HP EliteBook 865 / HP EliteBook 835 G10 (AMD Ryzen 7 7840U, 16GB / 256GB) $1325.50 + Delivery @ Hotpos


Link is to 865 - 16"

835 is here https://www.hotpos.com.au/product/hp-elitebook-835-g10-ryzen…

Not as good as the thinkpad 7840u 32gb posted some months ago, but close.

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  • Looking for a WFH laptop. Why is the 16-inch same price as the 13 inch. Is the 865 unit a good buy and good unit please (I read Elitebooks are good build). Never heard of this supplier and wondering if JB, OW or HN will price match. TIA

    • They don't sell, unfortunately. Then 3 don't stock HP Elitebook, probook or Lenovo ThinkPad.

      • Chinese you saying they don't sell?

        • Sorry. Typo,was meant to say the three sellers mentioned don't sell elitebook/probook and thinkpads.

    • Don’t know hp that well but I think elite book is on the lower end despite looking very similar to the pavillion aero

      I have the (last gen) 13” pavillion aero that was $992 here a few months back from Hp and that has a higher resolution screen than this 16”

      • +2

        Elitebook is a business laptop with better materials, durability and security features than the Pavilion, which is more of a mid range laptop for consumers/everyday use.

        • Thank you.

        • +1

          Lenovo T and X have been my go to for at least the last ten years for personal use. Work supplies T.

          Been annoyed at their soldered ram approach on ryzen chips as well the BS discount engineering… Jumped ship to HP instead.

          Overall keyboard is worse and a duller screen (250 not). Otherwise not bad at all.

          Those not aware 835 ram is NOT upgradable.

  • Hi OP - I was keen on getting the HP EliteBook 835 G10. I called the supplier you provided but they did not pick up after a 55 minute hold. I just wanted to check on the company. They say they have warehouses in Brizzie, Syd and Melb. Obviously unmanned as no one picks up the Sales call.

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      Sorry, can't help you, not associated with the site.

      Before posting, I did look up on their ABN as well a few other due diligence such as site ownership check etc. Nothing particularly fishy noted.

      NDB trading as HotPOS ABN: 85495098839 PO BOX 2322 NEW FARM QLD 4005 Phone: 0488 845 670

      Another way is to check eBay. New/open box/used elitebooks with 6800/6850u and 7840u can be had for app $1300 delivered GST inclusive.

      It is important to ensure the US seller provide serial number to validate warranty (only the standard 1 year Factory Warranty provides global coverage, not the extended warranty via care pack) BEFORE committing. Sometimes, they refuse to provide serial number, ask for a print screen from HP's warranty check website.

      I have recently picked up a 845 7840u for $1.3k. 835 being too small and 865 is too big.

      Othereise, Lenovo's global warranty coverage is top notch.

      If you want to buy local. Lenovo L14 Gen 5 with 7735u (rebadged 6800u) with 32GB ram is app $1.45k directly from Lenovo. There was a 15% cashback via CR a few days back, which brings it down to app 1.25k.

      • Many thanks for you advice. I shall try to find the Lenovo. I assume its similar specs as the EliteBook 865 ?

        • Here, my friend https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/p/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpadl/lenovo-thinkpad-l14-gen-5-(14-inch-amd)/21l5cto1wwau3

          Less CPU and the L series suppose to be inferior to Ts. Past experience with Ls had no issues.

          One I have linked has a different cpu (rebadged 6800U). Other specs are obvious, go and compare it.

          If you want a cheaper one, I think E14 is even cheaper. These days, I don't know how the different thinkpads compare.

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