, Camera Electronic, Videocraft, Pro AV, Lemac, Ryda Dot Com, Kayell Australia, Aussie Camera Sales, Camera Clix, Camera Warehouse, Leederville Cameras, Peninsula Camera, Videoguys Australia, Byron Photo Magic, Dragon Image, Landscape Photo Gear, Amazon Australia, the official Sony Australia eBay Store (on brand new products only, excludes any refurbished and box damaged products), the official Sony Australia Store on Amazon Marketplace, the official Sony Australia Store on Catch Marketplace, Sony Store Online and Sony Stores (Castle Hill, Chatswood and Parramatta).

{TLDR} No cash back on the popular a7 IV, a7r V and the a7c II cameras, and the 24-70 F2.8 GM lenses.







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  • Pretty sure Sony disabled the price match + coupon + cashback trick a while back, so these deals are a lot worse than they used to be

    • +3

      Price match+coupon = NO
      Coupon+cash back = NO
      Price match+cashback = YES
      Unless something changed very recently…

      • Nah was more referencing the last round of this discount where you could stack a lot more stuff, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/809503

      • I asked live chat and it seems like coupon + cash back is okay?

        my email for cashback does specifically mention that the welcome coupon cannot be used

        • +1

          I should clarify that I meant CR/SB cash back is a NO when you use coupon code. Sony cash back promo is ok whether you use coupon or price match, as long as the purchase is from the authorised store.

          • @Buy2Much: ah that makes sense, thanks!

            my original comment was meant to say price match email*

    • yeah there were some real deals triple stacking discounts

    • They have definitely reviewed and made changes. Can't say for other consumer products, at least for their camera and lenses, used to be able to:

      • Amex $100 cashback
      • CR 10% or sometimes 12% cashback
      • Price match, sometimes with coupon
      • Sony cashback


      • Haven't seen Amex cashback for a while
      • CR is capped and sometimes excludes camera and lenses
      • Cart gets cleared, price matched a 135/1.8 a few weeks ago, it's no longer there
      • Funny, there is an Amex offer now

        • What a timing.

          Used to be $100/$500, now $50/$350, better than no cashback.

      • Cart gets cleared every 2 weeks now

  • +1

    A7 iv once again fails to have a discount, weird.

  • What's better than a phone camera for less than $500?

    • +2

      Old second hand dslrs if you don’t care about quality of life features like auto focuses

    • +1

      A used Nikon D3400 (I mean you won't find a new one, but you get the idea)

    • +2

      i probably recommend you stay with phone camera UNLESS you're into taking photos/videos and are keen to learn and carry this chunky, heavy thing around.

      for under $500 - I probably recommend 2nd hand micro four third cameras, probably the EM5 Mark II which I love and still own but that's just the camera without the lens - although those arent too much on the 2nd hand market these days.

      Phone cameras these days really punch above their weight class - and in some ways, exceed a whole lot of cameras. There are things you won't even think about when using a phone camera - e.g. indoor lighting banding that the phone automatically adjusts for - that cameras do not.

  • +2

    My wallet is telling me a7iii but my heart is telling me a7iv :(

    • +1

      The A7IV will likely hold its value better, so you’ll probably make back a good chunk (if not all) of the difference in cost later on when you decide to upgrade.

    • +2

      I have both, get the a7iv if can actually afford it. Otherwise the a7iii is a terrific camera.

    • If you already have good lenses, go for the a7iv. Otherwise, I'd personally get the a7iii and put the rest of the money towards some quality glass.

  • So disappointed no cashback on the A7R V :( There's cashback on that model in Europe and US. Australia gets no cashback love.

  • No cash back on the popular a7 IV, a7r V and the a7c II

    The day (year) will come where I can finally justify the a7C II…

    • +2

      Its currently on sale at https://www.digidirect.com.au/sony-a7c-ii-mirrorless-camera-… with an instant $150 off coupon as well, brings it down to $2,549, which seems fairly low compared to others . Haven't used the company before though, but they are having a big camera sale and there are some good deals. I was almost going to get it. There is also a deal at https://www.teds.com.au/sony-a7c-ii-28-60mm-kit-silver which includes the kit lens for $2,999.

      • +1

        DigiDirect is fine.

      • +1

        digidirect are great, my go-to camera shop usually

    • Do it heh heh. I did, and I 'downsized' from the A7 IV - a very good decision on my part for non-commercial, personal use.

      ~$2550 price has been the going price after non-stop cashback since the start of the year

  • $1900 for an A7 iii is decent. Has been cheaper but still great value.

  • +1

    Giddyup. I have a great price on a SEL24F14GM in my cart that the B&M Sony store refused to match. In fairness it's been in there quite a while, but this cashback should get it to ~$1200

    Pikers. They have increased the price of the lens in my basket by $150

  • tempting. still have a7iii from last round of cashbacks price matched to 1999 in my cart. do I want yo buy it again? it's gonna be a third time I buy one. but do I really want to lol even for $1600

    some lenses are also price matched not bad. 85 1.4 and 35 1.4

    decisions decisions

    • I swear I see so many people flipping them (and lenses).

      I'm a member of the largest buy/sell swap Sony Mirrorless groups on Facebook and there are constantly people trying to flip "brand new sealed" gear for between the cashback price and RRP.

      • I genuinely used mine, I made an effort! first time around I got it with a 24-105/4, then added 70-200/4, all stacking cash backs (Sony and Cashrewards) but then something just didn't click, and I got rid of the whole lot. went aps-c Canon, then Fujifilm, and then got it again, once again with double cash backs. this time I just went primes, with 85 1.8 and then 40/2.5G. this was a working relationship, but then again I dumped it and went Nikon Z6 which has been with me since then (1+ year now). Nikon ergonomics and lenses are awesome. I'll guess I'll just stick to what works. how many times have I changed systems already, it's not even funny

  • Hmm, no ZV-E10.

    • New one coming soon isn't it? Probably best to hold off for new features…

      • How soon do you think?

        • +1

          I think it was meant to be announced next month? Can't remember, just rumours I've seen… and I noticed DigiDirect was heavily discounting them a few months ago, so figured they were trying to clear stock. That's all I can tell you, see what you can find!

          • @Zyaire: Thanks for the heads up! I'm not exactly in the loop so your perspective is greatly appreciated.

            Maybe the ZV-E10 could be worth it if heavily discounted.

        • Looks like August.

          • @DSOTM: Yeah I saw August mentioned too. Sucks to wait that long but sounds like it could be worth it.

  • No FX30 bugger!!

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