[Unobtainable] Retroid Pocket 4Pro Handheld Game Console US$147 (~A$223) Delivered + GST @ Cuteliving Store Official AliExpress

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Original Coupon Deal

Very cheap for RP4PRO. Aliexpress sale coming up using coupon codes.

Retroid Pocket 4Pro Specifications & Features:

RP4 Pro:
CPU: 4[email protected] 4[email protected] GHz
GPU: G77 MC9@836MHz
Storage: 128GB UFS 3.1 + TF Card Slot
OS: Android 13

Mod Note: Price in the title ($165.47 - $18) does not include GST. Final price will be updated when the deal is live.

Mod Note: Moved to forums due to being out of stock at the time the deal went live.

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  • +1

    That's cheap considering it's US$199 + Delivery directly from Retroid.

    • yep! cheaper than recent Rg556 deal and this has better specs except for the screen

      • For those wanting information, had one from Day Zero. In a nutshell, this is the largest size device I would accept as pocketable. It is noticeable and a bit uncomfortable, but definitely fits-decently into a standard sized jeans pockets.

        And for that category, this is the FASTEST device that you can buy. It is also the most ERGONOMIC device you can buy.

        • +4

          The Sony PS Vita Slim is a little better in the hand and pocket, but it is way too old and slow. That is more like a 2022 RP3 (non-plus) level of device. The Anbernic RG 405M is good, but only equal/worse than the 2023 RP3+. The 2025 AYN Odin Mini is better in almost every way, except PRICE and SIZE. I would hesitate to call it pocketable, because it is close to the 2018 GPD Win-1 in size which was a fatboy. The 2024 GPD Win-Mini which people called pocketable is definitely NOT, it is just way too bulky, it juts out, and is very uncomfortable. So you would HAVE TO bring a backpack if you want to take it with you, at which point, you may as well get something else. The same sentiments with the AYN Odin Mini, get something smaller, or get something larger, don't stay in the compromising territory.

          Keychain devices:
          RG Nano

          Pocketable devices:
          new3DS, PS Vita Slim
          RG 3xxxH+, RG 405M, RP2S, RP4P

          Portable devices:
          AYN Odin2, SteamDeck, VSD OLED, ASUS ROG, AllyX, etc etc.

  • +5

    Oh I shouldn’t… or should I 🤔

    • yes

    • +1

      It is kinda cute

      • My thoughts exactly

        • Did you buy?

          • @Kangal: Nah I figured by the time I got my order , there probably would have been like 69 anbernic models announced and released. Prob will give it another 6 months and see how market is before buying up more consoles I will just put on display in my cases along with my 3d prints..

  • +2

    Very nice! Might be at war with myself for the next 24 hours deciding on this.

    • -2

      Hey its me, your conscience

  • +2

    Get on it. I love my Retroid 4 pro. Great machine that's run everything I throw at it

    • +1

      Include ps2?

      • Yes, actually. That's it's intended purposes.

        We were hoping for switch emulation once that gets more optimised, but then the Yuzu Nintendo thing happened.

        • Didn't Yuzu get taken down because they were taking Patreon money for the emulator?

          • @smartazz104: Only Nintendo would know the reasoning and thinking behind the scenes. But I'm pretty sure it's a safe bet that it was a hot target because: a) there was money involved, and b) it was enabling emulation for their current-gen console, and therefore easy to argue it was impacting their sales.

          • +3

            @smartazz104: From some of the videos I've seen, I think the real trigger point was they were allowing emulation for the new Zelda before it was even out. That's what made them a big target.

      • I don't think all PS2 games run on it.

        • +1

          It should. The d1100 should be able to run most games at 3X. Even harder games at 2x. Usually, it's an aethersx2 optimisation issue.

        • +1

          All that holds it back is a stagnant emulator, not the machine

          • -1

            @Orion au: Yeah I'm sure the hardware is powerful enough but with AethersX2 development stopped and the fork NethersX2 being community driven rather then a developer working in it, as of right now the answer to the Pocket 4 Pro being able to run all PS2 games is no. I'd love for it to be able to as this is the only thing holding me back from it.

            • +1

              @Zylam Marex: Yeah you're right, the answer is no to that specific point.

              However, the vast majority do run. I haven't been disappointed yet. Its not worth letting it hold you back unless you specifically know the games you want to play won't run.

              • @Orion au: Yeah, you are right, it's still a banger of a device and I am on the fence about it. It's also the Vita looking Odin 2 Mini that's got my eye purely because of my love for the Vita and the memories it brings. Much more pricy but with better hardware and nostalgia value.

      • Yep. With ease, at higher than native resolutions.

  • +1

    I've got a Retroid 2S and love it, and I paid $144 USD shipped including a case back in August last year.

    A 4Pro for effectively the same price is an absolute bargain and great bang for buck.

  • It’s a good piece of kit

  • +2

    Paid the USD last year. Fantastic machine can do PS2 GAMES

  • +2

    Does it come with games?

    • +2


      • +1

        Ta. Don't know why the negs. Genuinely didn't know the answer. How does one install games onto it then? Do you need to convert the files?

        • +3

          Have a look at the sbc gaming subreddit. Very handy place to start, I've not even ordered my first one yet but i found plenty of good info there.


        • Asking about games is the start of the slippery slope into the realms of legal implications, and information you're best off looking for elsewhere.

  • +1

    Great unit, great price
    I'm currently using the Ayn Odin 2 and it's been great to replay all the great classics on a portable unit.

  • Definite purchase at this price! Great for the train ride.

  • -7

    This still only does up to PS1 ?
    Why pay the extra $100 over the Trimui Pro?

    • +4

      Erm no. This does PS2, GC, Wii etc

      • -5

        Reviews seem to say it “does” but most titles are not really playable? Or am I only finding old reviews and these things have been fixed?

        • +4

          This is way more powerful than trimui. On emulation alone trimui can't even play the full N64 library. This can go up to 90% ps2 and even some switch games.

          This also runs android so you can play android games on it too and also can stream from PC. Feature wise it's way beyond trimui.

          Of course the trimui is very good in its own accord but this is like at least 2 tiers above

          • @Jaduqimon: You can stream PC from the TrimUI fyi. But no R3/L3 makes it hard

          • @Jaduqimon: What's the process like for switch games? Are there pretty readily available/stable switch emulators?

        • +1

          Ermm this has been able to play PS2/GC since release. I think you've found unreliable reviews, or you've mistaken the machine.

      • It also does XBox game streaming which is pretty cool for Halo on the go.

    • It can play the PS2 generation of games more or less. The controls, screen, ergonomics and overall specs are a big step up over the Trimui. Ultimately it comes down to what games you want to play.

    • Trimui is great value but it can't run PSP at 2x.

  • +1

    Can this emulate indie switch games like Dave the diver?

  • +3

    Great device. Every question you might have will be answered here by Russ

    • +10

      I love grabbing a drink and my favourite snack and watching his vids.

      • Same!!!

        Family bag of red rock and a six pack of Brookvale Union ginger beer

      • +4

        Yeah man, you wanna do it.

        I'm sure it's the case for others too, but there's something I find very soothing about watching his videos.

        • Exactly the same here. They're relaxing aren't they. I do miss the cat breaks though :(

  • Can it emulate Dreamcast games ?

  • -1

    If only this can run switch game like the Odin 2.

    • It can do light switch games very easily. It can even do graphics heavy games like Cruisn Blast at 1x or .75x

    • +3

      You pay almost double this price for the odin 2. Horses for courses mate.

  • Is there a android box with this cpu that I could plug into a TV and use a controller?

    • Nah. There's no market for it.

      You can just buy this and plug it into your tv, and control it with a controller. Kind of like using your Xbox as your media centre.

      Alternatively, you can buy an series S. More powerful, and I've seen it for as cheap as $280 used.

      Or just buy a pc with a regular i5 8500 (nonT) and just turn that into a media box through Linux

  • +1

    This also shows up in my Coins section allowing me to use 1200 coins for a further $18 discount.

    • Do you have a link to that? I have scrolled through my list and don't have it. Only just the standard 6% off with coins.

      • I only saw it there doing the daily coin earning tasks, wasnt there before i did it.

      • You have to use the app only (allows to apply more coins compared to desktop website). What I usually do is add the item to cart, then straight away go to the Coins section and the item usually is there. If you see it, then checkout immediately because it can disappear the next time you go back to the coins section. For example, right now, the Anbernic RG556 keeps showing in my Coins section allowing me to apply 1073 coins (about $16) instead of on the desktop website only allow 360 coins.

  • hmm.. It's a good deal.. but I'm still waiting for my R36S refund after jumping hoops and having to pay out of pocket to send it back to China for cuteliving etc etc. But then again, I've got a Note 20 Ultra with Gamesir G8 that should be at least as good in performance as this so maybe need to skip this.

  • Anyone use this for ps5 remote play? Like a PS portal alternative

    • I was thinking of that too!

    • +1

      Yes people are, you can check the retroid subreddit for videos.


      You can also use sunshine/moonlight to stream from your PC.

    • XBox streaming works great so PS5 would also work well.

  • Where to enter the coupon?

  • -1

    would people not be better off buying a $40-100 controller attachment for their phone or am I missing something about these devices? Lots of cheap phones can play ps2 games now.

    • +3

      Not "better", just options, good to have options.

      Some people like the option to keep their phone and game as separate devices. A fan also helps keep from throttling when running more demanding stuff.

    • +8

      I've originally had that mind set as well.

      However, handhelds are way better.

      1) most telescopic controllers out there are straight A garbage. I think it market has improved since the Kishi was the best in the market, but holy shit was the Kishi terrible, and it costed double the price of equivalent regular controllers.

      2) the ergonomics are often nowhere near as nice. It's usually wobby, it's usually much longer like you're holding a scroll, it's usually heavier, the buttons usually feels more squished together, and most importantly, aside from the Kishi, which is straight A garbage thanks to the small form factor, they never fit in your pocket. So they're terrible for toilet gaming sessions.

      3) phones are simply not very well designed for gaming. You can customise the phone to have a console like front end, but that's the limit. The UI and interfacing will still be clunky, and won't come with extra features like quick resume. you'll find that the phone is way too bloody long with a huge waste of screen space thanks to the 21:9 form factor. You'll also find that the phone are constantly over heating, even on the higher end, due to phone needing to fit far more sensors and cameras inside, and less cooling. Plus, just simply needing to attach the controller every time you game is far more work than to just press the play button.

      So why not just spend the $240? You're not going to find new phones with a D1100 at that price.

      • thanks appreciate that

  • If you buy this from this store and the triggers breaks, do you do the warranty claim through retroid or do you have to go through this store?

    • This store

      • Hm…

        • Hmm indeed
          Its a great device but the l2/r2 triggers are problematic
          I have one directly from retroid and im on my 4th backplate all of which covered by retroid
          Mind you i dont use it that often and it is kept in hardcase but yeah 4 sets of l2/r2 triggers in 4 months isnt good, however one of the trigger/backplates they sent was DOA as device wouldnt recognise button inputs from it
          Even though dealing with Retroid has been simple enough but the last time i contacted regarding the issue the customer agent even told me "again?" and requested to send them footage all the 3 faulty triggers
          The issue is with r2 trigger, for me at least

          So not sure how dealong with aliexpress seller is going to be compared to dealing directly with retroid for warranty issues

          • @bdroid: It will be definitely be more a pain in the ass. They will more than likely give you a partial refund and tell you to sort it out and then after 90 days you are on your own.

            • @jlogic: Only had to deal with AliExpress express for once a dud product and they were no help at all.

              Saying that a replacement back shell shipped from retroid is just $20 so you're still ahead plus you get a new coloured back shell.

          • @bdroid: Wow that's lots of bad luck. What are you doing with them? I knew that could be an issue, but 3 is crazy.

            I've had a day 1 preordered unit for months now and ive not had a single trigger issue.

  • I do not need to play Wii and Gamecube games, I have enough GC, GBA, GBC, NDS, NES, NES games still to complete………I do not need to play Wii and Gamecube games, I have enough GC, GBA, GBC, NDS, NES, NES games still to complete………I DO NOT NEED……… :p

    • +1

      But you do need a fancy looking paper weight so I think you should hit.

    • +1

      These retro handhelds are like a drug. This would be the 10th one lol.

      • Well I only have TrimUI SP and RGB30 but then Retroarch on my Chromebook and Homebrewed Wii……….

        • +1

          So in that case… you need it hahaha

    • GC is Gamecube but

      • Sorry, GB :)

  • Any deals for the odin 2? Would odin 2 be better than the RP4P?

    • +1

      The Odin 2 is better than the rp4p but it's also double this current price.

    • +1

      Odin 2 is too big for me. The new Odin 2 mini will be a better option to compare

      • Still double the price?

        • More than double. Around $525

          • @zorrt: 😔

            • @designate: Haha yea it's quite an expensive device, looks great though.

          • @zorrt: Looks like I'll settle for this one then, happy with up to ps2 gen. Would this also play vita games?

            • @designate: Reddit says yes. I don't have this though as I went with an Odin 2 when I was tossing between the 2.

              Don't get this for vita though, vita emulation is still early. Almost everything I was interested doesn't work and many of the indie games are available on the switch.

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