New Balance Made in USA 996 'Grey' Sneakers $165 + $10 Delivery ($0 with $250 Order/C&C) @ Incu


Half price 996s

There's quite a lot of stuff in the sale: Jordans, Salomons, AM1s, AF1s, ACGs, Reebok Classics, Asics etc


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    Some good prices for the Reebok Club C vintage.

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      Yeah no shortage of sales, check subtype too -
      I got the White grey club C vintage for $64 and AJ1 mauve for $125 then extra 20% +$15 Shipping.
      $199 for both!

      • How you get the extra 20%?

        • It was just on one night a while ago, bit wasn't sure how long for. Too many sneaker deals at all these places the last month or so to post it all.

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    very nice

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      Hopefully they fullfil my last order with those big bubble in it. Can confirm the box has my Usual men's size and W1.5 up.

      • I got mine already

        • Hmm. I've sent them an email, heard nothing in a week but ordered 3 pairs. I've just heard they cancel sometimes.

  • They had the 990v4s last week for $160 in the core grey. Contemplated on them hard but in the end I've already got the v3s so didnt pull the trigger. Having said that i copped the puple 860v2s and Pegasus 2k5s. Mesh runner szn in full effect.

    • Thinking about those purple 860v2s too

  • More beige than grey no?

  • These must be super great. I've got a pair of New Balance 990 Made in USA that's lasted me years and still going.

    • Looks more of pink than grey.
      996 apparently the best, same as Ducati.

      • On my screen it's more of a light brown colour. So you can't go by what you see as product pictures online because it all looks different on every ones monitor.

        • Yeah most shit is better in real life, agreed 👍

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