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US$4 off US$29, US$8 off US$59, US$12 off US$89, US$18 off US$129, US$25 off US$179, US$40 off US$269 Spend @ AliExpress

This post contains affiliate links. OzBargain might earn commissions when you click through and make purchases. Please see this page for more information.

Kicking off on the 17th at 4:59pm to the 23rd is the AliExpress Summer Mega Sale with these sitewide coupons available.

Expect there to be a slight delay in coupons working from when the sale goes live and the high value coupon codes often get used up pretty quickly.

Alternatively you can go to the sale page (when live) and click "Collect" under each coupon listed so that it's attached to your account and auto applies at checkout.

Coupons are 1 per account, do not stack with the new user 'Welcome Offer', "Limited Deals" and minimum spend excludes GST and shipping.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$2 $19 24SS02
$4 $29 SS4
$4 $29 24SS04
$8 $59 SS8
$8 $59 24SS08
$12 $89 SS12
$12 $89 24SS12
$18 $129 SS18
$18 $129 24SS18
$18 $129 SS18
$18 $129 24SS18
$25 $179 SS25
$25 $179 24SS25
$40 $269 SS40
$40 $269 24SS40
$80 $499 SS80
$80 $499 24SS80

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  • +14

    Argh fuk here we go again

    • +8

      My wallet is not ready for more trauma.

      • +15

        I spent 2k on the june 1 sale and I dun even know wtf I bought lol

        • +3

          $2K!! What did you buy!?

        • +3

          $2k??? I spent $250 last sale and felt guilty as sin.

          • @ozbdine: $250 is like only 3 retro handhelds.

            I think I bought half the collection lastime… It's like $30 here $40 there then it adds up lol

            • @Jaduqimon: Wow, youre both a hero and a cautionary tale

              What ones did you get and whats your favourite so far?

            • @Jaduqimon: What's a handheld?
              Was thinking about getting a few coffee parts, would be very low value items if I bother this time at all.

      • +1

        I bought an item last night thinking surely there wouldn't be another round of discounts so soon.
        Then this morning I saw this post. Of course.

        • I did the same thing. Think I need to hand in my Ozbargain Licence.

  • Is it just me or does AliExpress rarely do cashback now??? I been waiting forever

    • +3

      They have a set rate for all affiliates. Those increases were coming out of the cashback providers pockets. Hopefully we can convince one of the big players to do an increase sometime soon 😉

      • who are those Players that are still in the game ?

    • Use this to check before buying to see if its an affiliate or not


  • +1

    Nice, i was too slow to puck which handheld emulai wanted last time.

    Want to grab a couple for the kids, and kids at heart

    • +1

      so what device did you settle on and why was it the new anbernic rg cube

      • +1

        For them trimui smart pro
        For me…. ive still not decided, probably whichever has the best discount and if its nothing special then yeah maybe the cube 🙃

        • Retroid Pocket 4 Pro is now selling on Aliexpress with a decent discount.

          • @SeanConnery: Ooh looks alright $275 now and $257 they go on sale before coupons applied

            • +1

              @Ironic fear: Check your Coins section in the app. It's allowing me to use 1200 coins for a further $18 off + the $28 off coupon which brings it to under $240 delivered (including GST). Not bad at all. Still can't decide if I want the extra power or settle for slightly less power and get the gorgeous 5.5 inch OLED of the RG556.

  • Is the "Big save" promo a "limited Deal"?

    • +1

      50/50 I think. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't in my experience in the last sale.

        • +1

          This sale hasn't started yet.

          • @Clear: ….. forget i said anything…..

            • +1

              @maverickjohn: Edit your comments and unpublish 😝

              • +1

                @Clear: Well its good you lived up to your name and gave me a moment of clarity…

              • @Clear: Well brother thanks to these codes the watch I bought was the lowest it has ever been. They had it on sale and paired it up with your codes.. can't thank you enough

          • @Clear: no more super Cheap 4tb SSD price erorrs ?

  • Is this better than the deal that finished like last week?

    • +1

      Old one:
      US$4 off US$29, US$8 off US$59, US$12 off US$89, US$20 off US$139, US$50 off US$299, US$80 off US$499 Spend @ AliExpress

      This one:
      US$4 off US$29, US$8 off US$59, US$12 off US$89, US$18 off US$129, US$25 off US$179, US$40 off US$269 Spend @ AliExpress


      • +2

        Ima go with same shit different color

        • +1

          I never bothered to actually update my title as different coupons came and went. Essentially the same sale but focused on everything instead of just Choice products.

  • +6

    Incredible. these deals don't come around very often

  • +3

    Bring back the Spend & Save 😒

    • +4

      Those were the days. AliExpress coupon + coins + seller coupon + spend & save. They obviously lost too much money on it 😓

    • Wait 11.11

      • +3

        Wait 5 months?

  • I've had so many troubles with their last sale. Prices were good with the vouchers applied, but sellers kept asking for extra money to ship it. I know it's sort of common scam tactics, but didn't expect that from official (as they say) stores. So had to cancel most of the orders. Just be mindful of that and avoid ordering expensive/bulky items.

    • They actually message you for more money?
      I always select "Pay after delivery" as the payment option (which needs a credit card saved on your account). But this way if seller doesn't ship, they don't get paid / money doesn't get taken out of my account
      If a seller tries to pull anything, just cancel the order and move onto another seller

      • Since when has that been an option?

        • +3

          Not sure tbh, I actually noticed it a few months ago, after checking out what payment options they had. But I always use "Pay after delivery" now, so if delivery takes a month or two, no funds gets taken out until it gets delivered.
          I could be wrong, but I also noticed I've been getting my deliveries much quicker this way… maybe because the sellers want to get paid quicker? Not sure though

    • +1

      I only buy from Choice stores. Wouldn’t touch any other store. Having “offical” in the name means nothing.

      • But it's the "Official [Fake Store]"

        • Like “Authentic PU leather”.

      • always check the seller especially for expensive item.
        choice store = item on aliexpress semiauto warehouse doesn't mean the store is trustworthy - item maybe good / rubbish fake.

  • @clear any advice for avoiding Fast Horse? Any risk that with using a Parcel Locker they’ll still try to use Fast Horse and end up returning to sender?

    • They don't exist here so it's all Auspost. Parcel locker should end up with Auspost I would think.

      • Thanks. You’re lucky you don’t have to deal with them.

        • +2

          FWIW I've had plenty of AliExpress packages delivered via Fast Horse and have not had issues so far.

          • @eug: I’ve had two. First was fine. Second the person picked it up from the warehouse in the afternoon and kept it in their car over night and delivered it 24 hours later. They just seem very dodgy.

            Check this group out https://www.facebook.com/share/vzB1WSe9QzyQTKjb/?mibextid=K3…

            • +1

              @PainToad: I think the problem is that it depends on your local courier. If the guy servicing your area is lazy, you could run into all sorts of problems. But if they're fine, you probably won't.

              I remember a few years ago Fastway had an absolutely terrible reputation online, so much so that they abandoned the name and rebranded to Aramex.

              The guy doing my area (cheers Daniel!) has always been excellent though, I have no complaints at all. He's still doing the deliveries under Aramex now.

              • @eug: They’re not couriers. They aren’t local.

                Anyone can download the Fast Horse app, turn up to the warehouse, be given some parcels and deliver the packages when ever they want (or just keep them in the car and return to the warehouse a few days later claiming it was unsafe to deliver).

                Amazon works the same. The difference is Amazon clearly monitor the performance of the drivers better and Amazon refunds are much easier if something goes wrong.


                • @PainToad: Sure, they work like Amazon Flex, UberEats, Doordash, etc.

                  That doesn't change what I'm saying - it depends on your local delivery person. If the person who regularly services your area is lazy, you could run into problems. If the person isn't lazy, you probably won't.

                  • @eug: My point is there’s not likely to be a person who normally services your area. Complete luck of the draw of turns up to the warehouse on the day and what parcels they get given.

                    • @PainToad: Right, that's true. I've been lucky so far with my 57 AliExpress orders in the past 6 months. Hopefully this doesn't jinx it!

              • +2


                The guy doing my area (cheers Daniel!) has always been excellent though, I have no complaints at all. He's still doing the deliveries under Aramex now.

                My now Aramex driver is the same. He's outsourced a lot of his deliveries to a few students that ride around the city on their bikes with an Aramex shirt and a backpack full of small packages. That way he can focus on the big stuff in his van. Works really well and I give him a 6 pack every Christmas.

      • FS is in au..m got heaps of parcels from them.

  • I'm considering a Huawei Band 8, the CN version is much cheaper on AliExpress than locally. Anyone know if the differences with the global version are of note? I'm also interested in opinions on the product itself.

    • I just got the Mi Band 8 Pro China version and flashing it to Global was easy (if you’ve got a rooted Android phone handy). Not sure if there’s something similar for Huawei devices but might be worth some Googling.

  • So which hand held console should I buy, I got Trimui

    • +1

      Cube or sp be the flavour of the month

      Don’t blink though - or else they will release 6-9 more models in that time.

    • E6 Plus handheld just gor released

      • Should I wait?

        I feel that 4:3 screen is best for what I have been playing my whole childhood.

        I did not even like the sticks on Trimui, I never use them

        • +1

          Got my Trimui the other day. Screen is fantastic, but I agree, the joysticks are absolute junk. My next will probably be the Powkiddy RGB30 and the RG556.

          • @SeanConnery: There are so many consoles, I don't know what else to get. Trimui is probably all that I ever need. It's brought so much joy in a few days.. 😂

            Even helping kids learn to play, maybe we all get consoles in future.

  • Wot? its not even month end.

    • Some soccer game or something that they’re sponsoring.

      • They have a shake to win in the app on the sales page. Something about whichever team scores a goal you'll get a shake.

        • 6 shakes so far and I got 2x $1 coupons ($1.01 min spend, 7 day expiry), kind of great for small stuff.

  • @Clear title states US$25 off US$179 but can't see anything in the table nor a coupon code for it, is there one for this price point?

    • +1

      It's there now.

  • 4:59pm , what time zone?

    • The one most commonly used in Australia… AEST. The start time on OzBargain deals should be specific to your timezone too. One way to see if you're in another timezone.

    • Greenwich mean Time.

  • Please recommend me a decent smartphone with VoLTE within $150-$200 range for my daughter. Thank you!

  • +3

    New coupon added - A lot of these can now be "Collected" on the sale page so that they'll apply automatically at checkout when the sale is live. I recommend trying this with the AliExpress app.

    Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
    $2 $19 24SS02
    • Do zeroes not matter in the codes? The $4/$29 code I collected is 24SS04 instead of 24SS4.

      • They matter now.

    • thanks, collected mine

  • +1

    Coupons are almost always "restocking"

    • +3

      They'll randomly show on the app before the sale and when it starts they'll definitely show. Or you can just enter them manually when live as that'll work too.

  • +1

    Items in my cart suddenly OOS starting a few hours before the sale….anyone else has the same experience?

    • Yeah that's normal

      • +2

        Far out what a huge waste of time

        • +1


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