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Mizuno Wave Rider 26 $89, Wave Inspire 19 $129, Wave Rebellion Pro $199 + $10 Delivery ($0 with $149 Order) @ Mizuno


Bit late to the party but I have not seen anything posted yet.
Mizuno eofy sale with what looks like plenty of sizes left within certain colourways on LOTSSSS of running/training/netball/trail ect

Wave Rider 26 —- 2 colourways with a lot of sizes left
https://mizuno.com.au/collections/seasonal-sale/products/wav… $130 off
Regarded regularly as a great daily trainer.

Wave Rebellion Pro —- Carbon plate race running shoe https://mizuno.com.au/collections/seasonal-sale/products/wav…
$120 off

Managed to pick myself up quite a highly rated cushioned daily trainer and my first pair of Mizuno shoes
$340 down to $139 with most reviews loving the shoe but hating the price tag.

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    Tried a code and it worked - Extra 30% off - 'SWIMNSW30AMBS'

    Delivery is free for orders over $150.00, otherwise $10.00.

    Online forums usually say buy 0.5 size up.

    Bit of a gamble, purchased with free shipping:
    WAVE RIDER 26 - $89.00 -> $62.30
    WAVE NEO ULTRA - $139.00 -> $97.30

    • LEGEND!! Thanks for the code! Wave Inspire are my go to marathon shoe. Good to stock up.

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      Code not working, must have been nuked… :(

      I've tried all the previous codes listed on here and nothing worked… yet!

      • Actually don't know why im bothering…

        I bought the WAVE INSPIRE 18 last June - as a walking shoe, it was good but lasted only 6-9 months of daily walks, before starting to fall apart and a hole at the front, severely worn tread on both (no major foot issues).

        Really not sure about the brand, after quite a few people recommended these shoes.

        Are other Mizuno shoes better than the WI18 for walking?

        • I've put 700km of running on a pair of inspire 18s in the last 6 months. Upper no issues. A bit of tread worn down. Still probably 300-500km of running use left in them before switching to walks.

          • @ausremi: I've just calculated approx 3 million steps in 9 months, which for me is ~8km per day (11,000 step avg) across 274 days = ~2,200 kms in 9 months

            Is this expected usage? (for walking only)

            • @nismo: Everyone is different. Shoe manufacturers want you to replace earlier. For running, replacing earlier is recommend because the foam loses its spring. Walking, can go forever really. Google it if you want. But 2,200km on a single pair of shoes is quite a lot. It'll depend on surface, your body weight, minor stuff like that impact life. Seeing that much distance, set your own expectations. For me 1000km on a pair of running shoes I'd consider reasonable.

              • @ausremi: I thought what you had posted was reasonable, but then I saw DingoBilly's comment below… I am getting 10 x less wear than they are… :(


                Weight is hard to show relevance online (without giving TMI), suffice to say I am not overweight, healthy BMI (although that metric doesn't mean much).

                ~70kg male for most of those KM's, but 67kg atm.

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                  @nismo: I put 1,000km of running into a pair of inspire 17s plus I don't know much extra in walking. Still in use regularly for me with similar no issues. 15-20,000 km in a single pair, I bet the mizuno execs would love to hear those stories.

    • They fit true to size from my experience with Mizuno. Thanks for the code - ordered earlier today so hope it gets acknowledged

      • Ooh interesting, hope it works out - I plan to add orthotics for flat foot too. Fingers crossed for a successful purchase.

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    do they have 6E? size width?

  • Dammit I'd totally buy a pair of Wave Rebellions for that price but no sizing for me.

    Going to try the Wave Neo Ultra for $97, thanks OP

  • pretty good price for wave rider!

    must resist…i' ve got too many sneakers…

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    I'd like to wish whoever bought the rebellions in size 10.5 a big have a bad day

    • 10.5 is back, although the extra 30% off is gone.

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        yeah that was definitely the biggest motivator for me hahaha

        • Agreed, at sub $150 I'd give them a go even if the new version looks much improved. At $200 it's less of an impulse buy.

  • Had to open this to see what a wave rider was. Here i was ready to buy a jetski😅

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    Thanks Cliffy93 and saltyas - got some great deals thanks to you both - cheers!!!

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    SWIMNSW30AMBS doesnt work anymore :'(

  • Any idea if returns are free?

  • These are the best (at least the Inspires).

    I buy a pair every 6-8 years. Only shoe I wear and lasts me at least 15,000km worth of wear, probably closer to 20,000.

  • cant believe I missed the extra 30% off

  • The price keeps jumping to $169 from $139 for me when i select a size with wave neo ultra, anyone else seeing the same ?

  • I have since received an email stating the use of the code posted was/is an error and they have said that they will be refunding that order. Can they do that?

  • If you're a runner, the response/propulsion plate is legit. It definitely helps propel you. For casual every day walking my wave rider 24 I found them not very comfortable. I use mine as gym shoes now.

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      Ooh, thanks. Did you manage a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis this time of the year though?

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        Yes, but it was entirely localised within my kitchen though, so nobody could see it.

        • I Can't Believe You've Done This

  • Have a neowind, and it's a great balanced shoe that lasts a long time. It does help on the rebound without being too soft when landing. It's a shame the black one is more expensive than the unbleached one. Mine is now close to 1000km, looking like natural linen than white hehe

    • on sale for $120 at stringers

      • Women's only, for anyone else following

  • Sigh they cancelled my order due to “stock issues”
    I also used the code maybe they didn’t want to sell them cheaper.. disappointing

    • I’ve been checking my emails to see what happens with mine (I used the code). For now the shoes I wanted are still ‘in stock’

      • Also regularly checking to see, if you really want the shoe though, I found 26hrs after you abandon cart they give you a 10% off in email. Edited hours*

    • I haven't heard from them or got a email… and I used a code…or got the shoe.

      • +1

        Reveived an email apologising for the delays earlier this morning.

        • same.

  • Has anyone's order shipped. I didn't use the code.

    • Nothing yet, I sent an email during the week and they said its still active and when shipping is available they will email.

      "Unprecedented demand"

      They got OZB'd and couldnt keep up?

  • +3

    Finally got shipping email for my order today.

    • Still waiting my Neo Ultra.

      • I contacted Mizuno yesterday, asked for updates and requested an Express post.
        I received the shipment email this morning that Mizuno posted it as StarTrack.
        Thank you, Mizuno!

    • Still no word for me

  • Order is on the way: Order date "June 16"

    • Received my email this afternoon too!

      • Order received just now ~

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