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Pagani Design 2024 PD-1701 "Pagani Speedy" Ver 5 from US$63.83 (~A$96.41) Delivered @ Pagani Design Aeofficial AliExpress

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I think this may be an ATL low for this Omega homage. Only the white dial with red accents & black bezel + rubber strap and the white dial with blue accents + rubber strap are available at this price. It's worth noting the one with white/red/black has the 'Mission to Alaska' subdials where the shape of the hands is an Apollo Command Module.

All black (for the Kiwis, perhaps?) is only slightly more at US$65.37. I wanted the red with stainless steel bracelet but it's at US$72.78, which seems to be the same for all the others with S/S bracelets, too.

US$65.30 - $8 coupon 24SS08 + $6.59 GST = US$63.83

Specs shamelessly lifted from Jimmy Wongingtons previous post:

  • VK63 Movement
  • 100m rating
  • Version 5 with the white hands
  • Case diameter: 42mm
  • Thickness: 13.7mm
  • Band Length: 240mm
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Lug To Lug: 47mm
  • Weight: 138g

Full review at Just One More Watch

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  • Sapphire glass too!

    I have one of these and its probably the best quality pagani design watch. Also the (rip off) design really pops.

    I might even get another!

  • -4

    That’s a nice looking fake Omega Speedmaster I mean… cough cough.

    • +4

      Oh, don't worry, Pagani Design lean quite heavily into the 'ol homage line of thinking. The difference is they make really good homages with excellent build quality that belies the fact it's an affordable watch.

      • +1

        You know a bottle of wine is good when it's grown and bottled in the same region. That's why Chinese watches are superior. Made and assembled in the same place. Pagani have cracked the secret.

        • I wonder if they'd consider doing a black dial & strap with yellow accents? That would be an insta-buy for me.

          • @Chazzozz: If they do sign me up too

            Currently pondering if I should roll the dice on a PD DD40 in gold green.

  • I have the red white one. Is a banger. Bracelet is average in the way it’s quite sharp around some parts…other than that, fun piece.

  • Cool it looks like they all have sapphire? That's pretty sweet

    • +1

      Well, the main title and the full product description both say 'sapphire', and Pagani are well-known for putting sapphire on their more expensive watches, so I'd say it's a safe bet all of them will feature it.

    • Sapphire bezel too.
      Got the black one on bracelet in 11/11 for under $100, fun homage ($97.88).

      Title should say 'from', or state the colour, sounded like they are all the cheap price.

      • +1

        Good suggestion, I’ll update it now. Thanks!

  • Dont know why i got it at 72.7 US dollar, instead of 63.83. So weird. Could someone please help?

    • Which colour did you select? Only two of them are the lowest price, which are the white and blue with a rubber strap, and the white dial with red hands and black bezel + rubber strap. Any of the ones with a stainless steel bracelet are over $70.

  • Oh I chose black v3 as the review video above. Not sure it is reasonable at 115 aud?

    • They should be just under $100, wouldnt pay much more (see message above).

      Isn't the sale on for a while, perhaps wait and see if there is an upgraded cashback or better price?

    • I thought the same but I wasn't actually checking the total in the cart, only the price of the item in the cart.

      edit: actually it didnt calculate tax and went up haha nvm

  • An ATL low?

    • No, it's only some that are cheap.
      Just search the past posts.

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